TY Chapter 4: Loyal Disciple

On those words, the fat elder rushed back to his original seat.

Yun Shou Yang and the skinny elder exchanged looks and sat back down.

The fire continued to burn intensely, illuminating the surroundings, and revealing on the old Barbarian his deep wrinkles, scars and mystical tattoos. He looked like a primordial beast, a hint of vigilance ever present in the depths of his eyes.

The ancient Barbarian cast his gaze on the other 3 elders before slowly strolling towards the fire to take his seat at the final position, meanwhile panting several times for air. His heavy breaths sounded like cries of agony of wild beasts; it seemed that his aged body was no longer able as capable as before.

Yun Shou Yang waited patiently for the ‘Fire Shaman’ to sit down and spoke with a serious tone, “We are starting now…”

“Hold it!” A deep and heavy voice suddenly interrupted Yun Shou Yang’s words

The three elders of the Three Realm Divine Cult looked toward the Fire Shaman concurrently, only to see the old Barbarian gradually lift up a finger, pointing it by Yun Shou Yang’s side. “That person, take him away!”

The fat and skinny elders frowned. At the same time, Yun Shou Yang humphed, “Hei Lang is my confidant. Besides, he is trained in a secret art that allows him to gather the Blood Soul Crystal. The use of that thing towards the God Descension Incantation, surely you would know, respected elder?”

The flames reflected clearly in the Fire Shaman’s old pair of eyes. The eyes seemed extremely bright despite the ancient aura it exuded; it was as though two intense balls of flames were burning within him. He said slowly, “I don’t trust him!”

Yun Shou Yang’s eyebrows shot up and a trace of rage flashed in his eyes. He spoke indifferently, “As written in the ancient records of the Divine Sect, when activating the God Descension Incantation, if there is the assistance of the secret art Blood-blazing Crystal by the side, the success rate would be increased by at least 10%. May I ask if the respected Elder still has any objection to this?”

“10%!” The fat elder and skinny elders immediately wavered. It seemed that the mere additional 10% chance of success meant a lot to them. Just what exactly was the God Descension Incantation, for two elders of such status to have found it so onerous? After hearing Yun Shou Yang’s explanations, a look of joy appeared on both their faces. The fat elder could not help but complain in a hushed voice to Yun Shou Yang, “With such an advantage, why didn’t you tell me and the skinny one previously?”

Yun Shou Yang nodded in response before turning to look towards the Fire Shaman seated across the bonfire, with bright eyes. Just as he was about to open his mouth to persuade him further, the hoarse and deep voice of the old Barbarian sounded again, repeating his previous words, “I don’t believe him!”

This time, even the fat and skinny elder found it difficult to accept. Despite their status as important men within the entire Divine Center Continent, their eyes turned cold.

Yun Shou Yang frowned, “What exactly do you want?”

“Send him away!” The Fire Shaman’s hoarse voice echoed throughout silent valley. His voice sounded like a dying King of Beasts; aged, yet commanding. He continued, “If he must stay, then he must allow me to plant ‘Curse of Black Flames’ on him and swear to not do anything disadvantageous to the God Descension Incantation. Otherwise, he will suffer the anguish of being consumed by the Black Flames, burning his flesh and meat, destroying his soul, causing him to be unable to reincarnate, suffering the burning inferno for eternity. Only this way… will I feel at ease.”

Yun Shou Yang was enraged by his words. He stood up quickly and stared furiously at the Fire Shaman, bellowing, “You dare to put that kind of evil spell on the body of my disciple!”

The Fire Shaman laughed coldly. He paid no heed to Yun Shou Yang’s wrath. His ancient eyes seemed to have already witnessed all vicissitudes of life. Right now, the only thing that remains is that burning flame.

At this moment, by Yun Shou Yang side, another voice sounded out. It came from the emaciated skinny elder. He said softly, “The words of the respected elder makes sense.”

Yun Shou Yang turned around quickly and stared at the skinny elder in both astonishment and anger, but the skinny elder did not fear his gaze at all, returning his look with calmness.

On the other side, the Fire Shaman released a hoarse and eerie laughter that had a piercing quality reminiscent of spirits and monsters, as he looks over at their quarrel.

Yun Shou Yang took a deep breath and turned to look at the fat elder. Before he could utter a word, the fat elder coughed lightly and said, “Brother Yun, I too feel that the words of the respected elder isn’t illogical, just to be safe.” Perhaps, due to his amiable relationship with Yun Shou Yang, he pondered for a moment before adding a few more words to settle the dispute, “Besides, we all know that even though the ‘Curse of Black Flames’ is vicious, it is just another type of vow. As long as the little fellow doesn’t go against his promises, this vicious curse will not be triggered and nothing will happen.”

Yun Shou Yang didn’t expect the fat elder to say that. Numerous emotions flashed on his face. Because of his identity and his background, it was natural for him to know a thing or two about the Curse of Black Flames. Even though there wasn’t anything obviously wrong with what the fat elder said, such curses, originating from the Barbarian Tribe from beyond the northern borders, were mysterious and peculiar, and definitely wasn’t something that simple to handle.

As Yun Shou Yang pondered deeply, that perhaps he should get Hei Lang to just leave, he heard Hei Lang’s voice from behind, “Teacher, I am willing to accept it.”

On those words, the area around the flames turned silent. Everyone was looking at the black-clothed youth, including the Fire Shaman. His ancient and wise eyes stared at Hei Lang’s face.

Yun Shou Yang frowned and said, “The risks involved…”

Hei Lang kneeled on the floor, his body as straight as an erect spear as he spoke indifferently, “Master’s matter is more important. The risk that I will be undertaking do not amount to much.”

Yun Shou Yang stared deeply at his young face. Following brief silence, he inhaled deeply and replied, “Good! As expected of my disciple, I have not judged you wrongly.”

Hei Lang remained silent with a lowered head.

Yun Shou Yang returned to his seat and said heavily, “Go over.”

Hei Lang acknowledged his words and walked around the bonfire to the Fire Shaman. Then, similar to before, he kneeled by the side of the old Barbarian.

The Fire Shaman’s ancient eyes scanned the body of this young human male. Despite his venerable age and status, he could not help but reveal his admiration towards the boy. Even so, this admiration would not affect his mind or his decision in any way.

Under the watch of the other three elders of the Three Realm Divine Cult, a short and peculiar ritual unfolded itself — The Fire Shaman inserted his hand directly into the burning flames, only retrieving it back after a few seconds. A spark of fire burned in his palm. His blood and flesh doesn’t seem be affected in anyway by the burning flame. Then, everyone heard the ancient and mysterious curse that he started to chant.

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