TY Chapter 3: Fire Shaman

The ordinary-looking old man frowned as a displeased look emerged on his face. He replied plainly, “Based on the fact that he brought 3 Blood Soul Crystal here… will that suffice?”

The skinny elder’s expression remained cold. It seemed that he does not fear Elder Yun Shou Yang in the least. He was about to open his mouth when the fat elder mediated, “Alright. The fact that this little lad was able to bring the Blood Soul Crystals, that would be helpful to for the activation of the God Incantation, means that the skills he cultivates in complements the God Descension Incantation. Since the opportunity was free for anyone to grab, not to mention that his participation will not reap anything off you, skinny one, do not complain anymore.”

The old man humphed and shut his eyes, refusing to speak. Yun Shou Yang directed a slight smile toward the fat elder and the fat elder responded in kind.

Yun Shou Yang beckoned to Hei Lang. Hei Lang walked over and kneeled on the ground, in close proximity behind elder Yun Shou Yang. He then retrieved a mysterious black dagger and placed it on the ground.

There was a marvelous, bright red crystal that had the texture of agate and amber fixed onto the tip of the dagger.

Yun Shou Yang’s gaze lingered on this small red crystal before looking at Hei Lang. His eyes were filled with warmth as he nodded to him.

With his head lowered, Hei Lang continued to silently sit behind Yun Shou Yang, awaiting patiently. On scanning his surroundings, he abruptly noticed that in a patch of wild grass nearby, a small stalk of red acacia flower had bloomed beautifully.

He took a brief glimpse at the flower before looking away.



The night seemed exceptionally long; even time seemed to have slowed its footsteps. With the valley wrapped in endless darkness, it was not known how much time had passed when suddenly, the four people around the bonfire raised their heads simultaneously.

In the distant darkness, fear-inspiring drum beats from an unknown location were suddenly heard.

Before them, the flames that blazed strongly started to suddenly quiver violently. It went into a mad frenzy, shooting countless sparks! If the flames could be described as a living being, at this instant, it would either be roaring so furiously, or perhaps panicking in fear, shivering uncontrollably on the spot…

The sound of a heavy footstep echoed through the depths of the valley. The following step sounded a lot nearer than the previous one. Within just a few steps, it had tread a long distance and was already in close vicinity of the flames.

The vague sounds of drum beats in the background never stopped, instead becoming increasingly hurried, causing its listeners’ hearts to begin beating faster.

Short moments later, a huge figure began to slowly emerge from the darkness.

The flame light dimmed all of a sudden. It was as though every single speck of fire had bowed in order to show their respect to the person forthcoming. The figure seemed to have made a casual wave and with which the flames started to burn brightly again. The fire burst into the sky, expanding several times its original size in an instant, illuminating the surroundings by a 30 meter radius.

Hei Lang lifted his head and and peered towards slowly approaching figure.

The person who arrived looked ancient. However, he does not resemble any ordinary human cultivator commonly seen in the divine center continent. He appeared to be at least one half the height of normal men and furthermore, this was when his body was stooped forward. He looked somewhat exhausted.

The old man carried an incomparably heavy thick wooden stick in his hands, on which was carved a bright-red image of flames. Two sharp, piercing fangs extended down from the corners of his mouth. Unknown whether if it is due the passing of time, the sharp fangs had taken on a duller shade from its previously snow-white appearance. Numerous green-black tattoos had been carved on his face, a large portion of them to do with flames and looked exceptionally frightening.

Hei Lang’s eyes narrowed and a term flashed through his mind: Barbarian!


The Barbarians lived in the northern borders of the divine center continent, separated from the south by the massive ‘Land of Chaos’, and were a bizarre race that had long segregated from humans. Since distant history, despite the absence of any deep-seated grudges between the two races, they had not exactly gotten along harmoniously.

As the ancient-looking Barbarian walked towards the wooden stake, his gaze caught sight of giant tree image engraved on it, and an obvious look of disdain flashed on his eyes.

At the same moment, seven extraordinarily tall and majestic figures appeared behind the old Barbarian. They were all well-built Barbarian Warriors, without any exception. Each and every single one of them were akin to a small hill, their bulging muscles seemingly contained boundless strength. In an fight, even ordinary demons would probably not be their match.

Nevertheless, these seven incomparably powerful Barbarian Warriors seemed to hold deep respect for the old Barbarian. On a casual hand gesture from the old one, they stopped in the darkness, ceasing their approach.

Hei Lang’s gaze fell on the old Barbarian once again. He wondered: it was rumored that there would be a shaman in each Barbarian tribe and were regarded as their supreme leader. Could the old Barbarian be one?

At this moment, the three elders, who were indifferent this whole while, looked toward the old Barbarian. Short instances later, Yun Shou Yang nodded toward him and said, “I’ve long heard of the grand name of the ‘Fire Shaman’. Now that we’ve met, you do indeed possess unparalleled magic powers and your control over the Fire Spirit Power is exceptionally keen. My respect.”

The old Barbarian laughed, his voice hoarse and peculiarly deep, similar to sounds from broken wind box and was goosebumps-inducing. He questioned, “In the eyes of you human cultivators, are we not all uncivilized barbarians? So where would your respect originate from?”

Yun Shou Yang smiled plainly and replied, “We are from the Three Realm Divine Cult and we believe in the equality of the three realms. We do not have the leisure to make such meaningless distinctions.”

The old Barbarian laughed slightly, without uttering a word.

Yun Shou Yang continued, “Have you brought the thing?”

The old Barbarians reached into his belongings with gigantic hands and after fumbling for a few moments, retrieved a necklace. There were numerous white bones ornaments hanging off it. Of those ornaments, the largest white bone had a small hole indented, and within the cavity, there was a small object radiating a mysterious glow; it was sharp on both ends but convex in the center. It had a woody appearance and was green in color, and looked to be a seed from a tree. Judging from afar, there was nothing special about its appearance, yet an aura of overwhelming vitality emitting from this ‘seed’ could be felt.

When the object was revealed, the faces of three elders of the Three Realm Divine Cult finally showed signs of movements. Standing up together, their gazes were fixed on the set of white bones, especially on that ‘seed’.

The three of them looked at each other and nodded in synchrony. It seemed there was no mistaking it.

The fat elder looked the most excited of them all. His hands were squeezed into fists as a thrilled look overcame his face. He said, “Since everything is ready, let’s begin.”

Chapters are short and really difficult to translate for me. Stressed.
For the Shaman part, it is not sure whether he is saying there is only one Shaman in the tribe and they serve as the Chieftain or that the one who serves as a Chieftain is always a Shaman.

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