Donation will probably increase the speed of release.

Original Authors

If you wish to donate to the author, try clicking on the link to the raws
(should lead to qidian)

There are multiple ways to contribute to the authors
1) Buying the chapters and reading it
2) Voting for their series
Note: There are various systems in Qidian. There is a monthly vote as well as recommendation vote
3) Donating to them

Basically, there are charts in Qidian which ranks the books. The higher the books is ranked in the charts, the better it is.
There is a chart which tabulates the number of readers, so just by reading on the original website itself (Alright, maybe just buying the chapters), you contribute to the author’s position on the charts.
Next, voting requires Qidian account to reach a certain level (Yep, there’s different levels to Qidian account). It’s a little troublesome, but if you really want to, there is a daily login reward, which grants you EXP and Qidian coins. After reaching a certain level, you will be given recommendation votes and monthly votes. There is also a chart for these two individually, so you will be contributing to the position of the author’s book on the site.
Finally, donating to them straight.

Actually, this system holds true not just for Qidian, but for other websites such as 17k, Zongheng etc.

Well, IIRC, there is a picture guide on volaretranslations, so refer to it if you’re interested.

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