LoHP Chapter 39: Frigid Sun Mother Grass

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Chapter 39: Frigid Sun Mother Grass

“Right, do you sell Frigid Sun Grass here?”

Shaking his head to dispel the additional thoughts in his mind, Zhang Xuan asks.

On top of miscellaneous items, this vendor also sells some herbs.

After finishing those books in the Compendium Pavilion, he has already found a solution to Zhao Ya’s problem. With a Pure Yin Body, she should cultivate a gentle and neutral cultivation technique. This way, the problem of the accumulation of yin energy should be solved!

However, she has already cultivated a pure yin cultivation technique for a long time and the meridians in her body have already adapted to it. If an abrupt change were to be introduced, her body might sustain a severe trauma and her cultivation will fall steeply. To prevent this from occurring, some preparations have to be made in advance!

One of them is to nourish her meridians through medicinal herbs!

Frigid Sun Grass grows in cold regions despite favoring sunny conditions. As a result, the warm and cold spiritual energy contained within it clashes, causing the amalgamation of yin and yang, thus making it the ideal choice to nourish her meridians. Since he is in the commercial city now, it is a good time for him to ask around about it.

“Frigid Sun Grass? It is a coincidence that you ask this. Not to brag, but I can guarantee you that I am the only vendor in Tianyu Commercial City that has this good. I procured them a few days ago from a dangerous region in Tianxuan Forest. I have a total of ten stalks and each stalk costs 100 gold coins. How many do you need?”

The vendor smiles and turns around to take out a box. Opening it, a few fresh-looking plants are revealed within.

White flowers with red stems and leaves.

“Let me take a look first!”

Zhang Xuan only knows about the Frigid Sun Grass through books, so he isn’t very familiar with it. He reaches out to grab a stalk and places it on his palm.


The library jolts and a book appears.

“Frigid Sun Grass, harvested from an unknown valley 200km into Tianxuan Forest. Aged 2… Flaws…”

The name of the herb is written on the cover of the book and the location of its procurement and its flaws are recorded in it.

“It is Frigid Sun Grass, this fellow isn’t lying!”

Confirming that there is no mistake with the name on the book, Zhang Xuan knows that the vendor owner isn’t lying to him. This is the authentic medicinal herb, so he nods his head. Just when he is about to speak, his eyes happen to glance on the interiors of the box.

“Why does this stalk of Frigid Sun Grass look slightly withered? Could it be that your procurement method is incorrect, causing its death?”

There is a specific method to harvesting medicinal herbs. If the method if wrong, the medicinal properties of the herb might be lost, causing its price to dip steeply.

The stalk of Frigid Sun Grass he is talking about is withered thin and slightly yellow, seemingly immature. Furthermore, it doesn’t look fresh at all. With a shriveled large head, it seems as though it would die at any moment

“This gentleman here must be joking. I depend on this for a living, so how could I possibly get it wrong! This stalk of herb isn’t of good condition from the very start, it was already like that when I procured it initially. If you want it, I will sell it to you at half price, 5o gold coins!”

The vendor says.


Zhang Xuan picks up the yellowish and withered stalk of Frigid Sun Grass.


“Frigid Sun Mother Grass, the origin of other Frigid Sun Grasses. harvested from an unknown valley 200km into Tianxuan Forest. Aged 15…” Flipping open the book, the name of the herb and details on it is recorded.

“Frigid Sun Mother Grass?” Zhang Xuan’s eyes light up.

He has read it on the books previously. This extremely valuable and rare herb is the core of all other Frigid Sun Grass. If this herb were to be used in the creation of a medicine, its effectiveness would at least be ten times of the latter!

He didn’t expect to stumble upon this treasure when he was just casually looking for herbs. Furthermore, this herb is 15 year old. Just by this itself determines the extraordinary worth of it.

If Zhao Ya were to use the Frigid Sun Grass to nourish her meridians, she would still require the augmentation from several other means to successfully change her cultivation technique. However, with this stalk of Frigid Sun Grass, the problem can be easily solved. She wouldn’t even need the augmentation from other means!

This is the most suitable medicinal herb for her, no questions about it!

“Wrap this stalk up for me!”

Although he is agitated, his face still remains expressionless as he casually passes it back to the vendor.

If the other party realizes that this is a mother stalk and not a sickly one, its price would instantly shoot up by ten times and even so, he might still be unable to purchase it from him!

As a Four Haves Youngster who grew up in the modern civilized world, he wouldn’t do himself any injustice when he is able to profit out of something.
Four Haves refer to Dream, Moral, Culture and Discipline. Originated from Deng Xiao Ping in 1980.

“50 gold coins!”

Seeing how well-dressed the young man seem to be, he thought that he would purchase a few stalk. He didn’t expect that he would just buy a sickly one. Pursing his lips, he wraps it casually, the warmth from before absent on his face.

Even a vendor judges his own customers when doing sales. The person before him isn’t even willing to buy a good medicinal herb, thus making it clear to see that he is a poor bloke. Since that’s the case, it would just be a waste of time to try to coax him otherwise.


Grabbing the herb, Zhang Xuan reaches out to his pocket and awkwardness immediately shows on his face.

Due to being too absorbed in the library, he forgot about the matter of money… As a low-level teacher, his wages are low. Furthermore, due to scoring a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination, his fortunes were penalized severely… In other words, he doesn’t even have 10 gold coins in his pocket, needless to say, 50.

“Is there anything wrong?” Sensing that something is amiss from his face, the vendor asks.

Cough cough, can you… sell it to me for eight gold coins?” Zhang Xuan counts the gold coins he retrieves from his pocket and there are only eight of them.

“Eight? You must be joking! Since you didn’t bring any money, why are you trying to buy anything at all…”

Seeing the few coins placed on the other party’s palm, the vendor owner is on the verge of doing a somersault and crashing to the floor.

He had met with miserly customers, but he had never met with such a miserly one!

Trying to buy Frigid Sun Grass with just eight gold coins? You must be dreaming! Even if this stalk is sickly, it is still worth far beyond this price

Snatching back the herb, he waves his hand with an annoyed look, “Scram if you don’t have any money. I don’t have the effort to be arguing with you over this!”

Cough cough! It is true that I didn’t bring sufficient money, but are you sure that you don’t want to sell it to me?”

Seeing the attitude of the vendor, Zhang Xuan shakes his head.

“Nonsense! Even if this stalk looks awful, it still contains medicinal properties. At worst, it can still be sold for 30 or 40 gold coins. Yet, you offer me eight gold coins? What a joke! Hurry up and leave, or else I will be calling for the security enforcement team!”

Seeing how this fellow is reluctant to leave despite being broke, he angrily chases him away.

In order to prevent people from coercing others to buy or sell goods, as well as to deter troublemakers, most large commercial cities operate a security enforcement patrol team in their perimeter. As long as one calls out for them, they would appear quickly. Even if you are a Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm expert, you will be chased out of the commercial city instantly!

Furthermore, to make a move on the security enforcement team means to make a move on the entire commercial city. Normally, no one would have the guts to stand up against them.

Upon seeing how this fellow refuses to leave despite not possessing sufficient money, he is certain that he is here to cause trouble. So, he opens his mouth to call for the security enforcement team.

“Don’t call for the security enforcement team, I’m really interested in buying it!” Zhang Xuan interrupts him. With a calm and steady look, he chuckles softly, “I might not have sufficient money, but I’m not here to cause trouble. Do you believe that if I were to open my mouth, not only will you be willing to sell it to me, you would even offer to give it to me for free?”

“Give it to you for free? Are you still in the midst of your sleep?”

The vendor didn’t expect the poor bloke to say such words. He looks at the young man before him with an attitude as though he is looking at an idiot and sneers coldly, “If I were to really give it to you for free, I’ll call you grandpa!”

In his opinion, this fellow must have a screw loose. Not mentioning how he doesn’t bring sufficient money to purchase goods, he even thinks that he would give it to him for free…

I am not insane, why would I give it to you for free?

Who do you think you are!

“Call me grandpa? You don’t need to do that!” Zhang Xuan shakes his head. He looks at the vendor with a bright smile and says, “You will give it to me for free because I said so. If you doubt my words… I will take two steps… Cough cough, let’s see what will happen after I give you a punch!”

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