TY Chapter 47: Whose Feelings are Deeper

The back of the tea mountain, by the shore of the Dragon Lake.

The male is dashing while the female is alluring. They should have been a pair of ravishing couple crafted by the heavens, but for some reason, they are staring furiously at one another, arguing intensely over something.

The female is Ding Dang, while the male is the one who was just accepted as a disciple into the Thousand Autumn Doors, Li Ji.

At this moment, Ding Dang’s outer appearance is a mess. Her clothes and sleeves had traces of pulling and tugging, while her hair is scattered all over. A strand of hair of hers falls on her snowy-white cheeks.

On the other hand, nothing seems to be off for Li Ji as to his normal self. Just that, his eyebrows are knitted tightly together and rage clearly expresses on his face. Glaring at Ding Dang with suppressed anger that is on the verge of erupting, he howls, “Why? Why? Why? Where did all of those rumors come from? How many times have I told you? The matter of bringing you up the mountain to the sect cannot be hurried, it has to be done slowly!”

Ding Dang sneers coldly. With a glare as sharp as knives, she replies resentfully, “Who are you trying to fool? Back then, when you took my spirit stones, you stated clearly that as long as you are accepted into Thousand Autumn Doors, you would immediately bring me in as well, and we would walk the path of cultivation together. Barely a few days have passed, and you are already intending on going back on your words?”

The rage on Li Ji’s face intensifies, and he shouts, “How can it be accomplished so easily? It is not like I have a complete say in the matter. Besides, the sect’s Elder Xu has just died tragically to an assassination by the demonic cult, and the entire sect is agitated at the moment. All of them are busy hunting down the demonic sect culprit, so how can I bring up the issue at a time like this?”

Nonchalant to what he just said, Ding Dang sneers coldly, “You sure put it nicely. Do you take me as some foolish woman from the countryside? I have already looked into the matter. The Thousand Autumn Doors is helpless in the face of the matter, and could only report the incident up to the Immortal Alliance for them to redress its grievance. Now that the Thousand Autumn Doors is done with the funeral of Elder Xu, there is no longer any constraints holding you back. Furthermore, didn’t your sect leader just accept a new disciple a few days ago?

Li Ji expression freezes. For a moment, he is speechless.

On the other hand, Ding Dang bites her lips and stomps her feet, “If you are really reluctant to do so, then return those Spirit Stones to me. Let’s just go by the original plan we agreed on. You will help me to gather a thousand Spirit Stones so that I can pay a visit to the Immortal Discerning Mirror. Whether it works out for me or not, I will leave it to fate!”

Li Ji clenches his fist tightly as his face flushes red, “I… How can I gather so many Spirit Stones all of the sudden?”

Ding Dang stares at him for a brief moment before replying, “This won’t do, that won’t do. Now, you are already treading on the path of cultivation, and a bright future unfolds before you. Yet, I am still stuck in this village by the wilderness, suffering from the contempt and disdain of others. Anticipation fills me everyday, yet I could barely see you once in awhile. Do you know how does it feel like?”

Ding Dang’s eyes are already red by the time she finishes her words. Water glistens within her eyes and a tear trail trickles down her cheeks.

Li Ji grits his teeth and says, “I have already said it. This matter cannot be hurried. Give me some more time.”

Ding Dang wipes away her tears. Somehow, towards Li Ji, her gaze gradually softens and sorrow reflects in her eyes. With a tender voice, she says, “Li lang, Li lang, are you really unaware of my feelings towards you?”
Li lang -> It is a very dear way of a female addressing her beloved.

Hanging his head, Li Ji remains silent.

Ding Dang steps forward and says, “From the first time I met you, I was already in love with you. From the moment when you drew me those few paintings, I dreamed of accompanying you my whole life. For you, I am willing to do anything. Are you aware of it?” Sobbing quietly, she continues, “I want to cultivate, but more than that, I want to be with you. I want the both of us to cultivate and attain enlightenment together. I want the both of us to be carefree as a pair of eternal immortal couples. Can we? Can we?”

At which, she stretches out her hand to grab Li Ji’s and brings it to her chest as she stares at him sorrowfully.

Li Ji lifts his head and many different expressions flicker across his face. Hesitation, anxiety, delight, expectation, depression, fear. All kinds of emotions flashes across his face in a split instant. In his palm, he feels the warmth of the body of that female, as well as the familiar sensation of her soft skin.

Yet, his expression suddenly cools. Staring into Ding Dang’s eyes, he spouts coldly, “How many times have you held a man’s hand like this?”

Ding Dang’s body shudders, as though she has fallen into an ice chamber in an instant. Even her hands turn cold in that instant. She retreats a single step, but her body suddenly stops. Li Ji had grabbed her palm tightly.

With widened eyes, savagery manifests on his face. He takes a step forward and closes in on Ding Dang. His gaze, as sharp as daggers, is fixated on her, as though bent on peering into the depths of this woman’s heart.

Even his words seem particularly harsh at the moment, “Before me, how many men have you slept with?”

Ding Dang’s body trembles. Her face is ashen white, her lips quivers unceasingly and her chest rises and falls intensely, as though she is unable to catch her breath. Only her tears flow down frenziedly.

She shakes her head vigorously, but she is unable to find a single word to say.

Li Ji grits his teeth and his extraordinarily dashing face warps. Staring at Ding Dang furiously, he flings his hand, shaking away Ding Dang’s and roars, “You bitch, why did you deceive me!”

Ding Dang’s body staggers backwards uncontrollably. Tear-stricken, she cries, “It is not like that. I truly love you. I sincerely want to be with you for my entire life…”

“Who wants to be with you for their entire life!” Li Ji howls, interrupting Ding Dang’s words. His eyes are slightly red and he spits through clenched jaws, “A shameless and vulgar slut like you who can do it with anyone actually dares to dream of immortality? Scram!”

Seemingly unable to stand steadily, Ding Dang falls onto her backside on the ground, paralysed. With a completely pale face, she stares at Li Ji. On the surface, she looks as though she has lost her calmness and is incapable of speaking clearly. “You… How could you do this? Back then, when you wanted money from me, when you whispered those sweet nothings to me, you weren’t like that.”

Li Ji kicks a pebble by his foot. Putong, the pebble sinks into the depths of the Dragon Lake. It seems as though his mind is completely clouded with rage. Pointing at Ding Dang, he is no longer capable of suppressing his fury and he stares at her as though looking at a mortal enemy, “Why didn’t you tell me that earlier then? The reason why you used those dirty money to pave my way is all for your own benefits, am I right!”

Ding Dang laughs despairingly as she stares at the man. Her face is still as pale as a sheet of paper and her tears never stopped streaming down her face. However, her eyes seem to be slightly clearer. In the midst of the anguish, she quietly gazes at Li Ji before replying softly, “Li lang, I seem to recall that you had happily took all those money to pave yourself a path to the skies.”

The full name of the title is 谁言情深, which means ‘Who can tell whose feelings are deeper’


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  1. lazybum0 says:

    Sigh.She’s paying the consequences of her bad decisions :/
    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. sorenknight says:

    Yep, she got what she deserves


  3. Zero300 says:

    as expected…can’t trust them bishounens


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