TY Chapter 43: Shadow in the Middle of the Night

Like a prowling dangerous snake, a strong and cold hand instantaneously grabs the neck of the dark silhouette and exerts force. Along with an alarmed shout and a pained cry, the silhouette outside is dragged into the straw cottage and thrown onto the floor. At the same time, in the deepest corner of the shadows, a black dagger melds in the shadows. Carrying an aura of bloodthirstiness and callousness, it moves in a trajectory towards the heart of the human silhouette.

In the darkness, someone is panting, seemingly as though the sneer of a demon, yet strangely reminiscent of despaired fear, looking forward to spilling fresh blood to quench the trembling excitement within the nightmare.

“Ah!” Someone screams in shock, faint sobbing and fear mixes within it. In the wind, the voice trembles as a withered grass would.

The wave of darkness billows violently, rattling the forlorn straw cottage. The treacherous sharp black dagger slices through the darkness, pierces through the wind, penetrates through the robe and heads straight towards her chest!

His eyes are bright but frigid cold!

In this defining and tense moment, he sees the blurred features on the face and hears that scream of agony.

The darkness suddenly stills, as though a tidal wave has solidified in midair. All sound disappears without a trace, and at this moment, it seems as though even the blood within their bodies have stopped flowing.

The cold and sharp dagger has penetrated through the clothes and plunged into her voluptuous chest. Just an inch deeper, and that could have been the end.

The world outside the cottage seems to slowly recovers and sound, once again, can be heard. The wind blows continuously like the tides, crashing in wave after wave.

The dagger has yet to be retracted, and she lies on the floor with her body completely cold, not daring to move in the slightest.

After an unknown duration of time, perhaps it might have just been an instant, yet feeling like a lifetime, the frigid sensation crushing on her heart slowly lifts and retreats back into the darkness.


Pada! A spark of fire lights up the candle on the table.

The dim glow of the candlelight drives away the darkness, bringing a sliver of warmth to this forlorn straw cottage. When the radiance reaches the surface of the ground, the human silhouette turns around. It is Ding Dang.

At this moment, she looks like a mess. Her hair is scattered around, her clothes aren’t in place and her face is frighteningly pale. She slowly sits up and looks at the man sitting by the table, as well as the dagger he grasps in his hand.

That is a black and dull dagger.

Lu Chen turns over and gazes at her quietly as well. After a short moment, he walks over and closes the door of the straw cottage.

The mournful wind quietens down instantaneously, and the chill seems to be blocked out by the door. Ding Dang’s complexion recovers slightly. She slowly climbs up from the floor, but fear still reflects in the gaze she directs to Lu Chen. After a moment, she says softly, “You almost killed me just now.”

Lu Chen is silent for a split moment before he keeps the black dagger. He walks to the side, pours a bowl of water and passes it to Ding Dang. Then, with a calm voice, he says, “You shouldn’t be trying to sneak into my cottage at such an hour.”

Din Dang lowers her head. Carrying the bowl with both of her hands, she sits on Lu Chen’s bed and slowly sips on it.

Lu Chen walks over to the table and pulls out a stool. He sits in front of Ding Dang, not saying a word, simply sizing her up.

Other than that scare a moment ago, Ding Dang doesn’t seem to find anything inappropriate about the situation. However, perhaps due to fatigue, this lady seems to look a little haggard.

After a moment, Ding Dang places the bowl by the side and says, “I was too tired and couldn’t walk to the village in such a state. Thus, I wanted to rest at your place for a moment.”

Lu Chen glances at her and nods his head, “Sure.”


There is bedding on top of the bed, and the blanket still carries a trace of warmth. When Ding Dang lies down on it, the thought that Lu Chen has probably lay here a moment ago flashes through her mind. Even though it may not be as comfortable as her home, it is still a place of comfort and warmth from the darkness of the night.

Standing beside the bed, Lu Chen tucks her in. Their gazes happen to meet. The radiance of the candlelight reflects in his eyes. Under the blanket, Ding Dang’s body shudders slightly, and a sensation as though she is about to shiver violebtly engulfs her. However, a split moment later, Lu Chen walks towards the table and blows away the candlelight.

The darkness collapses in and his figure blurs. He walks over to the side of the bed and lies on the floor.

That night, they didn’t speak much. For some reason, the usual jokes and teasing words were completely absent and in its place is silence.

In the darkness, after an inestimable period of time, Ding Dang’s faint voice sounds, “Are you asleep?”

“Not yet.” Lu Chen’s voice can be heard from the ground beside the bed.

After a moment of silence, Ding Dang speaks once more, “Are you cold?”

“It’s still fine, I’m not cold.”

“Don’t you want to ask me why I am acting like that, or why do I always head to the top of the mountains?”

This time, Lu Chen doesn’t reply. He allows the silence to loom in the darkness for a moment before replying, “If you are unwilling to speak, then I won’t ask.”

This time, Ding Dang doesn’t know how to reply. For a very period of time, there isn’t any sound in the straw cottage. Perhaps, due to the excessive silence, the sound of each other’s breathing can be heard, and perhaps, the beating of their own hearts as well.

Under the blanket, Ding Dang gradually curls up her body. She hugs her chest with both of her hands, as though she is cold. After a moment, she suddenly whispers, “I want to talk to you about some things, is it alright?”

Lu Chen, “Sure.”

Ding Dang, “That day, the reason why I went up the mountain to the Dragon Lake was to meet someone.”

Lu Chen, “Un.”

Ding Dang, “That person was Li Ji.”

Lu Chen, “…”

Ding Dang, “I gave to him the Spirit Stones that I loaned from you along with my savings, so that he would have an opportunity to cultivate under the Thousand Autumn Doors.”

Lu Chen, “…”

Ding Dang, “We made a promise to be together forever. He said that he possessed exceptional talent. As long as he gets a chance with the Immortal Discerning Mirror, he would definitely be accepted as a disciple under Thousand Autumn Doors. When that moment comes, he would bring me in as well, and from then on, we will cultivate towards enlightenment together as a pair of immortal couple.”

Lu Chen, “You believe his words?”

Ding Dang, “Un.”

In the darkness, Lu Chen turns his body sideways as he stares towards an unknown direction in the darkness. After a moment, he says softly, “You are tired. Sleep earlier.”

Ding Dang is silent for a moment before she replies, “Alright.”


The Immortal City is a massive city. It is where the bustle and commotion of the center continent is concentrated at. In this grand city, the humans living within counts from the ten millions. For mNy years, the Immortal Alliance have played the role of the dictator within this city. In the current era, it is the symbol of the greatest power in the center continent. However, in truth, even the Immortal Alliance, despite being a fear-inducing massive organisation, is unable to fully control this magnificent giant city.

The death of the Fleeting Cloud Division’s Zhang Jiu Ping caused a massive tremor within the Immortal Alliance, even inducing the anger of several of the prominent and fearsome zhenjuns. However, in this giant city, this matter does not concern most of the population here.

I don’t think I have expressed it well, but by dull, I actually mean that it doesn’t reflect light.

In the darkness, someone is panting, seemingly as though the sneer of a demon, yet strangely reminiscent of despaired fear, looking forward to spilling fresh blood to quench the trembling excitement within the nightmare.
It is clearly stated that the trembling excitement refers to his will to battle.

Immortal couple
I couldn’t find a good word for this phrase, but it has the idea of ‘eternal’ and ‘perfect’ couple.


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