TY Chapter 32: Burning Bridges

The dantian spirit sea region is the core of a cultivator. However, to Lu Chen, when the fearsome black flames lodged itself firmly there ten years ago, thereby destroying his foundations and condemning him to great sufferings under the immolation of the black flames, it had become the origin of his agony.

Dantian -> Acupoint in the abdomen|Qihai -> Spirit sea

This was the first time he was taking the initiative to activate the spirit in his dantian. From another viewpoint, he is taking the initiative to activate the Curse of Black Flames.

As he expected, the moment he tried his luck, the tattered Five Element Divine Compass trembled as it gradually emerged and demon-like black flames came raging forth from every single crack and wound on the Five Element Divine Compass. It sounded like the silent but hideous sneer of demons. In an instant, the black flames overwhelmed his entire dantian spirit sea and gushed outward from all directions.

Immolation of black flames!

Lu Chen howled from the excruciating pain. The black flames emerged from numerous sites on his skin. His blood and flesh shivered instinctively in fear and turned into scorched land within an instant.

However, this time, Lu Chen did not dive into the emerald water straight away, which was his only salvation. Using unimaginable willpower, he forced himself to remain seated in his original spot. Bearing the overwhelming pain, he widened his eyes as he stared fixedly into the pool.

The water reflected his appearance.

It was as though he were a demon burning with black flames!

Black flames seemed to be burning even within both his eyes!

Lu Chen groaned deeply as his facial muscles became distorted. Suddenly, from his dantian spirit sea region, the ruinous Five Element Divine Compass seemed to have been impelled by some power and started to rotate.

With every slightest rotation, Lu Chen’s entire body seemed to tremble greatly and akin to an enraged demon, the black flames would burst forth, gushing with even greater might to consume the fallen apparition of the divine compass.

Everything seemed as though it would be incinerated within the fearsome black flames, including his blood, flesh and soul.

The pool nearby remained tranquil and peaceful. Yet, at the same time, it seemed to be the greatest temptation in the entire world as it laid quietly before Lu Chen’s eyes.

Several times, Lu Chen’s body almost lunged forward uncontrollably, fervently wishing to roll into the icy-cool water, just as he always did.

However, for some inconceivable reasons, he managed to fend off his compulsion.

He roared ferociously under the incineration of the terrifying black flames. At the moment, it seemed as though there wasn’t a single square inch of undamaged skin on his entire body and even his face had warped in shape. However, in the midst of the black flames, there was still a ray of light. It might be faint, but it was existent.

The light originated from his dantian spirit sea region, from the incredibly tattered and charred Five Element Divine Compass which seemed as though it was about to shatter into pieces at any moment. However, at this very moment, the Five Element Divine Compass held on exceptionally stubbornly. The faint ray of light refused to be extinguished.

Suddenly, the black flames on Lu Chen’s body retracted back into his body, flitting like lightning through the innumerable veins and meridians. In an instant, the black flames concentrated in his dantian qihai region. Just like a billowing wave, it rushed furiously toward the Five Element Divine Compass.

That was the final foundation of Lu Chen’s blood, flesh and soul, as well as the core of the Curse of Black Flames.

A resounding echo resonated in the world seemingly devoid of sound. Immediately, all of the black flames enveloping the divine compass emitted a bright light, a black light that swallowed everything!

Lu Chen screamed in agony. In his spirit sea, the ray of light dimmed. In the end, the final tenacity of the Five Element Divine Compass was unable to withstand the formidable curse of the demons. Bit by bit, it started to crumble, and his blood, flesh and soul followed suit. From the look of it, his soul was about to disintegrate.

At this very instant, Lu Chen suddenly howled and he raised his right hand suddenly. A glint of light shone from the incomparably sharp black dagger in his hand. At that very moment, his face was as cold as ice, and not a single trace of emotion could be seen. In the next moment, the black dagger penetrated his lower abdomen.

The charred abdomen ripped apart immediately. Facing the sky, he bellowed deafeningly. Then, his left hand took on the shape of a claw and thrust into his dantian. He propagated the final bit of his remaining spirit energy. The incomparably ruinous Five Element Divine Compass quivered as it floated toward him. He grabbed it in his hands, in a way as though one would grab his heart, and slowly rip it out.

The black flames burned frenziedly as they wrapped themselves firmly around the compass. By the look of it, it seemed to be emerging from his body along with his wrist. Then, Lu Chen swiftly pulled his hand downward and the next moment, his left hand sunk into the pool of clear water.

Unparalleled vitality surged forth in concentration from the surrounding and wrapped the bundle of black flames. The flames gradually separated from his hands. However, it did not extinguish. Rather, it continued to burn fervently in the water, although it was gradually trapped by a convergence of the water.

Lu Chen’s body convulsed intensely. No one, especially one whose physical body was no different from a mortal’s, could withstand such a severe injury. At that moment, there wasn’t a trace of redness on his face. He slowly lowered his head as his body fell forward powerlessly. Very quickly, his body turned in a somersault and fell into the pool of clear water.

Huala, water splashed upward and descended back down. Then, everything quietened and there wasn’t any more movement or sounds.


The hollow of the tree was tranquil, as though time stood still. Vaguely, mysterious tree rings could be seen on the walls of the ancient tree walls. It is unknown how long those intersecting scars had been there. But very soon, they were covered by gray aura.

Hua, the sudden splashing of water broke the tranquility. Lu Chen appeared abruptly from underneath the water surface. Then, he pulled himself up slowly and strenuously. Just as before, the burn marks from the scorching black flames, as well as the wound on his lower abdomen disappeared mysteriously yet again. The pool of clear water seemed like the legendary mystical spring of longevity, bringing him back from the cliff of death again and again.

Climbing onto the surface, as he was gasping for breath, he turned back fortuitously and his body jolted suddenly, as though he has seen something shocking. For a moment, he froze.

Looking at the small pool of clear water beside him, the emerald color which had represented unimaginable concentration of vitality had completely disappeared! The remaining water looked just like an ordinary pool.

Lu Chen was taken aback. After a momentary pause, he continued to slowly climb up. Suddenly, he caught sight of what was beneath the clear water, and there seemed to be a black shadow in it.

TL Rant:
Sounds so familiar, black light. I feel as though I have translated a word like this before. Anyway, still unable to comprehend how light can be black, feels like an oxymoron

Anyway, really love the beautiful imagery of this novel. The novel will probably get more exciting from here, I reckon.

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