Sorry, because I forgot to edit the chapters and am unable to get my hands on a comp, there will be probably no chapters this weekday >:

On the other hand, more stockpile = more chapter next week~

As for ELCL, I’ve tled a few chapters but am still in the midst of looking for an editor to work on them so remain patient.

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2 Responses to Update

  1. borf says:

    Did the previous editor died due to the football terms from the previous chapter. Anyway, asnlong as the chapter for elcl is in the works, i am real grateful.


    • StarveCleric says:

      Lol np. Nay, GT editors are way too overworked. My current editor has to do like 3 other daily chapters on top of ELCL, and she has a daily job too. But latest should be posting by Saturday


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