Adonis CH25: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (5)

Chapter 25: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (5)

Receiving such severe humiliation from Gu Yu Sheng, it is not that Qin Zhi Ai did not feel sad. But rather, more than sadness, a headache is haunting her.

A few days ago, the reason she had flew off to the US is to avoid Gu Yu Sheng and prevent the situation from getting worse.

However, now that she is back, just because of these accidental mishaps, her previous efforts are flushed down the drain.

If grandfather really stays here for a few days…

Qin Zhi Ai uncontrollably raised her hand to massage her aching temples, not daring to continue her line of thought.

Nonetheless, irregardless of the current situation, like the previous time, she has to think of a method to escape.

Qin Zhi Ai was deep in thoughts when she suddenly flipped off her blanket, got off the bed and ran to the dressing table. She grabbed the large stack of scripts laying on the it and returned to the bed. Spreading them out, she started flipping through them.

As Qin Zhi Ai stared at these scripts, analysing them through the night, she finally picked out a good script from the bunch.

First rate director, first rate script writer, first rate male lead, first rate sponsors… Most importantly, the filming of this drama is originally scheduled on the day after tomorrow.

As to why it’s ‘originally scheduled’, the female lead position had previous been filledĀ but a few days ago, a drug scandal involving her broke out. This caused the production team to have to look for a replacement to fill the female lead position, therefore risking a possible deviation from the original filming schedule.

Risking a possible deviation… Does not mean that it won’t.

This series had, because of the previous female lead’s drug scandal, shot to fame overnight without even being filmed. Therefore, if she make her intention to accept the role known, she believe the calculative Zhou Jing will not object.

If she can successfully accept the role today, the original schedule of filming will not be affected, and she can use the excuse of filming for the drama to justifiably leave Beijing tonight.

Following her thoughts, a layer of disappointment slowly emerge from the depths of Qin Zhi Ai’s eyes.

Before, when she still liked Gu Yu Sheng, she had yearned to be close to him even in her dreams.

Today, when she finally have the chance to be near to him, she have to rack her brains to find ways to get away from him.

Between him and her, it is probably pre-destined that they are not meant to be.

Qin Zhi Ai thoughts drifted for awhile before taking out her mobile phone and sending Zhou Jing a few messages.

Qin Zhi Ai lay restlessly for the entire night. At 7am, she is awakened by the vibration from her mobile phone.

It is a reply from Zhou Jing.

As expected, Zhou Jing accepted her suggestion.

Zhou Jing has high work efficiency. By 10am, she had returned Qin Zhi Ai’s call to inform her that the contract had been signed.

On the exact same day, 12pm, Qin Zhi Ai made her way to the Gu Main Mansion.

At 2pm, Qin Zhi Ai set off from the Gu Main Mansion to the airport.

After coming back from the US, the Qin Zhi Ai who had only stayed in Beijing for a mere one day one night, once again left Beijing just to avoid Gu Yu Sheng.

Two months and fifteen days later, the filming wrapped up in Hengdian.

After the celebratory banquet, Qin Zhi Ai and Zhou Jing, along with the production team, took the 3pm flight back to Beijing.

Upon arrival, Qin Zhi Ai did not hurry back home. Instead, she proceeded to have dinner outside before finally informing the driver of the vanity van to send her back to Gu Yu Sheng’s villa.

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3 Responses to Adonis CH25: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (5)

  1. ..she, ..she didn’t have any self-esteem at all..
    and I love how we just skipped the 2 month fifteen days of her acting job. It’s so descriptive, now we know more about her.


  2. waterdance68 says:

    Thank you for the chapter! I really hope male lead will change behavior soon


  3. ysha says:

    Thank you for the chapter


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