Adonis CH21: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (1)

Chapter 21: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (1)

This is already the third time today that they met coincidentally.

In the morning, on the road leaving the airport, he had winded down the window after noticing her.

In the afternoon, at the lunch gathering, he had evaded her when she accidentally spilled wine on his sleeve, and left.

The previous two coincidental meeting had sufficiently proved how much he detested her appearing in front of him.

There’s a saying, it is unwise to repeat the same thing more than three times (事不过三¹), and he usually has such little patience in her…

Qin Zhi Ai instinctively wants to get back into the car.

However, the Zhou Jing, who called her here, suddenly came out from the villa and saw her standing outside the villa gates. She immediately raised her hand, waving while hollering, “Xiao Kou, here!”

The Gu Yu Sheng on the phone frowned and tilt his head in Qin Zhi Ai’s direction.

Despite the substantial distance, Qin Zhi Ai can clearly sense the fall in his expression when his gaze connected with her face.

Her heart skipped a beat, totally forgetting to reply Zhou Jing’s call.

Zhou Jing has an impatient personality. Seeing the lack of reaction from Qin Zhi Ai, she started taking wobbly steps towards the villa entrance.

She had indeed drunk too much such that her legs are starting to lose strength. Mid-journey, she suddenly staggered and fell.

Despite wanting terribly to evade Gu Yu Sheng, she unhesitatingly ran into the yard.

Luckily, Zhou Jing had fallen on the grass patch, cushioning her fall. Qin Zhi Ai strenuously helped Zhou Jing up, and, not daring to look at the Gu Yu Sheng one metre away, she hurriedly pat off the dirt on Zhou Jing and pulled her towards the car.

Zhou Jing, although drunk, still possesses a conscious mind, “Wait, my bag, bag…” Zhou Jing pointed at the villa behind her.

Without a choice, Qin Zhi Ai could only support Zhou Jing to turn back towards the villa.

The door to the villa is wide open. The villa features a wide living room, decorated into a makeshift dance floor. People of all shapes and sizes are dancing in it, twisting their bodies here and there.

“Where did you put your bag?”

Zhou Jing points to the second floor.

Zhou Jing has a tall built and is slightly chubby, causing anguish to the Qin Zhi Ai who is supporting her. When they finally reached the steps, Zhou Jing suddenly pushed Qin Zhi Ai away and ran towards the washroom.

Qin Zhi Ai quickly followed. When she eventually caught up with Zhou Jing, Zhou Jing is draped over the toilet bowl, vomiting her guts out.

Qin Zhi Ai soothingly pat her back to make her feel better, and went back into the living room to grab a bottle of mineral water after she finished vomiting.

However, when she came back, Zhou Jing is not there anymore.

Qin Zhi Ai frowned, returning to the living room.

There are a lot of people in the living room. Qin Zhi Ai had to search for awhile before she spotted Zhou Jing.

Zhou Jing has the habit of going crazy after drinking. Just when Qin Zhi Ai grabbed hold onto her arm, she suddenly latched onto Qin Zhi Ai and started swaying, “Xiao Kou, dance with me, dance with me!”

Zhou Jing raised Qin Zhi Ai’s hand up high and waved it left and right.

¹事不过三: It is unwise to repeat the same thing more than three times
This phrase warns people not to repeat the same mistakes. It alludes to another phrase ‘三衰而竭’ (Three failures and you’re out), which has basis in history between two warring states.
The number three is just an imaginary number and is used to emphasis the meaning of the phrase.

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