TY Chapter 10: Remnants of the Divine Cult

After walking two steps, Old Ma caught sudden sight of a nearby villager who often drank at the tavern and grabbed him, asking, “What happened ahead? Why is there such a ruckus?”

The villager refused to stop and continued ahead. He spoke loudly, “It seems that a few lord deities from the Thousand Autumn Door have found an evil remnant of the Three Realm Divine Cult who sneaked in here. At this moment, they are engaging him outside the village.”

Old Ma’s body jolted as he released his grip subconsciously. He spun around and looked toward Lu Chen, who was behind him.

He saw that his friend looked indifferent, yet with a slight frown, accompanied by a strange spark in his eyes.

Old Ma took a deep breath and spoke softly, “Let’s return.”

Lu Chen looked at him and replied calmly, “If you were to return now, won’t it seem weird to the others?”

Old Ma eyebrows locked together. He looked at the surrounding and saw that everyone in village were heading toward the end of the village. If the both of them were to turn around all of the sudden, it would make them stand out. At this moment, Lu Chen patted his shoulder and said, “Let’s go. We’ll take a look together.” After which, he continued walking forward.

Behind him, Old Ma sighed helplessly and caught up.

The two man walked to the entrance of the Clear Stream Village. The fields here were submerged in water, leaving only a 7m wide path leading to the outside. On the road 100m away from the village entrance, five men in similar clothes could be seen. One of them had a cut over his chest and fresh blood gushed out of the wound, dyeing half his body in red. However, judging from how he maintained a sharp sword tightly in his hands, it seemed he had to yet to give up. The other four surrounded him, wielding sharp blades as they gazed at him in contempt and disdain.

Lu Chen and Old Ma stood in an inconspicuous position among the crowd as they observed the spectacle. The clothes of the five men were indeed what disciples of the Thousand Autumn Door wore usually and of the four who are surrounding them, three were youths and the fourth a middle-aged man. The fifth man who was injured looked like he was in his early twenties. He should be the remnant of the Three Realm Divine Cult who was being pursued.

Old Ma scanned his surroundings with his peripheral vision. Most in the crowd were watching the battle with eagerness and tension in their eyes. No one was paying attention to the two of them. Thus, he silently nudged Lu Chen, a clear questioning look appearing in his gaze.

Lu Chen stared at the youth for a moment and without a word, he shook his head lightly.

For unknown reasons, Old Ma heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, the middle-aged man leading the other three from the Thousand Autumn Door pointed his sword at the youth and bellowed coldly, “Miscreant! Even at the verge of death, do you still not repent?”

The youth was heavily injured. Several emotions flashed across his face as he laughed bitterly, “Teacher, I have treated you with respect all along and served you properly. I have never done you any injustice. Why must you treat me so?”

The middle-aged man frowned as he appeared hesitate. It seemed that he was quite fond of this youth, and that he found himself unable to make up his mind this moment.

Putong, the youth knelled on the floor abruptly and discarded the sword he held in his hands. He inched forward and whimpered, “Teacher, teacher, I know that I’m wrong. Please spare me…”

The middle-aged man sighed regretfully as the sword in his hands slumped. He said, “Our sect has strict rules, not to mention the orders from the Immortal Alliance. There is nothing I can do. If only you didn’t go down the wrong path. But, forget it. Given how you were once my disciple, I will…”

The crowd around him was listening attentively as he spoke. However, Lu Chen noticed something strange happening in the crowd and he humphed out of the blue. Old Ma beside him was surprised by his action and turned to look at him. Right at that moment, someone suddenly shouted, “Shishu, be careful!”

The middle-aged cultivator’s body jolted. Before he could even react, the kneeling youth had whipped out a knife from within his sleeves as he pounced upwards, stabbing it into his abdomen.

This assault was violent and cruel. Even though the middle-aged cultivator was significantly stronger than him, as it happened unexpectedly and quickly, he could not avoid it and fell for the sneak attack.

Even so, the middle-aged man was after all quite highly cultivated. With a furious roar, his bodily muscles contracted and with a simple palm strike, he sent his unfillial disciple flying before he staggered three steps backwards. He was just about to bellow when his voice went hoarse. When he looked down at his own body, he realised that the blood flowing from the wound was black in color.

“There is venom on the knife!” The crowd by the side exclaimed. The other three Thousand Autumn Door disciples have already charged forward to attack the youth.

The youth was severely injured, not to mention that he has discarded his original sword. In addition, he didn’t have the time to retrieve his short dagger after wounding the middle-aged man. With both of his hands empty, under the assault of three of his fellow peers, he was in a highly disadvantageous position. However, there wasn’t a hint of fear on his face. Rather, he seems to be demented, laughing madly before roaring loudly, “The true god will descend and rule over the Three Realms! I will ascend to immortalhood in the future and head…”

Before he could finish his words, he was cut down by a flash of sword. He fell to the ground. Following right after, the other Thousand Autumn Door disciples sent slash after slash onto his motionless body. It seemed that they held deep hatred for the youth. In the blink of an eye, as blood and flesh splattered around under the bright sun, the youth had been reduced into a lump of meat.

Immediately afterward, the three youths turned back and gathered around the middle-aged man was currently lying on the floor. Looking at his wound, they exchanged gazes, looks of fear appearing on their face.

Even at this moment, the middle-aged man remained calm and spoke softly and hoarsely, “Return back to the mountain.”

Only then did the three youths respond and quickly nodded their head in agreement. Then, one of them carried the middle-aged cultivator while the other two served as bodyguards. They rushed their way back. No one paid any heed to the remnant of the Three Realm Divine Cult who was killed.


From the point when they heard the news and rushed out, to witnessing this intense fight, not much time had passed. However, the brutality and treachery that was involved in the fight left the group of mortals witnessing it in shock. It took a period of time before the villagers gradually dispersed. At the same time, discussions started to arise and most of them were about the mysterious Three Realm Divine Cult.

There were quite a few people who were aware of this as this wasn’t really a secret. They made use of this opportunity to explain it to the youngster who wasn’t very familiar with the Three Realm Divine Cult. The main gist of it being that the Three Realm Divine Cult was a cult with a long history behind them, believing in the existence of the realm of god, human and spirit. That was also where the name of the cult originated from.

“…someone suddenly shouts, “Shishu, be careful!”
TL: Shishu refers to your teacher’s senior/junior. Due to the lack of proper English translations for these phrases, I will keep them in Chinese.
Anyway, if the word shi appears, it sort of means he is addressing a person from the same sect etc as him.
The second word refers to the title. For example, shu means uncle, so shishu literally means an uncle from the same sect (Uncle as in seniority)
Since di means little brother, shidi means your male junior in the sect
Jie means big sister so shijie means your female senior in the sect

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  1. greyturn says:

    Thanks for the translations and please keep the Chinese terms so as to maintain the “eastern taste” of the novel. And almost in every translate site there are glossary of term that deals with this words anyway (there’s even a very comprehensive one in WW which was adapted from the main Chinese site), or for new readers just google the terms ^_^.


  2. lazybum0 says:

    Thanks for the chapters!


  3. DANIS says:

    Thank you for the chapter 😀


  4. Daein says:

    Thank you for keeping the Chinese terms. It always annoyed me that translators appeal to the lazy readers and you lose that immersion from reading “junior martial brother” and “senior martial sister” all of the time.


    • StarveCleric says:

      Haha I agree so too, it kind of spoils the effect Just that Chinese has too much terms. Imagine shishu shiniang shijie shimei shidi shige ershixiong sanshishiong ershimei sanshimei shijiu etc etc, if it appears too much in a series, it could be really difficult to read esp for non-chinese readers (hard to tell who they are referring to), so I guess sometimes they choose to translate it directly


      • Anon says:

        I’ve read wuxia novels for over 10 years in 詞漢越 language. I hate translators now don’t translate Chinese terms anymore, you should translate it directly.


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