LoHP Chapter 82: I Would Like to Withdraw from Your Tutelage (2)

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Chapter 82: I Would Like to Withdraw from Your Tutelage (2)

Not just Lu Xun was carrying such an expression, even Elder Hong Hao felt the world spinning around him as he found it difficult to cope with the sudden turn of events.

Wasn’t Zhang Xuan the worst teacher in the entire academy?

Just a moment ago, he said that as long as he were to release word of his interest to accept his students, they would come rushing over. However, never in his dreams would he have expected that even before he could make a move, one of the students he held great expectations for had run over to him!

It is one thing if the other party had accepted you, but to listen in on his lessons?

The heck, are you sure you aren’t joking with me?

That means that you don’t have any position at all!

Instead of being my direct disciple, you chose to run over to listen in to someone else’s lesson.

Lu Xun felt as though his face had been slapped hard and his complexion darkened.

“I hope that Lu laoshi can fulfill my request!” Wang Yan hurriedly pleaded.


After a long period of time, looking at the serious expression on the other party’s face, he knew that the other party was serious. With an awful expression, he said, “You do know that Zhang Xuan laoshi had once caused a student’s cultivation to go berserk? Even so, you want to listen into his classes?”

“I am aware of it, but I would still like to!” Wang Yan nodded his head, the determination on his face resolute.

Just a moment ago, he got a glimpse of Zhang laoshi‘s amazing capabilities that left even his grandfather in awe. At this moment, his heart was already with Zhang Xuan.

Seeing how determined the other party was, Lu Xun’s complexion darkened even further. Gesturing to the few students by the side, he said, “Bring Zhao Yanfeng over!”

“Lu laoshi!”

A short moment later, Zhao Yanfeng arrived.

“Wang Yan says that he would like to withdraw from my tutelage to listen in to Zhang Xuan laoshi‘s classes. Tell him how it was when you cultivated under him and let him know how foolish his decision is!”

Lu Xun flung his sleeves.

Zhao Yanfeng didn’t speak and instead, he knelt down and kowtowed continuously.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you recount the situation frequently in the past?” Lu Xun frowned.

Zhao Yanfeng, as the student whose cultivation was sent berserk by Zhang Xuan, had the greatest say in the matter. In the past, he often spoke badly about Zhang laoshi, only to be stopped by him. Even though was granting him permission to speak now, he seemed reluctant to do so, as if something was plaguing his mind.

“Lu laoshi! Actually, just like Wang Yan, I would like to listen in on Zhang laoshi‘s lessons!”

Finally solidifying his resolution, Zhao Yanfeng said.

“You want to go as well?”

With a steeled face, Lu Xun almost stumbled to the ground.

Didn’t your cultivation go berserk because of him? Don’t you resent him for that?

Didn’t you talk badly about him often?

So why would you want to withdraw from my tutelage to listen in on his lessons?

Lu Xun felt that he was on the verge of going insane.

“Zhang laoshi is my benefactor. I feel extremely guilty for leaving him without bidding farewell the previous time! I hope that Lu laoshi can fulfill my wish!” Zhao Yanfeng said respectfully.

Benefactor? Benefactor your head! By sending your cultivation berserk?

Leaving without bidding farewell? It is clear to see that you were trying to escape from him, alright?

Guilty? When you insulted Zhang Xuan laoshi every day, why didn’t I see a single trace of guilt in you?

Lu Xun felt like going on a frenzy.

“Alright, alright. Since the both of you have made up your minds, I will withdraw you two from my tutelage then!”

Grabbing the two jade tokens over, he bit on his finger and dripped a droplet of fresh blood on the both of them.

As the star teacher of the academy, Lu Xun was a proud person. Since these two students of his have already made up their minds, stopping them would only make them resentful of him. If so, he might as well simply let go of them.

“Thank you, teacher!”

Grabbing over the jade token and confirming that they were withdrawn from Lu Xun laoshi‘s tutelage, Wang Yan and Zhao Yanfeng’s eyes lit up simultaneously.

“The both of you aren’t my students anymore, you can leave now!”

Suppressing his rage that was on the verge of erupting, Lu Xun waved them away.

“Yes!” The two of them walked out.

“Damn it, damn it!”

Upon seeing them leave, Lu Xun roared.

Who was he?

The number one star teacher of Hongtian Academy. Countless students vied with one another to become his student and he had to contemplate carefully before making a choice among them. He thought that no one would be able to poach his students in the academy, but…

Not just one, but two students were poached from him in one go!


If the one who poached these students from him were Wang Chao or Shen Bi Ru, he could let this matter drop. But for it to be the one who scored a zero in his Teacher Qualification Examination, the fellow who stood at the very bottom of the academy!

The strong feeling of humiliation he was feeling made him feel frenzied.

Not to mention, he had just agreed to Elder Hong Hao’s request to poach the other party’s students. Yet, before he could make a move, the other party had already succeeded in poaching his.

If not for his propriety and his concern over his identity, he might even rush over to beat up this Zhang Xuan!

“Zhu Hong!”

After venting his anger slightly, the rage Lu Xun felt cooled down slightly. He turned around to call for his student.

“Lu laoshi!”

A sixteen to seventeen-year-old youngster walked out.

Zhu Hong, the student who was ranked fourth in this year’s entrance examination. He was one of the most talented students he had accepted this semester. Even though he was only sixteen, he had already reached Juxi realm pinnacle and was ready to break into the next realm at any moment.

“Deliver a war letter to Zhang Xuan laoshi for me!” Lu Xun gritted his teeth.

“War letter?” Hearing his decision, Elder Hong was taken aback. After which, he came to a realization and asked, “Could it be that during this Freshmen Tournament, you hope to…”

“Indeed! To dare to poach my student, I, Lu Xun, have never suffered such humiliation!” Lu Xun laoshi waved his hand. Then, clenching his fist tightly together, he continued, “Since he dares to make a move on me, then he should find a way to withstand my rage as well!”

After which, he retrieved a paper from the desk and wrote on it.

“Pass this to Zhang Xuan, tell him that I will challenge him to a Teacher Evaluation during the Freshmen Tournament half a month from now. Ask him if he dares to accept my challenge or not. If he dares not, tell him to never do such petty actions behind my back!”

Lu Xun flung his sleeves majestically.

Every year, half a month after the acceptance of the freshmen, a Freshmen Tournament would be held.

This tournament allowed the students to showcase their talents and improvement. It was a stage for the students to show their worth as compared to their peers.

As for Teacher Evaluation, it was a battle between different teachers.

During a Teacher Evaluation, the two competing teachers would choose a few of their students and compete based on their cultivation realm, their battle prowess and theoretical knowledge, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the teachers’ classes.

Through such competition, the competency of the teachers was being assessed and evaluated.

From the eyes of the outsiders, Lu Xun laoshi proposing the challenge to Zhang Xuan was a one-sided slaughter.


Zhu Hong’s eyes twinkled in reverence.

The results of Teacher Evaluation affected the respective teachers’ pride and honor. As a result, such challenges were usually held privately. Lu laoshi was probably the only one who was confident and proud enough to send a war letter directly to another teacher face-on.

As expected of his idol, he was simply too suave!

Venting his discontentment whenever he is angered, not even needing to suppress his emotions at all, he was his role model!

“Go!” Lu Xun ushered him.

Zhu Hong nodded his head, turned around and left.

“Do you really intend to hold a Teacher Challenge?” Elder Hong Hao walked over and asked.

“Not only so, I want to hold a bet with him. If he loses, all of the students under his tutelage will go to me!” A glint flashed across Lu Xun’s eyes.

Ever since he became a teacher, his life had been smooth-sailing. Just as he intended to make use of these qualifications to attract the attention of a master teacher, so as to rise up to the position of an assistant master teacher, he met with such an affair.

If not for such thoughts of his, there was no reason at all for him to accept Zhao Yanfeng, who didn’t have a high cultivation realm and had gone berserk once before. After all, he was a teacher, not a samaritan!

If he was truly a good person, he could have just accepted all students who applied for his classes, there’s no need to select among them at all!

It was all for the fame! He wanted to accrue sufficient reputation to become an assistant master teacher!

If others were to hear that his student had withdrawn from his tutelage to listen to the class of someone who had scored zero for the Teacher Qualification Examination, wouldn’t his reputation go into the gutters?

Thus, no matter what, he had to get back at the one who inflicted such humiliation on him!

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