LoHP Chapter 58: How Did He Do It? (2)

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Chapter 58: How Did He Do It?

A moment ago, when his hidden stash was exposed by Zhang Xuan, he panicked, but a portion of it was still feigned. However, the current fear that he is expressing on his face at this very moment is completely real. He feels a chill rushing down through his body, threatening to freeze him into a snowman.

It wouldn’t be weird if the other party could identify him. After all, he can be considered a wanted serial offender, so there’s always the possibility of an attentive person seeing through his disguise.

However… The fact that he practices the Voice of Allurement is something that not even lao er and the rest are aware of. Furthermore, he had not dared reveal the fact to anyone, so how could this fellow be aware of it?

This was a secret manual that he attained with much difficulty during a chance encounter. He had hidden this fact in the depth of his heart, and he could proudly declare that not a second person in this world knew of this secret. Yet, the other party was aware of it. The overwhelming shock he is feeling at the moment is about to scare him to death.

There are many kinds of secret manuals. There are those on the physical body, battle techniques, cultivation techniques… However, most of these can be found easily. If one had to talk about the most valuable secret manuals in the entire kingdom, most probably, the position would have to go to those regarding secret arts that affects one’s psyche.

Voice of Allurement is an extremely low-tier psyche secret art. However, no matter how low tiered it is, it is still an attack on one’s psyche. Once it is executed, no matter how powerful a person is, if they are unprepared, they will still fall for it. Previously, he had been captured by a Fighter 7-dan expert, he relied on this to coax the other party into sparing his life.

The reason why he intentionally begged for his life is to numb the other party through such a method!

Never would he have expected that not only was the other party unaffected by his tricks, he seemed to be omniscient, as though nothing about him could escape his notice. Before Zhang Xuan, he feels his facade falling off, and that he is standing buck naked before him, without a single concealment. How can he possibly not feel anxious?

If he was afraid a moment ago, right now, he is feeling terror-stricken.

“You don’t have to bother how I was made aware of these, you just have to know that these aren’t the only things I am aware of. Your mingmen and such, I am also cognizant of them! I can spare you, but from today onwards, if I were to find out that you are still scamming others, bringing harm onto others, death would be the only thing that awaits you!”

Stopping there, Zhang Xuan kicks the other party’s body.


The sound of an egg shattering. The scammer Yang Mo senses a resounding blast from his dantian, and strength derived from his many years of cultivation seeps away.

Without strength, he dares not scam others even if he wanted to.

“My cultivation…”

Sensing the loss of his strength, Yang Mo is filled with hatred, but he does not dare to snap at him.

The other party is simply too frightening. He is no human, but a demon.

How can he possibly dare to retaliate when it’s a demon who broke his dantian and ruined his cultivation?


After receiving his benefits and dealing with the scammer, Zhang Xuan walks back to the academy with widened strides.

The other party is just a scammer, he isn’t worth soiling his hands over.

It is already around one in the morning by the time he reaches his dormitory.

However, Zhang Xuan isn’t fatigued at all.

Too many things had happened tonight, with events coming one after another. If it wasn’t for the godly cheat Library of Heaven’s Path, Zhang Xuan would had been at a loss for dealing with those situations.

“Let’s see if I can organise those Fighter 6-dan cultivation technique manuals that I got from Master Lu Chen!”

Back then, he was too preoccupied with cultivating the Heaven’s Path Golden Body, so he has yet to take a good look at the Fighter 6-dan cultivation techniques. Now that he has free time, it is a good opportunity for him to examine them.

Soon, the correct cultivation method of the dozen or so secret manuals are extracted. However, taking a look at it, Zhang Xuan feels his head bloating up.

“They aren’t connected with one another in the least… If I were to cultivate this, my cultivation would definitely go berserk and I will die!”

Zhang Xuan shakes his head helplessly.

He might have a dozen secret manuals in his possession, but there are still too many flaws in it. Even if he were to extract the correct methods from them, he is still unable to form a complete cultivation technique set. In fact, the cultivation technique set formed would be filled with even more gaps, making it impossible to cultivate it.

“Forget it. I better find a way to look for more manuals first!”

Knowing that the cultivation technique cannot be used, Zhang Xuan doesn’t panic. Instead, he re-cultivates the cultivation techniques of the first three dans compiled by the library. Only after ensuring that his cultivation has completely integrated as one does he go to sleep.


Zhang Xuan doesn’t know that in the period that he went to the market to purchase items, in the academy, Elder Shang Chen’s backyard is on the verge of exploding.

“Grandfather, you have to redress my grievances!”

With tears and snot flowing down his face, Shang Bin’s cry tremors even the heavens.

As the grandson of an elder, he is born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Furthermore, being talented, he has always been respected by others. Yet, he had suffered all the setbacks he had never suffered in his whole life today. It is already a great blessing that he has yet to go insane.

When bringing trouble upon someone, a lunatic dashed out and beat him up to a pig-head. When going out for dinner, he sees his goddess dining happily with that lad… He could still take it if his framing fails and if he embarrasses himself, but…

“Grandfather, didn’t you say that this Sky Shattering Lion is very obedient? I ordered it to teach that useless Zhang Xuan a lesson, but not only did it not obey my orders, it even beat me up instead…”

The more he thinks about it, the more furious he gets. At this moment, Shang Bin is full of tears for himself.

This Sky Shattering Lion before him has been squandering off his family, yet, at a crucial period, not only did it not obey orders, it even helped an outsider to assault him… He feels like tearing his hair out whenever he thinks about it.

“It is usually rather obedient…” Shang Chen feels a little awkward. He looks at the Sky Shattering Lion on front of him with a puzzled expression.

He is just a normal beast tamer, and his expertise in the field isn’t particularly high. Even if he were to tame savage beasts, he could only interact with them on equal footing, and not that of a master and servant.

This is precisely why the Sky Shattering Lion needs not bother about his emotions and second guess his thoughts whenever it wants to do something.

However… No matter what, they are contractually related to one another. After asking it to protect his grandson, why… did it listen to the words of the outsider and assault Shang Bin instead?


Upon noticing Shang Bin, the Sky Shattering Lion holds its head up high with a proud expression on its face, seemingly proud of its deed.

Seeing the expression on the Sky Shattering Lion, Shang Bin receives another 10000 damage internally.

When it was with Zhang Xuan, it licked the other party’s hand affectionately and treated him respectfully, as though a pug. Yet now, it is acting as haughty as a king… The heck, is my grandfather your owner or he is?

“Cough cough, I’ll persuade the Sky Shattering Lion later when I get back.” Seeing his beast pet behaving like this, clearly rejecting cooperation with him, Elder Shang Chen’s face turns red as he waves away the matter.

“Grandfather, this time, you have to teach this Zhang Xuan a lesson in my stead. It would be best if his teaching license is revoked and he is chased out of the academy!”

Knowing that his grandfather is of a relationship of equals with the Sky Shattering Lion and is unable to teach it a lesson, Shang Bin doesn’t dawdle on the matter and gritting his teeth, diverts the topic towards Zhang Xuan.

A trash who scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination had caused him so much embarrassment and left innumerable wounds all over his body, causing him to almost die even. This kind of grudge cannot be washed away even by the rapid flow of the river!

“Rest assured, I will settle this matter! But this Zhang Xuan, who knows what kind of luck did he stumble over, he actually managed to recruit five students. Without a reasonable excuse, even for me, it will be difficult to expel a registered teacher!”

Elder Shang Chen says.

Registered with the continent’s Teacher Guild, Zhang Xuan can be considered formally as a teacher. Even as an elder of the academy, the head of the Education Bureau, as long as the other party doesn’t sin deeply, he has no rights to expel him.

While shaking his head, doubt flashes across his eyes.

As a fellow who scored zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination, everyone thought that it would be impossible for any student to acknowledge him. Yet, contrary to their expectations, not only did students acknowledge him, there were five of them. Furthermore, a few of them were within the top hundred!

No one would have thought it possible if they didn’t witness it for themselves.

In fact… despite seeing the results compiled by the Education Bureau, he still finds it unbelievable.

This fellow… how did he do it?

It is totally irrational, isn’t it?

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    1. Well it differs. In some novels it’s permanent in some you can start anew. But by guessing it’s probably permanent for that con-artist. He is not a young lad so even he start from scratch he will not be relevant (AND he have reward on his head).
      And wasn’t that skill explained in library when he first saw him? Like it’s low lvl tech?


  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    However… No matter what, they are contractually related to one another. After asking it to protect his son, why… did it listen to the words of the outsider and assault Shang Bin instead?
    Shouldn’t it be his grandson?


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