DDG Chapter 4: It Will Explode

40142018-necromancer-wallpapers.jpgTitle: The Diary of the Truant Death God (Such a Pity that it is Another Pervert)
死神逃學日記 (可惜是個變態)
Author: 不可沽名學霸王

Chapter 4: It Will Explode

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3 Responses to DDG Chapter 4: It Will Explode

  1. D says:

    Wait… why are you starting a brand new series instead of continuing with your current series? Do you just get bored and translate new series instead of working on your current popular series?


    • StarveCleric says:

      I’ve already said I’m on hiatus for the series. Someone else wants it and I can only continue when the situation has settled. It’s not that I don’t want to continue them but I can’t, not at this moment.
      As for ELCL, I am still waiting for my chapters to be edited. My editors are slightly busy so…
      Thus, I might as well work on some other series.


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