Adonis CH27: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (7)

Chapter 27: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (7)

Qin Zhi Ai is rooted to the ground from fear. She look around her nervously and head back in to the bedroom to hide.

She close the door and survey the room anxiously for a place to hide.

“Mr. Gu, take your time”, beyond the closed door, the driver, Xiao Wang’s, voice resounded.

“It’s alright.” Accompanying Gu Yu Sheng’s emotionless voice, the usually calm Qin Zhi Ai is thrown into a frenzy. The her who has not found a hiding spot current rushed around the room like a headless fly, flipping the blanket, grabbing the cushion on the sofa, pulling the drawer out of the dressing table… In the end, she finally noticed that these areas do not have the ability to conceal her.

As the footsteps outside the door gets nearer and nearer, the panic within Qin Zhi Ai multiplies, causing her to mutter to herself, “What should I do? What should I do?! I’m done for! I’m done for!”

The footsteps stopped at the entrance, followed by the soft click of the door handle turning.

The hair on Qin Zhi Ai instantly bristled, her eyes shift uncomfortably, muttering while looking around her before finally choosing to crouch down on the carpet and crawling beneath the coffee table.

At the same time, the room door is pushed open. Gu Yu Sheng and his driver, Xiao Wang, walked in.

Within less than ten seconds, Qin Zhi Ai, with her face sticking to the floor, noticed four legs approaching her direction.

She is so nervous she did not dare to even breathe loudly, keeping her eyes fixated on those two pairs of shoes. As one of the approaching shoes nearly hit her forehead, those four legs finally stopped.

Qin Zhi Ai secretly heave a sigh of relief. Following, the length of the pair of trousers nearest to her suddenly raised up, exposing two fair ankles.

Qin Zhi Ai can tell at once glance that this pair of legs belongs to Gu Yu Sheng, further guessing that he had most probably sat down.

“Mr. Gu, the housekeeper is not around today. Can you make it by yourself?”, Xiao Wang’s respectful voice pierced through the quiet air.

However, he is replied by a lasting silence.

After a short pause, Xiao Wang continued, “Mr. Gu, I saw on the news yesterday that Miss. Liang’s drama wraps up today. She may have already reached Beijing by now. How about I give Miss. Liang a call to see if she is in Beijing and get her to come back…”

Before Xiao Wang can finish his sentence, the silent Gu Yu Sheng suddenly piped up, his low attractive voice tainted by exasperation, “It wasn’t easy for me to get her to disappear from my sight. I can finally take a break. Why would you want to call her back?”

Xiao Wang is scolded beyond words.

The Qin Zhi Ai who is hiding under the coffee table pursed her lips. Even if she knows that nobody will see her look of desolateness, she cannot help lowering her eyes to hide the darkness within.

Silence shrouded the interior for a moment. Unsure if Gu Yu Sheng had made any sign at Xiao Wang to dismiss him, Xiao Wang opened his mouth, “Mr. Gu, I’ll make a move. If something arises, feel free to contact me at my mobile phone.”

Gu Yu Sheng remained silent. After a few seconds, Qin Zhi Ai noticed one of the pair of shoes turning direction and walking further away.

Along with a ‘Kachak’ sound from the closing door, an unprecedented silence descended in the room.

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  1. ysha says:

    aaaaaarrghhh a cliff… I am falling


  2. waterdance68 says:

    thank you!


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