Adonis CH19: ‘Treat you well’ (9)

Chapter 19: ‘Treat you well’ (9)

Because of the congested road, the vanity van and Gu Yu Sheng’s car are kept in adjacent positions.

Perhaps having noticed Qin Zhi Ai’s extended period of staring, Gu Yu Sheng side-glanced in Qin Zhi Ai’s direction as he lights up another stick of cigarette.

His gaze is unwavering, void of any emotions. Qin Zhi Ai is uncertain as to whether he had seen her or is just pretending not to see her when he had. All in all, it was just a rough sweep in her direction. He lit his cigarette and held it with his lips before stretching out his hands and touched the car door. The car window gradually winded up, stopping at its highest point.

Gu Yu Sheng’s car window is finished with a anti-peeping film, causing the reflection of his exquisite face in Qin Zhi Ai’s eyes to suddenly turn black.

The road lightened up after the toll gate. As if afraid that Qin Zhi Ai’s vanity van will catch up with his car again, Gu Yu Sheng stepped on the accelerator and cut over a few lanes before rejoining the traffic flow in front, successfully throwing Qin Zhi Ai off his scent.

Regardless of whether it is the her who was forgotten by him two years ago or the her assuming the identity of another and moved into his house two years later, they all share a common point, that is the distance between him and her is of worlds apart.

As the vanity van entered the city, Liang Dou Kou’s manager’s, Zhou Jing, phone rang. She “Un” and “Sure” into the phone for awhile before hanging up and instructing the driver, ” To Jin Bi Hui Huang (金碧辉煌).”

The resting Qin Zhi Ai opened her eyes and looked at Zhou Jing suspiciously.

She did not utter a single word but Zhou Jing still managed to guessed her intention, explaining briefly, “Lu Ban Cheng’s gathering.”

After a short pause,  Zhou Jing finally remembered the person beside her is Qin Zhi Ai instead of Liang Dou Kou, and added, “Liang Dou Kou’s affluent friend.”

Understanding the concept of completing the job after being paid (收钱办事), Qin Zhi Ai answered “Un”, agreeing without a word of complaining, even though she is not used to these type of gatherings Zhou Jing is making her attend.

By the time Zhou Jing received the call, the gathering at Jin Bi Hui Huang had already started. Therefore, when Qin Zhi Ai and Zhou Jing arrived, the atmosphere in the room has already upbeat and established.

There are a lot of people attending today’s lunch gathering. The room is almost fifty square meters large, holding two circular tables of 2 metres diameter, bustling with people. There are no more empty seats.

The organiser, Lu Ban Cheng, immediately got the servers to add two extra chairs to the tables.

But considering adding two chairs to a single table will overcrowd the table, the server added a chair to each of the table.

Zhou Jing settled into the seat in front of her, leaving Qin Zhi Ai to settle in the other.

She only noticed that something is amiss after sitting down. Turning her head to the right, Gu Yu Sheng is just sitting closely beside her, one hand holding a cigarette, half leaning on the seat backing, tilting his head to talk to the person next to him.

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3 Responses to Adonis CH19: ‘Treat you well’ (9)

  1. June-June says:

    I don’t like GTA… I hope the author makes him suffer badly when the real b**ch finishes her plastic surgery… Oh, wait,wrong operation…


  2. ridlonuur says:

    thank you for the chapter


  3. “Ohhh see how you are now glueing yourself to me like an annoying gum, do you miss me? Ke !”


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