Adonis CH15: ‘Treat you well’ (5)

Chapter 15: ‘Treat you well’ (5)
 No matter how dejected Qin Zhi Ai felt, the Gu Yu Sheng whom she wanted to love for the rest of her life was going to marry another woman.

But Qin Zhi Ai could not deny that the initial attractive terms had become even more attractive, allowing her to hit off right away with Liang Dou Kou.

The following day, she was sent for voice training lessons under the arrangement of Liang Dou Kou’s management company to learn how to mimic Liang Dou Kou’s voice.

When everything was set in place, Liang Dou Kou then secretly flew overseas to receive treatment for her tumor while Qin Zhi Ai moved into Gu Yu Sheng’s house as her substitute.

However, the nits and grits between Gu Yu Sheng and Liang Dou Kou were largely unknown to Qin Zhi Ai. It was only after moving into Gu Yu Sheng house when she slowly found out, by piecing up bits and pieces from the words of the housekeeper and helpers in the main mansion, that Liang Dou Kou’s grandfather and Gu Yu Sheng’s grandfather were war buddies, and Liang Dou Kou’s grandfather had once saved the life of Gu Yu Sheng’s grandfather when they were in the military. That is why Old Master Gu seems to show more favor to Liang Dou Kou than Gu Yu Sheng.

In addition, Gu Yu Sheng and Liang Dou Kou have a typical ‘girl is interested but the man is not’ storyline but Liang Dou Kou, capitalising on Gu Yu Sheng’s grandfather’s adoration, tried different means and methods to pester Gu Yu Sheng. She even managed to convince Gu Yu Sheng’s grandfather to force Gu Yu Sheng into marrying her this year.


Moreover, Liang Dou Kou had specially instructed Qin Zhi Ai to make sure to stabilise her position as Mrs. Gu during the meeting. Adding that if any problem arises, she can forget about claiming a single cent from her.

Hence, sparking the speculatation that Liang Dou Kou was afraid the wedding, which she painstakingly wished for, might be called off after news of her illness is brought to light. Thence, hiring Qin Zhi Ai as a substitute to marry Gu Yu Sheng.

When she moved into Gu Yu Sheng’s house and before meeting Gu Yu Sheng, Qin Zhi Ai was a little rejoiceful, even when she clearly knew that she could never be together with Gu Yu Sheng in this life anymore.

The man she likes, does not like the woman he married.

The her then had thought she was stepping into an enchanting dream, with her as Cinderella, transforming into a princess, wearing glass slippers, to date the prince at midnight, just like in the fairy tales.

Although she would eventually wake up from the dream, the her, who had secretly admired Gu Yu Sheng for so many years, still held expectations.

Until that night when he came home and raped her without any explanation, even instructing the housekeeper to feed her contraceptive pills the following morning, did she realise that… this is actually a nightmare.

She is aware that all of Gu Yu Sheng’s cruelty was directed at Liang Dou Kou; and she is just a paid substitute who had no part in it. Thus, lacking a reason to be sad over it.

However, she was essentially the one suffering all his mockery, detest and disgust. Especially the vent-like humiliation and bullying he committed in bed, is what she really could not take and the most saddening part.

After all, nobody likes to be bullied like this, needless to say he is someone she likes so much.


Qin Zhi Ai was pulled back by from her reverie by the sudden roar of thunder outside.

By looks of her largely dried hair, she must have been out of sorts for a considerable amount of time.

She retracted all of her emotions, recovering her usual calm expression, and held on to the hair dryer to roughly blow away the remaining moisture in her hair before returning to bed.

The calm weather before she entered the bathroom is replaced by a heavy thunderstorm.

Probably because of the appearance of Gu Yu Sheng tonight, Qin Zhi stared at the little drops of rain splattering on the window, unable to fall asleep. It was not until the rain gradually lightened before she semi-consciously slipped into dreamland.

For the next few days, Qin Zhi Ai was unable to get out of bed as a result of Gu Yu Sheng’s over-rough episode.

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