CH8: The Adonis Next Door (8)

Chapter 8: The Adonis Next Door (8)

“Old Master could not sleep at night and wanted to come out for a stroll so we decided to come return the bracelet to you.”, Zhang Ma followed Qin Zhi Ai into the living room.

“Grandfather is here?”, Qin Zhi Ai frowned lightly. Without waiting for Zhang Ma’s reply, she saw the housekeeper holding onto a cup of hot tea and passed it to Old Master Gu who was sitting on the sofa.

Qin Zhi Ai hastily addressed him, “Grandfather.”

“Un.”, his words a little unclear from sipping the tea, and waited until he had fully swallowed before adding, “Why are you home so late?”

After he finished his question, Old Master Gu suddenly noticed that something was not right and frowned. He glanced at the floor-to-ceiling window leading to the porch and noted the absence of Gu Yu Sheng’s car. He continued, “Where’s Yu Sheng? He didn’t come back with you?”

Following his series of questions, a look of displeasure tainted his expression, “Does he still leave you at home alone to fend for yourself, and not come home?”

“No……”, Qin Zhi Ai answered his question without hesitation.

The reason Gu Yu Sheng acted so seriously at the Main Mansion was just so that he could convince grandfather that they were living amicably together.

If grandfather knew that their friendly interactions was just a facade, he would surely blame Gu Yu Sheng. In the end, the one suffering was still going to be her.

Moreover, he had so cruelly fed her contraceptive pills after sleeping with her last month. That was already a huge humiliation to her. So why would she let grandfather know about the true relationship between them and ask for another around of humiliation?

Qin Zhi Ai quickly formed an excuse in her head, flashing a quiet smile at Old Master Gu, “Yu Sheng got a call from work, saying that some problem arose, so he went back to the company.”

“Gu Zheng originally wanted to sent me home but I told him I wanted to take a stroll, and got him to let me off at the entrance of the district so that I could walk back.”

Facing Old Master Gu’s thoughtful gaze, Qin Zhi Ai did not exude any form of nervousness. She unhurriedly added, “When Yu Sheng is free, he usually comes home. If grandfather doesn’t believe, you can ask the housekeeper.” Coupled with her calm expression, it was impossible to tell that she was lying.

Mid-speech, Qin Zhi Ai threw the housekeeper glance.

The housekeeper immediately caught her drift and confirmed, “Yes Old Master, when Mr. Gu is free, he usually comes home.”

“That’s good……” Hearing the words of the housekeeper, Old Master Gu’s expression softened. He started to stand out and added, “…… I don’t have any more matters here. I was just wandering around the area. It’s getting late, I’m going back.”

Qin Zhi Ai knew that she had successfully deceived Old Master Gu and secretly let out a sigh of relief, “Grandfather, I’ll send you out.”


Qin Zhi Ai stood at the entrance and watched Old Master Gu’s car leaving the porch before returning to the house and heading upstairs.

The housekeeper walked out of the house to lock the main gates after serving Qin Zhi Ai a cup of warm milk. To her surprise, she saw Old Master Gu’s car parked near the main entrance.

The housekeeper stared blankly. Before she could regain composure, the window of the car rolled down and Zhang Ma’s low voice filled the air, “Xiao Yang, the Old Master is looking for you.”

The housekeeper walked up briskly and respectfully addressed the person in the car, “Old Master.”

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4 Responses to CH8: The Adonis Next Door (8)

  1. Don’t tell me that the housekeeper was on the side of the old man all this time and what she fed the mc wasn’t contraceptive pill but vitamin…..
    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Busted?????

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and hope your New Year is great!!!!!


  3. ysha says:

    Oh the angst !!!! By the way, this layout is perfect as we can easily zoom in and out , the font size and background are perfect , keep it up and thanks for the chapters gallore.


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