CH1: The Adonis Next Door (1)

Chapter 1: The Adonis Next Door (1)

The best love is to live the rest of my life grandly because of you” — Ye Fei Ye 《The Adonis Next Door》

“It’s been 2 years since I’ve last met Gu Yu Sheng. The question of why he didn’t come for the date then were at my lips when he looked at me and uttered to his companion collectedly, who is she? Three simple words had nearly brought tears to my eyes. It turns out that the person I’ve been waiting for had long since forgotten about me.”

As Qin Zhi Ai scribbled these words in her diary, she was convinced that there wouldn’t be anymore  interaction between her and Gu Yu Sheng in this life. But who would have known that two years later, she would be living in his house.

It was only on the fifth day of moving into his house that Qin Zhi Ai finally got the chance to formally meet Gu Yu Sheng.

It happened in the dead of the night when Qin Zhi Ai semi-consciously sensed a figure laying beside her while she’s sleeping. The shock sent shivers across her entire body and was promptly roused her from her dream.

Laying beside her was a man.

Although she couldn’t clearly see his face under the dim light emitted by the night lights in the room, she could still clearly identify him as Gu Yu Sheng.

Suddenly meeting after two years, a light wave of nervousness washed over Qin Zhi Ai, throwing her into a daze. She assumed a calm facade while trying to tame her emotions before speaking in a serene voice, “You’re back?”

Gu Yu Sheng ignored her question. Without even throwing a glimpse at her, he quickly took off his clothes and confined her beneath him with a turn of his body.

His heated body temperature made her feel inexplicably flustered. It wasn’t like she hadn’t pictured what it would be like meeting him but she didn’t expect such a situation. Instinctively, she started to resist him, attempting to escape.

However, Gu Yu Sheng reacted like he had encountered a peculiarly funny joke, “Ke~”, he giggled, then proceeded to suppress her with ease. He stretched out his hand and grasped her chin, forcefully lifting her face before closing in on her ear. Choosing the most derogatory terms, he deliberately enunciated in a harsh and rigid tone, accentuating each word with staccato-like pauses, “What’s the point of acting? Not only did you painstakingly find ways to move into my house, but also repeatedly complain to grandfather that I let you stay home alone, isn’t your main intention for me to come back and f*** you?”

His provocative words startled Qin Zhi Ai. Before she could recover, he had yanked off the blanket covering her, brutally ripped off her pajamas, and groped her without any mercy……

The next morning when Qin Zhi Ai woke up, Gu Yu Sheng was already gone, leaving the space beside her empty.

If not for the soreness she felt and the ripped pajamas laying on the floor, Qin Zhi Ai would have been convinced that last night was just a nightmare she conjured up.

She got out of bed and entered the bathroom to wash up, changing into a set of clean clothes before heading downstairs for breakfast.

While she was walking along the corridor, Qin Zhi Ai habitually looked beyond the railings into living room beneath. Gu Yu Sheng was standing in front of the window, back-facing her and answering a phone call.

Qin Zhi Ai subconsciously halted her steps as scenes from last night flashed past in her mind.

In the meantime, Gu Yu Sheng had ended his call and the housekeeper standing beside him articulated respectfully,” Mr. Gu, the car had been started.”

“Un.” Following the indifferent reply of Gu Yu Sheng, Qin Zhi Ai abruptly recovered from her daze. She witnessed Gu Yu Sheng retrieving the suit jacket handed over by the housekeeper, and walked towards the house entrance.

After he had finished changing shoes and was prepared to leave the house, he seemed to remember something and stopped. Without looking at the housekeeper, he nonchalantly ordered the housekeeper, “Go purchase a pack of contraceptive pills. When the person upstairs wakes up, remember to get her to consume it.”

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3 Responses to CH1: The Adonis Next Door (1)

  1. OPN says:

    Xie xie. I’m not sure I’m grasping the story line correctly but it looks like the author is starting from the middle of the story where their relationship as couple begun. Then we will have flashbacks as the author narrates the present.


  2. No, just no.

    but I got to see if it ever gets any better! (>.<)

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and hope your New Year is great!!!!!


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