Library of Heaven’s Path Glossary

Fighter 9-dans

Each realm is split into 4 stages, primary, intermediate, advanced and pinnacle.

1-dan Juxi (一重聚息)
Learning how to breath innately, sense spirit particles in the air and guide their flow in one’s body

2-dan Dantian (二重丹田)
The opening up of one’s dantian to allow it to hold spirit energy as well as to reform one’s body, turning a normal human into a true Fighter.

3-dan Zhenqi (三重真气)
The gathering of the spirit energy in the dantian to create zhenqi.

4-dan Pigu (四重皮骨)
The zhenqi-filled Dantian will overflow and enrich one’s body, causing one’s physical body to become powerful. One’s organs will also grow stronger, thus becoming a true expert.

5-dan Dingli (五重鼎力)
Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm is an extension of the Pigu realm. The purpose of this stage is to temper the zhenqi of the cultivator to his body.

6-dan Pixue (六重辟穴)
Out of the 108 acupoints in a human’s body, only 72 can be opened. The acupoint must be broken through in a precise manner or it may cause the other acupoints to clog and to be unable to be opened in their entire life. An acupoint unlocked will increase the cultivator’s strength by 1 ding.

7-dan Tongxuan (七重通玄)
Connecting oneself to the profound world/ mystical world

8-dan Zongshi (八重宗师)

9-dan Zhizun (九重至尊)
Supreme Master

Zhang Xuan’s Students

Wang Ying

Liu Yang
-Ex-student of Cao Xiong

Zheng Yang
-A spear user who was once humiliated by the person he had a crush on

Zhao Ya
-Daughter of the Baiyu City Lord

Yuan Tao
-Fatty with Emperor’s Bloodline


Zhenqi refers to the energy that is accumulated from the gathering of spirit from the air and suppressing them before absorbing it into one’s body.
The more pure the zhenqi is, the more clear it would be, the further is able to progress on the route of cultivation.
There are 3 tiers to the zhenqi one can gather in the air

The purity of one’s zhenqi depends on one’s cultivation skill.
Each tier are then split further into inferior, intermediate, superior and pinnacle.

Battle Techniques
It is further split into low-tier, intermediate-tier and upper-tier.
Upon learning the skill, it would be at rookie level. When one reaches a high level of mastery in the skill, they would be at expert level in the skill.


Tianxuan Kingdom
Hongtian Academy
-Logistics Branch
-Education Bureau
-Compendium Pavilion (Student & Teacher)

Tianxuan City
-Wang Family

Baiyu City
-Zhao Family

Central Education Bureau