The Three Godly Chinese Web Novels

In third place…


Title: 九转金身决 (Nine Revolving Golden Body Formula)
Author: 苦涩的甜咖啡 (The Bitter Sweet Coffee)

Jin Yong, the famous writer who wrote The Return of the Condor Heroes, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber and numerous other famous books, has rated the book as such: ‘To be able to persist relentlessly on using the wrong words to structure a sentence, and continue to finish the novel while everyone was spitting out their food by reading the novel, this very novel is a miracle by itself’

This novel is also known for the saying:

Status: Completed
Number of words: 6616198
First released in Qidian.

In second place…

(Couldn’t find a picture)

Title: 网游之少爷天下 (Virtual Reality: The shaoye who Roamed the World)
Author: 我今天很好  (I am Very Well Today)

It is hard to explain this book without translating its contents for you to read.
The author’s name is probably a reflection of its content.

Status: Completed
Number of words: 75630
First released in Qidian before it was removed. After which, the author managed to sign on with 17k.

In first place…


Title: 异天途 (Venturing the Foreign World)
Author: 许无徒 (Xu Wu Tu)
Genre: Xiuxian (Cultivating)
This novel was once published in the Qidian, and even got to the recommendation board before it was removed.

It is rumored that it is a web novel typed out by using one’s head.

It is also said that it is a necessity if one hopes to cultivate. If one is able to comprehend the contents within, they are able to peer into the will of the heavens and ascend to the heavens in a single move.

And there you go, the three heavenly Chinese web novels 😛
Most of these are plucked off from the forums, and they may reflect or may not reflect my views on the respective novels.

All three of them are untranslated.

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