RDE Chapter 9: Escalating Chaos

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Chapter 9: Escalating Chaos

“Who dares to brawl in the capital!”

Wang Yan put down his wine cup and his eyebrows shot up. Just his displeasure by itself was sufficient to intimidate others.

The general who had dominated the battlefields would not allow a speck of dust to irritate his eye. Everything was either black or white to him, and what he detested the most were people who overstepped on the law.

For someone to cause trouble in the Vast Crane Pavilion in the capital, where the Son of the Heavens resided, that person truly had n0 fear and eyes for the law!

At which, Wang Yan’s right hand slammed on the table as he stood up, readying himself to take a look.

Upon seeing such a sight, astonishment flashed through Yao Kuang Yi’s gaze and he hurriedly tried to placate him:

“Hehe, Brother Wang, you are a general of the royal court, there is no need for you to interfere in such trifling affairs! Come, come, drink! Let’s get drunk today!”

Halfway through his words, Yao Kuang Yi lifted his wine cup, gesturing for Wang Yan to ignore the ruckus and sit back down. What a joke! He had planned this for a very long time, and even though he managed to dupe him over this time, it might not work the second time.

If he allowed Wang Yan to leave, all of his efforts would be wasted.

“This… Alright then.”

Wang Yan was unwilling to, but upon seeing Yao Kuang Yi lift his wine cup, he could only sit back down.

Seeing Wang Yan give up on the idea of taking a look, the burden grasping tightly at his heart was released. He grabbed the wine bottle and topped up Wang Yan’s drink. However, Yao Kuang Yi was still anxious within. He knew the condition of the Vast Crane Pavilion and everyone in the premises was his men.

If so, how could a brawl possibly break out? Could it be that someone had barged in?

He had already made a lot of preparations in advance for today’s plan. The walls of the Vast Crane Pavilion were plated with metal and even a mosquito would find it hard to fly in. Who would be so capable of being able to wreck havoc in his Vast Crane Pavilion despite everything he had planned?

“If I find out who was the one foiling my plans in Vast Crane Pavilion, I will definitely his life a living hell!”

Yao Kuang Yi clenched his fists tightly and a savage gleam flashed across his eyes. This plan was crucial to the fight between King Qi and King Song, as well as the political struggle occurring in the royal court.

The Yao Clan had sided itself with King Qi and was already embroiled in the fight. There was no path of retreat for them anymore. At this point, whoever who tried to foil his plans would be the mortal enemy of the Yao Clan.

Given the authority Yao Clan wielded in the royal court and King Qi’s backing, it wasn’t a difficult task for them to crush the clan of an ordinary official!

“Brother Wang!”

Yao Kuang Yi contemplated for a moment and decided to continue appeasing Wang Yan. This fellow had an inflexible personality and he followed his values too firmly. If he didn’t appease him properly, it was still possible for him to want to head out and take a look at the situation:

“The capitals are filled with profligate scions, so it was impossible to avoid brawling between them. It would be alright so as long no one loses their lives. Furthermore, we have some experts in the Vast Crane Pavilion to ensure security, so it will probably calm down in a while…”

Right after saying his words, peng! Another figure flew out from the windows of the Vast Crane Pavilion, smashing heavily onto the street. After which, the third collision, the fourth collision…

In that instant, Yao Kuang Yi’s expression changed.

“Little sister, Antelope’s Horn!”

“Little sister, Crane Combing its Feathers!”

“…Monkey Stealing Peaches!”

In the third floor of the Vast Crane Pavilion, the Wang Family’s little sister attacked the charging assailants as though she was hanging paintings on the wall. The young valiant gentlemen and experts from the Yao Residence were sent flying as though rubber balls.

The Wang Family’s little sister’s indolence sunk right into the bones and she often slacked off during training. The moves that she was capable of using was extremely pathetic. Yet, she was extremely obedient to her elder brother.

When her fearsome innate strength was coupled with the discernment ability and experience that Wang Chong had accumulated in his previous life, the situation immediately changed.

In the entire room, other than Yao Feng who could withstand the little girl’s blows, the others were sent flying away in an instant. It only took a short moment for most of them to be groaning all over the room.

Large holes had appeared all over the room. The little sister of the Wang Family was not only able to send them flying with her overwhelming strength, most of them flew through the walls and crashed down onto the streets.

“You darned lass!”

The more Yao Feng fought, the more astounded and angry he was. At this moment, his eyes were dyed completely red.

Wang Chong had two sisters, one was fifteen-year-old while the other was ten-year-old. Honestly, Yao Feng had never taken them seriously. He didn’t expect that the younger one would be such a tough nut to crack. Not only did she ruin his gathering, she even wounded him.

“Ignore that little lass, capture Wang Chong! Capture that rascal!”

Yao Feng yelled. He could clearly tell that if it wasn’t for Wang Chong, this lass wouldn’t be a match for the crowd at all.

Furthermore, from the fact how she obeyed every single word of Wang Chong’s, that little lass would definitely surrender if they captured Wang Chong.


Upon hearing Yao Feng’s words, three to four of the Yao Residence’s guards who had just rushed in ignored the powerful little sister and charged straight at Wang Chong.

Sou. Wang Chong slid on the ground as though a loach, swiftly avoiding the attacks of these few people. He didn’t have sufficient strength and he wasn’t a match for a single person that was in the room. However, given the capabilities and experience he had accumulated in his previous life, he was more than capable of escaping their attacks.

“Little sister, listen to my words, end it fast! The Inverse Golden Bell!”

Deng deng deng deng, Wang Chong could clearly hear the sound of footsteps on the wooden panels below rushing upward. They were the experts of the Yao Residence.

The walls of the Vast Crane Pavilion was now plated with metal and the interiors were filled with experts under Yao Kuang Yi’s command. Initially, they didn’t pay much heed to the commotion above but the moment the fight broke out, they immediately rushed up.

Under such conditions, it wasn’t favorable for the two of them to drag it out. They had to finish it fast. Otherwise, when the backup arrived, even if he and his sister had multiple arms, they wouldn’t be able to cope.


The Wang Family’s younger sister answered with a bright voice. The more she fought, the more excited she became. Her entire body was trembling with exhilaration. Even though she had fought with others before, she had never felt such a surge of adrenaline before.

She felt as though the brawny experts from the Yao Residence and Yao Feng were rushing straight up to her fists, and she knocked out each of them with a single fist. To her, it felt like a game. In a few breaths, she cleared out half of the entire room.

“Little sister, now! Tail Whip of the Spiritual Snake!”

Upon seeing an opportunity, Wang Chong directed her little sister to grab hold of Yao Feng.

While crossing blows with the little girl, a part of Yao Feng’s attention had been focused on the surroundings and he had noticed Wang Chong’s movements. ‘Tail Whip of the Spiritual Snake’ was a very basic movement. Wang Chong was clearly dreaming if he had hoped that his little sister could deal with him with this move.


Yao Feng’s feet moved as he stepped forward to attack the Wang Family’s little sister with a hammer at her heart. However, the hammer landed on empty air. His attack was slightly off!

“Not good!”

Yao Feng’s heart sank. In that instant, he knew that something was wrong. The ‘Tail Whip of the Spiritual Snake’ of the Wang Family’s little sister was completely different from the original version.

Normally, this would only happen among people who hadn’t reach a level of mastery with their techniques. Yao Feng had overestimated the Wang Family’s little sister’s mastery in these skills. At the same time, he had also underestimated how lazy a ten-year-old girl was.

This negligence would still be acceptable normally, but at this very moment, it was a fatal misjudgement!

The moment such a thought appeared in his head, Yao Feng immediately tried to retreat backward but it was too late. A small right leg kicked across Yao Feng’s head, knocking him down.


As though struck by an invisible hammer, Yao Feng’s body fell down and crashed heavily onto the wooden panels in the room. The panels fractured apart upon contact with Yao Feng’s body.

Weng, the little sister of the Wang Family twisted Yao Feng’s hands to his back and jumped onto his back. Being pulled to its limits, his bones groaned in protest.

“Young master!”

“Yao gongzi!”

The sound of footsteps outside the room abruptly stopped. The experts of the Yao Residence who had rushed over, along with the scions left in the room, stared at Wang Xiao Yao, who was sitting on the back of Yao Feng, with looks of astonishment.

Yao Feng was in no way a weakling. On the contrary, he possessed astounding talent such that even Yao Kuang Yi was full of praises for him. No one would have thought that Yao Feng, with his cultivation realm, would fall under a little girl!

“Who dares to hurt the young master!”

After the initial shock, the Yao Residence experts charged forward.

“Capture that lad, he is the young master of the Wang Family! Use him to trade for the life of Yao gongzi!”

The son of the Zhou Family shouted as he pointed to Wang Chong.

Upon hearing those words, the little sister of the Wang Family was enraged.

“If anyone dares to hurt my brother, I will kill this young master of yours!”

The little sister of the Wang Family twisted his arm further and the sound of bones being torn apart could be heard. She was born with formidable strength and this movement that she did out of rage almost twisted Yao Feng’s entire arm out.

Even though Yao Feng was resilient and tough, he couldn’t help but scream in agony. His face was ghastly white and cold sweat dripped profusely from him due to the excruciating pain. This Wang Family’s little sister was not only completely obedient to her brother, she was also very concerned about him.

If this little lass were to truly twist his arm out, his future would be ruined.

“Stop! All of you, stop!”

Yao Feng was anxious and furious. He had an arrogant personality and coupled with his astounding talents, he had never been suffered any setbacks. Yet, this time, he was defeated by a little kid, causing him to lose all dignity he had.

“Wang Chong, what do you want? I don’t believe that the Wang Clan would dare to make a move on me here. Let me tell you, regardless of what happens today, I want the Wang Clan to be held accountable for this incident today. I would like to see what your father, Wang Yan, has to say about this!”

Blood was dripping off Yao Feng’s face and half of his head was smashed into the flooring. He felt humiliated and enraged. Given his cultivation realm, there were few people of his age that were able to defeat him. Yet, this little child just had to be one of these few people, making him feel embarrassed and helpless.

Circumstances are always much more compelling than human actions. This Wang Family’s little sister was young, but she was much stronger than him, leaving him no choice but to surrender. Just that, after facing such humiliation, there was no way he would simply let them off the hook.

He might be unable to defeat this little lass, but dealing with Wang Chong and Wang Xiao Yao through the influence of the Yao Family was still possible.

“Are you really unaware of it?”

Wang Chong’s eyes were narrowed as he stared at Yao Feng meaningfully. However, Yao Feng’s perplexed expression had confirmed the fact that he was left in the dark about the matter.

Yao Kuang Yi wanted to deal with Wang Chong’s father, Wang Yan, and for the sake of keeping it under wraps, he only told it to a few of his confidants. However, to think that even his own son, Yao Feng, would be uninformed of it. It seemed like he was truly determined to make this operation a success!

Wang Chong could only be impressed with that old fox’s determination.

Even though Yao Feng was unaware of it, this didn’t hinder Wang Chong’s plans at all. That old fox Yao Kuang Yi wasn’t any kind soul, and the same could be said about this young fox as well!

Much could be said about his personality through the events with Ma Zhou!

“Little sister!”

A gleam flashed across Wang Chong’s eyes as he walked over to her. Since Yao Feng didn’t know anything at all, Wang Chong couldn’t be bothered to say anything more to him:

“… There’s no need to hold back, break his bones!”

“You dare!”

In that instant, everyone, including Yao Feng, was horrified.


In the room filled with shocked exclamations, the childish voice of the Wang Family’s little sister was exceptionally resounding. She never went through the trouble of contemplating over the orders of her brother, needless to say, doubt him.

Since her brother had asked her to beat him up, he must have his reasons behind it.

Boom! Amidst the shocked gazes in the entire room, the Wang Family’s young sister’s fearsome hand rose up, clenched into a fist and smashed downward.

“Ah! ——”

A wretched scream filled the empty air, shaking the entire Vast Crane Pavilion.


In the underground level of the Vast Crane Pavilion, when people were being thrown to the streets, Yao Kuang Yi wasn’t bothered about it. Instead, he focused his efforts on trying to placate Wang Yan, saying words like “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it”.

However, when Yao Feng’s voice echoed throughout the entire pavilion, Yao Kuang Yi was startled. He couldn’t help but stand up abruptly.

Yao Kuang Yi had been listening closely to the happenings above from the moment the first person was being thrown out. However, he didn’t expect that his son, Yao Feng, would be caught in the fight as well.

He was well aware of Yao Feng’s level of cultivation. The number of peers who could match up with him could be counted with a single hand. Furthermore, he had deployed countless experts in the Vast Crane Pavilion in advance. Given how the other party was able to wound Feng-er despite being surrounded by numerous experts, his level of cultivation had to be impressive.

The Yao Clan only had a single son, Feng-er. Furthermore, he was prepared to put in his efforts to have Feng-er take over him. If something were to happen to Feng-er, wouldn’t the Yao Clan’s lineage stop with him? How could he face his ancestors if this were to happen?

At this point, Yao Kuang Yi could no longer remain standing.

“Brother Wang, pardon my impertinence!”

After this, Yao Kuang Yi’s robe flurried and a congregation of golden light burst forth from beneath his feet. Boom, with a flash of the light, a giant hole appeared in the ceiling. Yao Kuang Yi actually broke through the ceiling to fly straight to the third floor of the Vast Crane Pavilion.


If you still don’t know what they are, they are the names of movements.
It’s just like me saying ‘A Thousand Years of Pain’ and the action comes to mind.
Btw, Monkey Stealing Peaches is an action of grabbing one’s buttocks. (Peaches is a reference to that)

In case you don’t know who Son of the Heavens refers to, it refers to the Emperor. It is a little similar to Egypt, where they believe Pharoahs are the son of the God of the Sun, Ra.

“…the Wang Family’s little sister attacked the charging assailants as though she was hanging paintings on the wall”
It sounded equally weird in Chinese. Anyway, picture the idea in animes/cartoons when the enemy was smacked into the wall before sliding down. It is something like that. Hanging paintings.

Some explanation of clans in China.
Usually, a clan is made up of two parts, the main family and the branch family. The main family consists of the current head of the family and his children while the branch family consists of anyone related to the family, but not of the former.
<Emphasizing that I haven’t really read ahead much yet, so I can’t say anything much>
Most of the time, when they talk about the heritage of the clan, they meant the main family. Only when the main family has no qualified successor will the members of the branch family be brought in. It is similar to the sense of the royal family where if the emperor has no sons, someone qualified would be brought in.
The reason why I am bringing this up is to emphasize the fact that even though Yao Feng is the only son of the main family, it didn’t mean that there weren’t any other male youths in the branch family.
For usual Xianxia troupes, there is also a system of elders as well. Elders may or may not be from the main family, but they possess significant influence (although below that of the clan head). Usually, it was an honorary position granted to those who had contributed greatly to the clan (and as such, they would possess great standing and influence too).

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