RDE Chapter 8: Wrecking Havoc at Vast Crane Pavilion

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Chapter 8: Wrecking Havoc at Vast Crane Pavilion

“Young Master Yao, I suddenly recalled that I still have things to attend to. I will first take my departure!”

“Young Master Yao, let’s gather together again some other time!”

After some pleasantries, a scion stood up and left. Soon, more and more people followed suit.

Yao Feng’s face steeled. Soon, his face became as dark as the bottom of a pot. The reason why he had been keeping his anger in check was to persuade Brother Wang Chong to leave peacefully without alarming the others.

Yet, his efforts still ended in failure. This gathering that he had put together with much effort was forcefully destroyed by this sibling pair.

Even though these people said that they were interested in gathering together another time, Yao Feng knew that they were all talk. They have already caught the ‘scent’ of something deeper and for a period of time, they would try all means to steer clear of him.

“Wang Chong, since you two don’t want to leave, then stay here for all eternity! Men, take them down! I would like to see what the Wang Clan has to say about this!”

Wrath shot forth from Yao Feng’s eyes. He slammed the table and stood up.


With a gust of wind, the two guards of Yao Family, who were already awaiting commands from beyond the door, barged in. They had towering physiques and a savage expression hung on their faces. Without saying a word, their hands assumed the shape of an eagle’s claws and they charged right as Wang Chong and Wang Xiao Yao!

The movements of the two were agile and fluid. It was clear that they were from the army; their moves were from the standard techniques imparted in the barracks for capturing an enemy alive.

This technique was aimed at locking one’s shoulders. If Wang Chong and his sister were to be caught in their attack, they would definitely suffer greatly.

“Little sister, do it!”

Sensing danger, Wang Chong howled loudly.

He had made his youngster sister promise not to attack anyone without his permission. Even when dealing with Ma Zhou, he didn’t allow her to make a move. However, he didn’t hesitate at this moment and gave her the permission to act as she pleased.

The two guards of the Yao Family were extremely swift. In the blink of an eye, right after Wang Chong’s voice sounded, the little sister of the Wang Family moved!

Kacha! No one knew how she did it, but with the crisp sound of a bone breaking, the first guard of the Yao Family screamed in agony and knelt to the floor. His left palm was bent to a bizarre angle backward.

The fate of the second guard was even worse. Spitting out a mouthful of blood, he was sent flying backward as though a kite whose string was cut. Boom, his body crashed through the wall and he flew out of the building, leaving a giant hole in his wake.

In a blink of an eye, the battle had already ended! The Wang Family’s little sister was still standing on the table with a chicken leg in her oily hands.


The entire room was silent!

Shock showed through Yao Feng’s eyes, and the others took it even worse. No one could have imagined that such massive strength could be harnessed within the small body.

The two well-trained guards of the Yao Family were unable to withstand a single blow from her. It was a complete defeat!

Deng deng deng!

The few guests who sat close to the little sister of the Wang Family subconsciously retreated and fear could be seen in their eyes.

“Too scary! How can she possess such fearsome strength?”

“I probably will die if that fist were to land on me. How can a ten-year-old girl be so scary?”

“The guards of the Yao Family are all elites! If I didn’t witness this sight myself, I would have never believed it possible!”

Everyone left in the room was dumbfounded. Countless people sparred in the capital every day, but none of which was as shocking as the strength which that ten-year-old girl just displayed!

“I will beat to death anyone who dares to hurt my brother!”

The little sister of the Wang Clan sat on the table and glared at the others with widened eyes. Even though she looked delicate and young, who would dare to underestimate her now?

“Well done!”

Wang Chong was delighted and he secretly shot her a thumbs up. As expected of the ‘number one expert of the Wang Clan’! It was exactly as he remembered it. Even though she often slacked off, her talent was still much too incredible for average people to match up with her.

Her blows had no techniques whatsoever behind it, but her incredible strength and reaction speed still made it easy to wreck these guards of the Yao Family.

“Yao Feng, my apologies. You aren’t enough to deal with us siblings!”

Wang Chong added oil to the fire and sneered coldly at Yao Feng.

“Audacious! Take them down!”

Yao Feng flew into a rage. Agitated by Wang Chong, his entire body was convulsing rapidly.

For the elites of Yao Residence to be unable to defeat a little girl, the reputation of the Yao Family would be tarnished if word were to spread out. The gathering might have been ruined, but he had to capture the Wang siblings to uphold the dignity of the Yao Clan.

After which, he would march to the Wang Clan to hold them accountable for whatever that happened.

Boom! The moment Yao Feng raised his hands, four experts from the Yao Residence made their moves at the same time. In terms of cultivation realm, these four were much stronger than the other two whom the little girl crushed previously.

If they were unable to take them down with this, the reputation of the Yao Clan would really go down the gutters.

This time, Wang Chong didn’t simply wait for the attacks to come. At the same time Yao Feng dispatched the four experts, Wang Chong pointed to Yao Feng and bellowed:

“Little sister, grab him!”

‘Shoot the mount before shooting the rider. Capture the leader before capturing the other bandits’, Wang Chong hadn’t forgotten his purpose here. What was the use of defeating mere guards of the Yao Residence? It wouldn’t mean anything even if they were to defeat all of them. Taking down Yao Feng was the priority.

Since Yao Feng had already made a move on them, there was no need for Wang Chong to hold it in any longer.

Boom! Boom!

The little sister of the Wang Family’s explosive strength and speed showcased its might at this instant. Peng peng peng, the four experts of the Yao Residence barely stopped her for a few seconds before they were sent flying.

The little sister of the Wang Family charged ahead. She stepped across a table and grabbed the one sitting on the main seat, Young Master Yao.


Yao Feng stood up and a cold gleam glimmered in his eyes. He was completely enraged by Wang Xiao Yao and her brother’s actions. A ripple spread through his clothes. Boom, a shockwave could be felt within five feet of them and the sound of billowing waves crashing down onto the shore echoed in the room.

Wang Chong was standing at the entrance of the room. Despite being a table away from him, he could feel fearsome pressure from this storm-like aura. He was forced to subconsciously retreat several steps backward. He was astonished by Yao Feng’s might.


Almost instantaneously, Yao Feng’s massive fist and Wang Xiao Yao’s tiny fist encountered one another violently.

Boom! A gale rose within the room and the shockwave from their encounter blasted in all directions. It seemed as though a strike of lightning had suddenly blasted through the room. Deng deng deng, Yao Feng’s body staggered and he swiftly retreated three steps backward.

At the same time, the body of the Wang Family’s little sister swayed and she took half a step back.

“Hmph! Where do you two take this place as? Do you all really think that no one would be able to suppress you two?”

Yao Feng’s face paled. At this moment, rage had completely clouded his mind. All that remained in this room were his people and there was no need for him to feign as a gentleman any longer:

“Men! Attack them along with me. If we take down this pair of siblings, everyone will be rewarded with a thousand gold and a chainmail!”

Before he even finished his words, Yao Feng exerted strength onto the floor and dashed forward. Everyone’s attention was jolted by his words and they charged forward as well.

Even the other scions, who didn’t intend to make a move at the start, charged forward along with the rest.

In the Great Tang Empire, the name of ‘Duke Jiu’ was deafening. However, it was a pity that not everyone had a choice. The families behind them were closely tied together to the fate of the Yao Clan.

If Yao Feng was humiliated, their position wouldn’t be any better than his!

“Not good!”

Wang Chong’s was astonished. In an instant, his heart felt as though it was submerged in a river of ice.

He had planned out everything, taking into account every detail, but he didn’t expect Yao Feng to be that strong. Even though he wasn’t as prominent as he was in his previous life, Yao Feng still showcased his fearsome talent in martial arts.

His youngest sister was insufficiently capable of defeating him!

If they were unable to capture Yao Feng, his plans would go to naught.

In an instant, a strong feeling of danger struck him.

Wang Chong knew that a giant loophole had appeared in his plans. If he didn’t settle it right now, everything he did would be in vain.

“Yao Feng gongzi, we’ll help you!”

Such words rang from all directions and all of the scions charged forward simultaneously.

At the same time, the sound of their footsteps rang throughout the entire pavilion. All of the experts Yao Kuang Yi had planted all over the Vast Crane Pavilion charged towards the source of the sound.

“Brother! ——”

Wang Xiao Yao yelled. Facing so many experts, she panicked. She might be powerful, but regardless of how daring she was, she was only a ten-year-old girl.

She had never faced such situations before!

“Little sister, don’t panic! Listen to me!”

At that tense moment, Wang Chong suddenly calmed down. Somehow, his voice held certain calming quality to it and upon listening to his voice, Wang Xiao Yao’s anxiety disappeared and confidence arose within her once more.

“Tiger Traversing the Stream!”

Upon hearing Wang Chong’s voice, the Wang Family’s little sister’s body collapsed inward before charging forward abruptly.


A scream of agony could be heard. A guard of the Yao Residence was kicked squarely by the Wang Family’s little sister and he shot through the walls, breaking through the pillars and crashing into the streets.

“Brother Wang, come, cheers!”

At the underground level of the Vast Crane Pavilion, there was a giant space filled with gems and pearls. Two mountain-like figures sat opposite to one another and cups of wine knocked against one another.

No one could have imagined that this was where the fate of two great clans of the Great Tang Empire would be decided.

Yao Kuang Yi wore a loose robe and he was seated very formally. He kept pouring more wine to Wang Yan’s cup, yet keeping completely silent about his motive behind this gathering.

“Brother Yao, the reason for your invitation for this gathering…”

“Hahaha, Brother Wang, let’s put that aside first. You and I are generals who guard the border and it’s not every day that we get to meet one another. Let’s not talk about anything else and just drink.”

Yao Kuang Yi interrupted before Wang Yan could finish his words. Even though they were both generals, Yao Kuang Yi’s gestures made him look more like a general who depended on his wits rather than strength.

Wang Yan frowned and his lips moved, but he held back what he wanted to say.

Wang Yan was a traditional militaristic general and he had a straightforward personality. Wang Yan thought that Yao Kuang Yi had invited him here to pull him over to his side.

The moment Yao Kuang Yi tries to invite him over, Wang Yan was determined to reiterate his stand to reject him firmly.

Yet, after drinking a few cups, Yao Kuang Yi didn’t speak of anything at all, making Wang Yan at a loss of where he should bring up the topic. Logically, Yao Kuang Yi should be even more anxious than he was, yet the situation occurring at this moment was proving him wrong.

This made Wang Yang doubt his judgement. Perhaps Yao Kuang Yi’s true motive wasn’t to recruit him?

He found the situation amiss, but in the depths of his heart, Wang Yan sincerely hoped that Yao Kuang Yi only invited him over to chat.

Regardless of whether it was the Yao Clan or the Wang Clan, they were both pillars helping to prop up the empire. If they could work together as one to serve the empire, that would be a blessing of the Great Tang, as well as the world.

Besides, regardless of the situation, Wang Yan was without fear. ‘A gentleman worked in the open whereas a hypocrite worked in the shadows’. As long as he operated transparently and righteously, he did not fear whatever Yao Kuang Yi had in plan for him!

“Brother Yao, cheers!”

Wang Yan lifted his wine cup.

Boom! Just when the both of them had lifted up their cups, the ground tremored and a figure smashed onto the streets…

The father really did annoy me, but after reading it through once more while checking the words, it’s not like you can’t comprehend where he is coming from. He really thought that there wouldn’t really be any danger from visiting, that’s why he simply came. It wasn’t really normal human nature for someone to be overly cautious like other protagonists in other shows.

Note: Didn’t anyone find the title weird? RDE? It should have been RHE :X But forget it, I’m lazy to change and my WP is lagging too much.

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