RDE Chapter 27: Su Bai’s Scheme

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Chapter 27: Su Bai’s Scheme

Wang Chong shook his head and sent a consoling gaze to Wei Hao.

He never did thing rashly. Even though a daily 2% interest rate sounded like an exorbitant sum, as long as he was able to take down the right to distribution for the Hyderabad ores, everything else was just a small sum.

“Su Bai, these words aren’t only effective to you. It is the same for other people as well. As long as you have the money to loan me, I will write down a debt note to serve as evidence.”

Wang Chong said. His words weren’t loud, but everyone heard it clearly. In an instant, everyone’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

All the scions in the Eight Gods Pavilion were born in distinguished families and possessed incomparable wealth. These people had never worried too much about their livelihood.

However, no matter how rich their families were, how much their daily allowance was, who would fuss over an excess of money? Regardless of how much money their families gave them, there were people like Wei Hao who engaged in gamble duels with others and had found themselves frequently lacking taels.

“Hehe, to think that a descendant of Duke Jiu would lack money to the point of coming to the Eight Gods Pavilion to ask for it! Wang Chong, if you need money, there’s no need to go to so much trouble. I will bestow this silver ingot on you; there’s no need to repay me!”

After the primary shock, Su Bai chuckled. He took out a silver ingot and threw it over to Wang Chong’s round table.

2% interest, if going by daily basis, meant 60% a month!

Wang Chong’s deal was truly tempting.

However, Su Bai suddenly recalled something important. Duke Jiu’s clan was known to be incorruptible; in other words, they were ‘poor’.

A descendant of their clan, such as Wang Chong, could only receive a monthly allowance of several silver taels at maximum.

With these few silver taels, how much interest could he pay? Even if Wang Chong had offered an overwhelmingly high interest rate, it was no use, he was likely to default on his payment. In that case, he might as well feign generosity and bestow upon him a few silver taels. At the same time, he could also have his fair share of joy mocking him by doing so.

Contrary to his expectations, Wang Chong flicked the silver ingot and it fell onto the floor.

“Su Bai, this little sum of money isn’t even sufficient for me to floss my teeth. You better use it for yourself.”

Wang Chong sneered coldly in disdain.

“Hmph! You find it lacking? Fine, I will bestow you with another one!”

With a contemptuous gaze, Su Bai’s wrist flicked and another silver ingot fell on Wang Chong’s round table.

Without even looking at it, Wang Chong bellowed in laughter and flicked the silver ingot to the floor as well.

“Not enough!”

Wang Chong said indifferently. The scorn in his eyes made Su Bai twitch in anger.

“You brat, don’t get too greedy. It is because I am in a good mood today that I bestowed you with two silver ingots. How much do you need? Three? Or four? Or is it still insufficient? Do you need an entire gold tael? Given your monthly allowance, are you sure that you can afford it?”

Su Bai said disdainfully.

“An entire gold tael? Hmph, Su Bai, looks like you aren’t as rich as you look. Since that’s the case, I don’t need you to lend money to me anymore. How about this, after I borrow some money from the others, I can lend you a couple of gold taels to spend.”

Wang Chong snorted.

In an instant, Su Bai’s complexion darkened.

What do you mean by I am not as rich as I look?

Even if a scion came from a reputable and wealthy family, their monthly allowance was only a few gold taels. At the very most, they would only have a dozen or so.

Even a son of royalty did not dare to treat a gold tael as dirt, who did Wang Chong think he was? Lending him a few gold taels to spend?

How infuriating!

“Alright, Su Bai. I was thinking how incredible you were, to think that you would only weigh so much. Since you’re so lacking, you should just stand by the side!”

Wang Chong stood up from his seat and waved his hands in contempt, gesturing for Su Bai not to block the way and stand by the side.

“Everyone, listen. ‘2% interest, calculated on a daily basis for a month’. This is effective to everyone. I will borrow however much that you are willing to loan! As long as you are willing to lend the money to me, you will be able to earn a substantial sum after a month!”

“Wang Chong, are you serious?”

Another voice suddenly sounded in the room. By the side, the snubbed Su Bai’s complexion turned awful.

“Of course!”

Wang Chong said. “In the Eight Gods Pavilion, is it possible for me to renege on my words?”

“However, what if the time comes and you are unable to pay up?”

Another voice sounded.

Su Bai’s complexion was gradually turning more and more awful

“What a joke! Even if I can’t pay up, is it possible for the Wang Clan to be unable to pay up? As long as you have my debt notes, are you all still worried that you aren’t able to get back your gold taels?”

Wang Chong sneered coldly with a haughty expression.

The surroundings burst into laughter. Indeed! Even if Wang Chong was unable to pay up, the Wang Clan behind Wang Chong couldn’t possibly be unable to do so.

As long as Duke Jiu remained in the Wang Clan, the Wang Clan’s reputable was infallible.

“Alright! Wang Chong, you said so. Here is two gold taels, take it!”

A scion squeezed through the crowd and happily placed two golden sheets on the table.

They could earn a significant income just by borrowing money to Wang Chong for a month.

“Here is my gold! Wang Chong, remember to write me a debt note!”

Fury crept onto Su Bai’s face. Before he could throw a tantrum, another scion walked up and placed a few taels onto the round table.

After which, the third scion, the fourth scion…

“Those bastards, are they intentionally going against gongzi?”

The face of those around Su Bai darkened as well. The actions of these scions were clearly an act to humiliate Su Bai. Yet, so many people still went ahead to lend Wang Chong money.

Even Su Bai dared not to step out and make an enemy of all of these people.

“Wang Chong, you must be mad! Why do you need so much money?”

Wei Hao had seen everything and he whispered furiously into Wang Chong’s ear. He was anxious and angry. He knew about Wang Chong’s monthly expenses and he had no need for so much money.

He couldn’t understand what Wang Chong was trying to do by borrowing so much money.

“Wei Hao, don’t worry. I am not borrowing the money to squander, I have a use for it. Later on, you will understand.”

Wang Chong said calmly. He borrowed an ink slab, brush, and paper from a scion and wrote out debt notes after debt notes.

After seeing the debt notes, the people around Wang Chong increased significantly.

“Wang Chong, here is my silver. Write me a debt note!”

“Me too! …”

Wang Chong surroundings became lively in an instant.

Upon seeing this sight, Su Bai’s face warped in anger and he turned around to leave.

Gongzi, do we leave just like that?”

Amidst the crowd, Gao Fei squeezed to Su Bai’s side. Indignance was spelled clearly on his face.

It was precisely because of Wang Chong’s intervention that he lost more than a dozen gold taels previously. He was unwilling to let Wang Chong get away scot-free for that.

“Leave? Hmph, why should we leave?”

Su Bai stopped, turned around to look in Wang Chong’s direction and sneered coldly:

“Didn’t you hear him? 2% interest rate, compounded on a daily basis. Furthermore, he borrows whatever sum that he could get. Why should we leave when such a good opportunity lies before us?”

“What does gongzi mean?”

Gao Fei was perplexed. If he wasn’t leaving, then what else could he be up to?

“Hmph, this fellow wants money? Fine, we’ll give him a big gift then. I would like to see how he can afford the interest rate with that measly few silver taels of daily allowance he has. ——Look for Yao gongzi and tell him about the matter here. As for what you should do, you will know later on.”

Su Bai sneered coldly.

“Yes, gongzi! I will be going right now.”

Hearing Su Bai’s words, Gao Fei came to a realization. Delighted, he quickly rushed to look for Yao Feng.

Ordinary scions like them were only given from a few silver taels to a maximum of a dozen gold taels every month. However, Yao Feng was different. He wielded the ability to whip out hundreds of gold taels in an instant.

If Wang Chong was unable to fork out the necessary sum to repay his debt, this might serve as an impetus to deal with the Wang Clan. Even if Wang Chong really repaid the debt along with the interest, they would be able to earn a huge sum and weaken the Wang Clan’s financial ability at that.

Since they were able to earn a few dozens of gold taels so easily in the span of a month, why should they miss out on such a good opportunity?!

The news reached Yao Feng’s ears swiftly.

“What? Wang Chong is borrowing money in the Eight Gods Pavilion?”

In a tavern not too far away from the Eight Gods Pavilion, deep creases appeared on Yao Feng’s forehead.

In the very morning, he had heard that Wang Chong went out to look for two foreign monks to play with them. Yet, at this moment, he was hearing that Wang Chong had appeared at the Eight Gods Pavilion. The news on both sides did not tally to one another.

“Yes, gongzi, I saw it myself! It is definitely true!”

Gao Feng said respectfully. Trepidation could be seen in his eyes.

Hearing Gao Fei’s words, Yao Feng’s frown deepened.

“Wait a moment!”

Yao Feng abruptly stood up, lifted a veil and walked into an inner room.

“Father, do we have to look into this matter? Could there be something deeper into it?”

With a bowed body, Yao Feng told everything he had heard in great details to his father to ask him about it. On this matter, his father seemed to be highly interested in Wang Chong’s movements.

Yao Kuang Yi frowned silently.

“Don’t move recklessly on this matter. I will be leaving for the borders today to deal the crushing blow to the Wang Clan. For the time being, before I manage to accomplish my plan, try not to alarm the Wang Clan.”

Buttoning his top button, a devious smile appeared on his face:

“However, keep a close eye on the matter. Doesn’t that lad want money? Satisfy his request then.”

“Yes, I understand your words.”

Yao Feng answered with a lowered head. A hint of excitement flashed through his eyes upon knowing that his father was about to dealing the fatal blow to the Wang Clan.

After this matter was done, no one would remember the humiliation he had suffered in the Vast Crane Pavilion.

“Take this money pouch and pass it to Su Bai.”

After walking out from the inner room, Yao Feng threw a heavy coin pouch and it landed on the table before Gao Fei.

“Yes, I will carry out your commands now.”

Gao Fei grabbed coin pouch and left excitedly. After which, he rode on a stallion and rushed back to the Eight Gods Pavilion.

Within the Eight Gods Pavilion, Wang Chong was still busy taking the money and writing debt notes.

Pouch after pouch of taels came flying from all corners and as such, Wang Chong’s hands had never stopped moving. A tael, two taels, three taels… At minimum, the coin pouches had a few taels and at maximum, they went up to dozens of taels.

When everything was done and Wang Chong did a final check on the amount of money and confirmed that he had loaned over two hundred gold taels.

Seeing such numbers, even Wei Hao’s face warped.

He might be from a wealthy family and he liked to duel gamble, but his monthly allowance was only eleven to twelve taels. However, Wang Chong had borrowed more than two hundred taels from the Eight Gods Pavilion at a single go!

Even to Wei Hao, it was an overwhelming sum. Looking at Wang Chong, who was still busy writing debt notes, Wei Hao was dumbfounded.

“The moeny still isn’t enough!”

Wang Chong frowned in anxiety.

Two hundred gold taels may be a gigantic sum to the scion of a distinguished family, but to Wang Chong, it was far from sufficient for him to carry out his plans. The Hyderabad ores were expensive and Wang Chong did not expect to gather 90000 gold tales from the Eight Gods Pavilion at the very first place.

Wang Chong just needed 500 to 600 gold taels to invite blacksmiths to refine, forge and inscribe a few basic Wootz steel weapon for him. As long as he was able to create some Wootz steel weapon, given the prowess and value of these weapons, Wang Chong was confident that he would be able to accumulate sufficient money within a month to pay for the 300 jun worth of Hyderabad ores.

However, he only had 200 gold taels at the moment. This was still far from Wang Chong’s primary goal.

In the end, the scions of the Eight Gods Pavilion still did not possess management rights within their clans. The few taels that they received from their family every month was far from sufficient to meeting Wang Chong’s requirements.

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8 thoughts on “RDE Chapter 27: Su Bai’s Scheme

  1. There are two things I don’t understand.
    First thing is the high interest loan. He has no need to go to such length to have money. If he gave a 5-10 % interest, it would still be very attractive as he plans to ask for a lot of money. And beside, he’s not even sure the ore he’s got will sell as well as he thinks, for now no one knows its value, and to smith weapons and then test them, it will be very time consuming, the interest will just keep on increasing.

    Second thing is seeing how he is intentionnally making a ruckus and putting himself on the spotlight. Is it necessary ? Can’t he somehow gather the money by asking his parents after his father gets back or just asks his other family members ?


    1. Personally, I think it is more of because he needs a lot of money, that’s why he needs to put it so high. True, 5% a lot of people would still loan him the money, but many would choose to sit out because it was a mere 5% only. (After all, they’re from rich families and not in that dire need of money)

      Also, the sum he was going to borrow was quite a huge one. It wasn’t feasible to wait for his father to get back as he needed time to forge the weapons and stuff. Also, it is stated that his entire clan doesn’t even possess 10k gold tael, and he was needed 600 gold tael; it was unlikely for his family to borrow him that much (Even 10 by itself might be difficult, given his track record). I guess extreme situations call for extreme measures?


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