The Records of the Human Emperor


Title: 人皇纪 The Records of the Human Emperor
Author: 皇甫奇 (Huangfu Qi)

I cannot hand this world over to those who I disdain!
Thus, Wang Chong stepped over mountains of bones and rivers of blood to ascend to the throne of the Human Emperor. With his might, he reversed the fall of the Great Tang and brought it to the pinnacle of the world, thus becoming an unsurpassable legend!

Allow me to explain a little about the title before I continue on. In the past, the word 皇, which translates as Emperor, is another word for God. The Human Emperor (人皇) is a true God of Chinese folklore, second only to the Supreme God known as Haotian Shangdi.

Table of Contents:
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Chapter 1: The Downfall of the Central Plains
Chapter 2: Reincarnation of a Human
Chapter 3: Changing Myself
Chapter 4: Crisis of the Wang Clan
Chapter 5: Number One Expert of the Wang Clan
Chapter 6: Vengeance of a Gentleman
Chapter 7: Taunting Yao Feng
Chapter 8: Wrecking Havoc at Vast Crane Pavilion
Chapter 9: Escalating Chaos
Chapter 10: Teaching Yao Feng a Lesson
Chapter 11: Wang Chong Persuades His Father
Chapter 12: Discerning
Chapter 13: Yao Kuang Yi’s Doubt
Chapter 14: Lu Ting’s Words
Chapter 15: Opportunity to Strike it Rich
Chapter 16: Uproar
Chapter 17: Wang Chong’s Discovery
Chapter 18: Foreign Sindhi Monks
Chapter 19: Hyderabad Ore
Chapter 20: The Unconventional Right to Distribution
Chapter 21: An Astonishing 90 000 Taels
Chapter 22: Cousin Zhu Yan
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Chapter 23: Cousins Playing Out a Show
Chapter 24: Eight Gods Pavilion
Chapter 25: Wang Chong’s Childhood Playmate
Chapter 26: Borrowing a Chicken to Lay Eggs
Chapter 27: 1700 Gold Taels
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Chapter 28: Madam Wang’s Disciplining

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