DDG Chapter 2: The Number One Genius of the Academy, Sigmar

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Chapter 2: The Number One Genius of the Academy, Sigmar

All of the students whom Sigmar saw as he walked on the road with a grumpy face greeted him politely before hurriedly distancing themselves from him. They wanted to avoid getting on his bad side, especially given his sulky mood.

Firstly, there is a need for us to understand Sigmar.

Full name, Sigmar Washington. He was born in the west of Nolan Continent as the son of a count in the territory of the Duke of Cherry Blossoms.

However, one’s identity meant nothing. At the very least, in Atlas Academy, that was the case. In here, what everyone cared about was your talent and achievements rather than who your father was. Thus… He got along better than he imagined here. Probably.

In this academy, there wasn’t a single person who was ignorant of the name Sigmar. His greatest trait was his extreme fear of ghosts. His greatest ambition was to successfully escape from the pursuit of the Saint-level masters to play truant. The most shocking doing of his was when he threw an extraordinarily unstable Explosion Scroll into the academy’s greatest public toilet…

Normally, in the top Necromancy academy that dances alongside death, Atlas Academy, fear of ghosts was an extremely hilarious topic and joke. This kind of cowards would be mocked and despised by the others. ——However, Sigmar was different. What that was equally famous as his reputation of fearing ghosts was his ability to vent his anger on others and his fiery temper. There was once a foolish older student of the school who tried to make use of his seniority to challenge Sigmar. He intended to use Sigmar’s fear of ghosts to frighten him so that the latter would make a fool out of himself. However, he miscalculated. There were many different types of reaction to one who feared ghosts. Some people would be rooted to the spot upon seeing Undead while others would go into a rampage. Apparently, Sigmar was the latter…

Thus, the unlucky child was held by Sigmar who had lost his rationality and had Mind Burst cast on him for a consecutive seven times at point blank before being dragged like a dog to the eighth floor of the Third Building and thrown down. Even though he was eventually brought back to life, he was afflicted with a permanent mental trauma.

From there on, everyone learned that there was a threat known as Sigmar that they had to avoid at all cause.

Not only so, this threat even devoted his limited lifespan and unlimited passion into ‘I want to leave this darned place’ and his actions were completely unbecoming of the strict and pragmatic Atlas Academy. The numerous operations to escape from the school that this student had planned caught the academy’s guard by surprise and every single time, a Saint-level master had to be invited to capture him back. Even more so, skipping lessons were like eating and drinking to him. He would skip anything that involved the summoning of corpses, the dissection of physical bodies and any sinister ghost-like things. It didn’t matter whether you coerced him or enticed him or not, if you push him too far, he would even attack the teachers.

That’s right, he even dared to attack the teachers——The teacher responsible for teaching Undead Binding, Teacher Helin, was a well-known antique. His classes emphasized highly on practicality and interactivity. As such, he would always bring dozens of specters to his class and display the contents of the lessons to the students at proximity. Even more so, he even requested for students to experience the sensation of being controlled by specters.

Naturally, Sigmar was unwilling to go to such lessons as well and he skipped it. On the other hand, Teacher Helin was an extremely responsible and fiery tempered person. After Sigmar skipped his lessons for the third time, he could no longer hold it in any longer. He dashed out of the classroom and knocked on his door, demanding for Sigmar to return and make up for all of the lessons that he had missed. Of course, Sigmar refused. He rejoiced at Teacher Helin’s threats and expressed that he would thank him for his entire life if he was able to expel him from the academy.——Such irresponsible and improper words successfully incurred Teacher Helin’s wrath. He immediately sent a wave of Imprisonment of Death Souls over, wanting to teach Sigmar a lesson.

When the savage specters, amidst their shrill screams, reached out of Sigmar, the students who were hiding in the corner and watching the commotion saw something that they would never forget for their entire life: They saw Sigmar’s fearful and pale face. They heard Sigmar’s agitated and fearful exclamations. They saw Sigmar rolling and crawling rapidly away. They also saw… a bundle of frenzied Death Energy instantaneously gathering in Sigmar’s hand.

It was said that within five seconds, Sigmar shot out ten Bone Spears. Every single Bone Spear spun in a spiral and the effects of the rotation of the ten stacked with one another, creating an unprecedented spiral to converge at a single point. As a result, he almost instantaneously broke through the Specter Armor that Teacher Helin summoned hurriedly which was said to be capable of withstanding a full strength attack of a Gold-level Warrior. If not for Teacher Helin’s rich fighting experience and his wariness in dealing with the genius Sigmar, that Bone Spear might have very well impaled through his body and nailed this outstanding and professional Necromancy Teacher into the earth.

It was also said that this matter had shook the entire Atlas City. The academy’s Disciplinary Squad felt that they were humiliated. As such, they immediately sent members in an attempt to capture Sigmar in for questioning over his assault on a teacher. However, they only ended getting beaten up by the agitated Sigmar…

In the end, the masters of the Academy Council had to resolve this issue. Aiming straight at Sigmar’s fear of ghosts, they issued him with a severe punishment——Confinement at the Dusk Canyon’s Spirit Door for three days. One must know that it was the Atlas Academy’s greatest Necromancy trial ground, as well as a reserve base. The negative energy stored there was exceptionally concentrated and it was filled with rotten corpses. Due to the dense air of death, innumerable Undead creatures were born and sounds of the moaning of the ghosts could be heard throughout the day. Ordinary humans would be scared out of their wits within a few minutes. Their reason for throwing Sigmar here wasn’t only to punish him. If he could overcome his fear of ghosts, that would be for the best.

However, it was a pity that the masters of the Council had miscalculated as well. Even though Sigmar’s screams of agony had never stopped throughout these three days and he had left the Dusk Canyon with wobbly legs and a desolate expression, the report that the Logistics Head submitted with trembling hands made the masters gasped in shock——Around a fifth of the Dusk Canyon looked as though it was ravaged by a hurricane. All Undead wandering in those places were completely crushed and precious herbs were plucked out at the roots. Even the death air which was suitable for the storage of corpses and the land which had been nourished by decomposition and was suited for the growth of special herbs were plowed through. Even so, the economic losses were of secondary importance. Not only did the fragile hearted Sigmar not overcome his fear of ghosts, he even awoke to his other nature: He has evolved from a rascal who skipped school and attack the teachers to become a vanguard of those rushing to exact vengeance onto society…

It was said that the fifth place of the Ten Golden Phrases last year from the Southern Kingdoms ‘I dare you not to run after lessons. I promise that I won’t hit you’ came from Lord Sigmar’s mouth. Just by this phrase itself, one could tell his arrogant nature. From then on, even those Ghouls in the mountainous mines had heard of Sigmar’s notoriety. He had flouted nearly all of the rules of the academy with all kinds of innovative methods, harassed female students, passed paper letters in class, threw an Explosion Scroll in the public toilet, cheated in the examinations, dismantled the private collections of the several masters of the academy… What was even more infuriating was that he took the initiative to head to the Administrative Office to confess to it. He brazenly requested for the Administrative Head to penalize him with demerit points, and that if he could expel him directly, that would be for the best.

Naturally, the academy wouldn’t allow such a rare genius to escape so easily. The counterattack of the various master swiftly came. From time to time, fearsome and savage Undead would appear from beneath the bed, by the window, on top of the lights, in the toilet and such, scaring Sigmar out of his wits. Of course, Sigmar tried to counterattack and the few old fogeys and the young rascal dueled for a long time. The two of them engaged in a battle of intelligence, implicating many innocent bystanders into the flames of their battle. Even though one side held the advantage in terms of strength and numbers, facts had proven that shameless and scheming rascals like Sigmar don’t go down that easily…

Around three months later, the both sides finally agreed to sign a ceasefire on the surface. In the end, the few masters were unable to stoop down to the level of a rascal to thrash it out with him. As such, in the name of ‘treating Sigmar’s fear of Undead’, they transferred the famous Queen of Specters, Luluwey, from the new territories so as to specially deal with this little slut. Luluwey had already played tricks such as that incomparably fearsome sight this morning for three months already.

The three months of tragic experiences had caused Sigmar’s nerves to be on edge. After all, terrifying incidents such as ‘a Ghoul suddenly appearing in the urinal and opening its mouth to bite at his little companion’ would occur even when he was going to the toilet. No matter how courageous a man was, after undergoing such experiences, would become so sensitive so as to be agitated by the whistling of the wind and the rustling of the grass. Recently, he even created a mini Scouting Puppet——Mental Energy Scanner——A Mage’s forewarning alarm system that possessed the sixth sense. Even if it was to go up against the Dark Elf Hunters who were highly skilled in concealment techniques, as long it was something of the same level as the puppet, it would definitely be able to pummel its opponent.

At this point, one really had to thank the ability of the Necromancy masters in the ability to see through everything. With one look, they could tell Sigmar’s wretched personality of unwilling to progress as long as there was nothing forcing him along. Under Luluwey’s three months of discipline, the fighting prowess of this fellow actually rose by more than a fold…

Today, Sigmar was also working hard towards his goal of escaping from Atlas. However, he had to attend classes first.

His basic nature was that of a diligent and resourceful person. Other than those eccentric lessons that challenged one’s worldly perspective, he attended all normal lessons seriously, such as this ‘Mage Close Quarter Defensive Techniques’. After all, one would never lack skills. The stronger he grew, the greater a storm he was able to create and the higher the possibility it was for him to escape from the academy.

The location where the lesson was held was the Martial Arts Practice Grounds. Upon reaching the entrance, he heard the Martial Arts Instructor Arnold’s resounding roar.

“All Mages who wish to go close-combat are idiots!”

Wtf is the Duke of Cherry Blossoms -_-
Honestly, I haven’t really read through this novel yet but I liked the first few novels.

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  1. Thank you! Really, I thought he would’ve been a better person, albeit being OP and scared of ghosts… I’m assuming he threw the scroll because of the ghoul trying to bite him.


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