DDG Chapter 1: Staring at You

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Chapter 1: Staring at You

It was already raining despite it being early in the morning. The weather was gloomy with a lack of sunshine. In this extravagant bedroom, the eerie sound of the laughter of a child that left one with goosebumps echoed.

Awakened by this laughter, our protagonist, Sigmar, was still a little dazed. He rubbed his eyes in an attempt to locate the source of the ruckus.

However, given the dark surroundings and the absence of lighted lamps, all he could see was the movement of a human silhouette on the ceiling. It felt as though something was creeping up there.

He wanted to get up to switch on the lamp, but at this moment, the crisp sound of a child echoed loudly by his ears.

“I am looking at you.”

At the same moment, a flash of lightning streaked through the air. Bright colors instantaneously dominated the gloomy room and through the radiance of this light, Sigmar could finally identify clearly the objects moving on the ceiling.

——Those were monsters that were barely taking on the shape of a human.

They had an eerie dark purple skin, completely black eyeballs that were both innocent and cruel, a pair of hands that were warped into bizarre withered claws, sharp fangs in place of their teeth and extremely long tongues that were stretched outwards towards Sigmar. Yet, at the same time, the innocent smile of a child was on their face——They were monsters that were robbed of their lives and their happiness that they would derive from living as a human, and as a result, warped into an Undead from the body of a child. At this very moment, they were congregated on the ceiling, every single one of them staring at Sigmar as a blood-curdling laughter resounded in the room.

Sigmar took in a deep breath.

In an instant, a high-pitched scream echoed through Atlas Necromancy Academy.


Every morning, Student Sigmar’s scream of agony would replace the chime of the bell tower as the alarm for the students of the academy to wake up. Even though this sound carried with it the shape of the first-rate magic ‘Cry of a Banshee’ and instantaneously stirred up the death aura within numerous miles, even causing the Gargoyles who were responsible for guarding the compounds to fall to the ground, the students and teachers were already used to it. They calmly revived the alchemic guards who were lying all over the floor before looking towards the student dormitory with complex emotions rippling through their eyes. With a tinge of hilarity and envy, they commented, “This is really a joke of fate…”

Sigmar knew not of the comments of the others. Amidst his scream, he flung his hand and blue radiance emanated from it. It warped into twelve bone fangs and whizzed through the air, striking all of the Undead Dolls accurately.

Peng, all of the monsters were reduced into a blue smoke and disappeared. It turned out that all of them were simply illusions.

However, the terrifying sight had wounded Sigmar’s fragile heart and he was unable to calm down. He rolled over and got out of bed. In a short moment, a layer of ice armor covered his entire body and three bone walls rose from the floor. Two red and blue balls of violent Elemental Energy gathered in both of Sigmar’s hands. As long as he merged the both of them together, the Composite Magic ‘Withering Star’ would create a Death Field that would shroud everything within five-meter radius in ice and fresh blood.

At this moment, a crisp applause sounded from the corners of the room. A beautiful female Specter appeared straight from the walls. Even though she was Specter, a terrifying apparition being, she was beautiful, so it didn’t matter. Dressed in a maid costume, only the upper half of her body appeared in the room. Other than her exquisite face and beautiful silver hair, her tempestuous chests were extremely eye-catching.

Her voice was cold and elegant, and there was a trace of unhidden admiration in it. “Within 0.5 seconds, you managed to perfectly lock onto the twelve targets and nearly instant-cast twelve tier 4 Fangs of White Bone. Other than that, every single bone fang headed towards its target in differing trajectory, thus blocking all possible offense routes of the enemy. Regardless of whether it is your spellcasting ability or your battle intuition, they are flawless.”

“After annihilating the enemy, you didn’t let your guard down. Within three seconds, you built up an unbreakable defense. You even made preparations to counterattack. The defense that you have built is sufficient to cause any Gold-rank and below enemies to retreat in failure. In fact, if you had enough mana, even high-tier Assassins such as the Dark Brothers would be unable to pose a threat to you.”

“I thought that only Necromancers who had immersed themselves in the way of the demons for dozens of years and undergone innumerable life and death situations would possess such sharp battle intuition and spellcasting ability, but without a doubt, you are an exception. Lord Sigmar, you are indeed blessed with unparalleled Necromancy talent. You will become the newest Legendary Necromancer of the Undead Faction…” The beautiful female specter sighs. “But you would have to first correct your weakness of fearing ghosts…”

Any human who feel euphoric after being complimented seriously by a beautiful female, needless to say, this Miss Luluwey. She was a reputable teacher in Atlas Academy. If any of the students were to be praised by Miss Luluwey, they would be so happy that they might even forget how to walk——But Sigmar was an exception.

The genius Necromancer sat gloomily with his knees hugged into his embrace as he stared at her with a blank face.


“Is there anything? Lord Sigmar.”

“After becoming a Legendary Mage, I must hang Master Douglas on the Eye of Sol for three days straight…”

“Lord Sigmar, there is no need to go through so much trouble. As long as you are willing to revise all of the content on Undead Curses and use your new knowledge to further your talent in Ice Magic, then Master Douglas would gladly visit the Eye of Sol and stay there for a month straight.”

“I also must burn all of Teacher Linde’s collections…”

“Lord Sigmar, as long as you put half of the effort you put into Alchemy into Blood Magic, you can easily crush Teacher Linde in a 1V1 duel within three months…”

“I must also find a Holy Knight of Revelation Level and get him to take off his pants and stroke his metal pipe so that he can shoot that life essence of his that is filled with the strength of light onto the phylactery of that mad Lich…”

“… Lord Sigmar, speaking of such filthy talk before a demure lady is a breach of etiquette.”

“Demure lady?” Sigmar was enraged. He points to Luluwey and roars, “Will a demure lady persistently frighten me for three months and vow to continue on until the end of time? These twelve toys were probably a product of your magic, right! I bet the one who ordered the ghost who died by hanging to hide beneath the dining table, causing me to see a head with white eyes and long tongue the moment I opened the lid to my meat soup, was you as well! The one who tried to get an indescribably ugly Ghoul to give me a morning kiss was you as well! The one who got a white-clothed ghost with scattered long hair to climb out from the fireplace should be you as well! You claimed that this was a decision by the Academy Council, but you were obviously having fun playing these malicious pranks to scare me!”

“You are mistaken, Lord Sigmar. I am only loyally following through with the arrangements of the academy. If I had any other motives, it was for your highness to quickly overcome his fear of ghosts. It is a common notion that fear originates from the unknown. As long as you are able to come into contact with something foreign to you often, you will no longer hold fear towards them.” The edges of Luluwey’s mouth curls up gleefully. After which, she continued with a grave expression, “If you weren’t frightened of them and instead faced them calmly, you could use your Soul Intimidation to chase away the bothersome spirits rather than use your Star of Frost to freeze the entire dining table into a sculpture. You could have also used you Art of Undead Control to wrestle over the authority to command the Ghoul rather than to instant-cast a Bone Spear to crush the Ghoul into pieces, and carry away the neighboring Lord Alice’s underwear with the spell…”

“There is no point to doing so! I simply fear ghosts, this is an innate nature!”

“Interesting. At the very least, in this three months, your ability in spellcasting had soared rapidly. Just by the fact that you are able to ability to remember and create spells, you are in no way inferior to the high-tier Mages…”

“… I beg of you all, let me go. Let me transfer to another school.”

“Please sleeptalk only when you are dreaming.”

“Then I can only play truant…”

“Feel free.”

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