[TAND] Chapter 9: The Adonis Next Door (9)

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Chapter 9: The Adonis Next Door (9)

Old Master Gu did not beat around the bush and cut to the main point, “Does Young Master really come home everyday like you said?”

The housekeeper was preparing to reply ‘Yes’ when Old Master Gu cut in, “Although you were hired by Young Master, I have the authority to fire you so you better think carefully before answering my question.”

Hearing that, the housekeeper became a little hesitant and struggled internally for a few moments before eventually choosing to answer ‘Yes’. However, before the entire word could be articulated, the words jammed in her throat when her eyes met Old Master Gu’s. Feeling intimidated, the housekeeper intuitively lowered her head and whispered after a pause, “Although Mr. Gu doesn’t come back everyday, he comes back once every few days……”

“I figure that you want to be fired right now?”, Old Master Gu interrupted.

The housekeeper was scared speechless, finally choosing to reply honestly as she hung her head low, “Mr. Gu only came home once……”

Old Master Gu’s face instantly darkened.

“It was on the night you went to Hai Nan.”

The night he went to Hai Nan? It had already been more than a month since then…… Old Master Gu’s face warped in distortion, “Which means, Young Master had not in one month returned home once?”

“…… Yes.”, the housekeeper replied under her breath.

Flames surged from Old Master Gu’s eyes. Ignoring the housekeeper standing outside the window, he commanded Zhang Ma who was in the driver’s seat, “Take me to Young Master!”

It was probably because of the huge fluctuations in her emotions after meeting Gu Yu Sheng, Qin Zhi Ai was tired beyond words. Upon reaching her bedroom, she flopped onto the bed, unwilling to move a single muscle of hers.

Nonetheless, she was disturbed by the fact that she had yet to shower and could not really fall asleep. Instead, she rested with her eyes closed until the tiredness slightly faded before getting up from the bed to fill the bathtub with hot water. However, just when the bathtub was almost full, Qin Zhi Ai was struck with the realisation that she forgot to bring a set of clean underwear in, and walked back into the room.

The room layout was designed in the way such that walk-in wardrobe directly opposite to the washroom. Qin Zhi Ai casually grabbed a set of underwear, exited and was rushing towards the washroom when the bedroom door was suddenly forcefully kicked opened, letting out a ear-resounding ‘BANG!’.

A chill ran down Qin Zhi Ai’s back and stood motionlessly before she could turned her head a short moment later to investigate the commotion. The view of the Gu Yu Sheng, who previously threw her off the car, standing at the entrance filled her vision, staring fixedly at her with bloodshot eyes.

He did not speak a word, his lips pressed into a line, merely standing there, staring at her. Rage filled his dark eyes as a powerful and frightening murderous aura danced around.

This Gu Yu Sheng frightened Qin Zhi Ai so much that she didn’t even dare to breath aloud. She could only stand petrified while staring at him eye to eye.

The housekeeper downstairs, probably still awake and alerted by the commotion, thinking something happened to Qin Zhi Ai, ran up the steps anxiously while shouting “Miss~”.

But when the housekeeper turned the corner and saw Gu Yu Sheng, her footsteps slowed and cautiously attempted to greet him, “Mr. Gu, welc……”

 The housekeeper had not even finished her greetings when Gu Yu Sheng, without turning his head, warned in chilling tone, “Go back to your room and don’t come out!”

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