[TAND] Adonis CH64: A dream of 8 years that’s all about him (4)

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Chapter 64: A dream of 8 years that’s all about him (4)

Tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down her face uncontrollably.

“Why are you crying? Did any of the blows land on you?”, his brows creased.

She shook her head but the tears continued to spill out from her eyes.

He bit on his cigarette and gave her a once-over. After confirming that she was indeed fine, he relaxed, “Stop crying.”

She was crying for him but he was acting so relaxed, as though the one who received a beating just now was not him. The ache in her heart worsened, triggering more tears to fall.

“Xiao Zuo Ai, are you crying because you want me to coax you?” He cracked a joke in a bid to improve her mood.


Nonetheless, the more carefree he appeared, the worse she felt, and the more the tears fell.

“Xiao Zuo Ai, let me tell you, I do not know how to coax women. I only know how to fuck women.”

Why is he always like that… Every time he talked to her, the conversation would always steer towards such frivolous topics… Qin Zhi Ai blushed and the tears spilling out of her eyes lessened.

“Xiao Zuo Ai, are you still crying? If you continue to cry, I will really fuck you, right here…”

Shocked, she shot up from her spot and intuitively took two steps back, even applying emergency brakes on her tears.

He lowered his head and chuckled. Thereafter, he laid back down onto the grass patch and felt for a new stick of cigarette. He lit it up and stared at the sky, puffing on it furiously.

Moments later when Qin Zhi Ai finally recovered her equilibrium, she looked at him and bit her lips, uncertain of whether she should stay or go. After an extended period of deliberation, she ultimately asked, “Do you want me to accompany you to the hospital?”

“There’s no need to, I’m used to it.”, he replied, calmly puffing out a ring of smoke.

Used to it… Does that mean his father often beats him up? Qin Zhi Ai’s gaze once again fell on his exposed skin. The sight of the wounds, like before, felt like an arrow piercing her heart and caused her eyes to heat up again.

Although Gu Yu Sheng did not look at her, he seemed to had guessed her urge to cry. He patted on the patch of grass beside him, “Take a seat, I’ll send you home later.”

Because of her overwhelming fondness for him, whenever she sees him, she would feel nervous and her heartbeat would quicken, and she would have a million things she wants to tell him but don’t know where to start.

But he was always a man of little words. He merely laid there, smoking his cigarettes.

Silence shrouded them for a long time. Just when she noticed the late timing and needed to return home, he uttered, “Xiao Zuo Ai, do have a dream?”

Dream? For Qin Zhi Ai who just graduated from her first year in High School, this term seemed a little far-fetched. She was lost for words, not knowing how to answer him.

Nevertheless, Gu Yu Sheng was not expecting her to answer either. Therefore, after a short pause and switching to a new stick of cigarette, he continued, “Xiao Zuo Ai, do you know what my dream is?”

Qin Zhi Ai will never forget that night, and most of all, she will never forget the expression on his face as he asked her this question.

He had always featured a cold and emotionless expression on his face but at that moment, it had transformed into one that spoke of untold gentleness.

The dream he spoke of was one that she had never dared to think of. She had always believed it only existed in novels and television dramas.

But it was that dream of his that made her, from that moment onwards, fall into a dream of 8 years that’s all about him.

It was also that dream that made every other guy she met from then on feel bland.

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2 Responses to [TAND] Adonis CH64: A dream of 8 years that’s all about him (4)

  1. miumiu596 says:

    Thank you for the the chapter. I don’t necessary agree with how GYS behaves but I have to say the novel is very addictive !!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “Why are you crying? Did any of the blows land on you?”, his brows creased.
    and then he start throwing rape jokes lightly…
    Yep, he didn’t change at all, it’s me who is being stupid for having hope about him… Sigh now i feel like Qin Zhi Ai


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