[TAND] Adonis CH62: A dream of 8 years that’s all about him (2)

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Chapter 62: A dream of 8 years that’s all about him (2)

Qin Zhi Ai had liked with Gu Yu Sheng on first sight.

However, that night when she saw Gu Yu Sheng valiantly fighting for her sake, she could feel her heart thumping exceptionally hard.

Still, it was a long long time later before she finally understood the true meaning of the quickening of her heartbeat is that she had truly fallen in love with him.

As the fight subsided and the crowd dispersed, Qin Zhi Ai remained in the spot at the corner where Gu Yu Sheng pushed her to, deeply consumed by her thoughts.

Gu Yu Sheng was already by the door when he noticed her lack of reaction. After which, he made a trip back, knocked on her head and hollered, “Xiao Zuo Ai (Little – Making Love), let’s go.”

Who are calling Xiao Zuo Ai? Qin Zhi Ai blushed and lowered her head but still obediently followed Gu Yu Sheng steps out of the restaurant.

Outside, Gu Yu Sheng hailed down a taxi and brought the group back to his home.

No one was home when they arrived. He switched on the lights and brought out the first aid box for Xu Wen Nuan to treat Wu Yu’s wounds.

As for the wounds on him, he didn’t seem to care. Instead, he crouched beside the coffee table to look for a stick of cigarette. But when he was about to light it up, he took a look at Qin Zhi Ai who was rigidly sitting on the armchair, and halted his workings on the lighter. Following, he lit up the cigarette at the speed of light and headed to the kitchen to get a cup of fruit juice for her.

The glass of fruit juice was placed in front of Qin Zhi Ai. Nevertheless, before Gu Yu Sheng could say anything, a beam of light flashed in from the ceiling-to-floor window. His brows creased and his attention was immediately directed towards the scene outside. In the next instant, he shouted curtly at Wu Yu, “Hao Zi, my father is back. Hurry and leave with them from the back door!”

Hearing his words, Wu Yu shot up from his seat. He grabbed Xu Wen Nuan and called out to Qin Zhi Ai, and familiarly led them out the back door like an arrow launched from a bow.

Yet, when they reached the back yard, Xu Wen Nuan suddenly remembered the bag she left behind in the house. But instead of going back for her bag, Wu Yu grabbed her wrist and forcefully pulled her out of the place without a single glance behind, “Let’s get it another day. If you go back now, you’re just looking for death!”

Looking for death? Qin Zhi Ai was suddenly reminded of the words Wu Yu told Xu Wen Nuan at the restaurant.

“His father had been like this these past few years, always beating his mother and him whenever he is home. Moreover, his father is vicious in his beatings…”

As the words resounded in her head, Qin Zhi Ai’s footsteps slowed to a halt. She turned back and stared at the luxurious villa behind her. She took a moment to weigh her options before finally deciding to return to the villa.

Previously when Wu Yu ushered them out of the house through the back door, they had not closed it, allowing Qin Zhi Ai to tip-toe back in. Howbeit, slapping sounds were heard before she even got to the living room. These sounds were accompanied by a middle-aged man’s tongue-lashing, “The sight of you irks me, I will make sure to kill you today…”

“You are a vermin just like your mother!”

“I’ll TMD¹ kill you little rascal! Don’t you dare dodge, you can’t escape from me!”

¹TMD: 他妈的 (Ta Ma De), a vulgarity that is similar in usage to ‘Fucking’ (E.G. I’ll fucking kill you!)

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3 Responses to [TAND] Adonis CH62: A dream of 8 years that’s all about him (2)

  1. K m says:

    Did they drop this novel???


  2. Rebecca says:

    I really don’t understand him. If he had a terrible experience as a youth being abused how does that excuse him from the abuse he inflicts on QZA. Particularly as that’s not just physical assault…
    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm.. was it because the only way he know of getting his way is by imprinting his father’s deed? Mb every single day of his life is filled with abuses and the only thing he know of how to resolve thing is throught that, but this is me being biased after leaving this series for about days and getting all his past crime wiped out clean from my mind.


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