[TAND] Adonis CH61: A dream of 8 years that’s all about him (1)

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Chapter 61: A dream of 8 years that’s all about him (1)

Gu Yu Sheng did not stop until the cup was filled to the brim. After which, he casually placed the bottle on the adjacent table, and raised his head to address Jiang Qian Qian, “Do you really want her to apologise?”

Jiang Qian Qian, with her brother as her backing, was used to doing whatever she wanted in school. Therefore, facing Gu Yu Sheng’s question, she merely lifted her chin and replied with a “En.”, a look of determination apparent on her face.

Gu Yu Sheng nodded lightly and turned towards Qin Zhi Ai. Despite him mumbling due to the cigarette in his mouth, his message was clearly heard by everyone in the room, “Go and apologise to her.”

Hearing Gu Yu Sheng’s words, Xu Wen Nuan was jolted out of her thoughts, “Why are making Xiao Ai (Qin Zhi Ai’s nickname) apologise? The one at fault is obviously not her…”

Wu Yu, whose love for Xu Wen Nuan had extrapolated into a certain degree of concern for Qin Zhi Ai, also attempted to plead for mercy, “Sheng Ge…”

“Shut up!” Gu Yu Sheng tilted his head and shouted at them both. Thereafter, he once again ordered Qin Zhi Ai, “Go apologise.”

When Jiang Qian Qian made Qin Zhi Ai apologise, although she was a little angry, she was not greatly affected.

However, when Gu Yu Sheng poured her a cup of wine without a word and ordered her to apologise… The boy she likes was making her apologise to others.

Qin Zhi Ai had never expected Gu Yu Sheng to stand up for her, just like how she never expected Gu Yu Sheng to hit her when she is down in the dumps.

Therefore, even when she was in pain from Jiang Qian Qian pulling her hair, she did not cry, but hearing the words ‘Go apologise.’ from him, tears uncontrollably surged up.

The Gu Yu Sheng at that time, although young, exuded an imposing aura when he repeated his words for the second time.

Thus, despite sadness swelling up within her, she was overwhelmed by his imposing aura and did not dare to go against him. She raised the glass up towards Jiang Qian Qian.

However, before she could utter a single word, the Gu Yu Sheng standing beside her suddenly grabbed her wrist and flicked her hand with tremendous force. The wine in the cup subsequently splashed onto Jiang Qian Qian’s face.

As Jiang Qian Qian’s scream pierced through the air, Qin Zhi Ai, who had not recovered from the sudden change in affairs, was pulled out of the way by Gu Yu Sheng to the space behind him.

After which, she saw Gu Yu Sheng raise a chair and smashed it against Jiang Qian Qian’s brother’s head. “Good. Didn’t you want an apology? What do you think of my apology, is it sincere enough!”

The workings of Gu Yu Sheng’s mind was really hard to follow. A moment ago, everyone was convinced that he was determined to make Qin Zhi Ai apologise, and the next moment, he was resorting to violence for the sake of Qin Zhi Ai. The people in the room were thrown into shock for two full minutes before they finally snapped out of it. Following, the crowd was split into two group with the supporters of Jiang Qian Qian’s brother pitting themselves against the supporters of Gu Yu Sheng in a fight.

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  1. …great… now he and the femMc will become the villain and the accomplice in an assault case… lets just hope nobody called the police–eh? OH RIGHT, POLICE AND OTHER LAW ARE DEAD IN JOSEI UNIVERSE LIKE THIS

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  2. Lia says:

    He finally becomes a little bit like human with feelings….


  3. Xriss246 says:

    As expected of GYS’ character!😄

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  4. kyriagirl says:

    GYS… unpredictable!

    thanks for the chap!


  5. moonalice13 says:


    Sigh. His mood swings. I wonder when he will become even remotely likable…probably never?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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