[TAND] Chapter 6: The Adonis Next Door (6)

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Chapter 6: The Adonis Next Door (6)

 “Stop daydreaming”, Gu Yu Sheng ruthlessly pinched Qin Zhi Ai’s palm, causing her to jump out of her reverie. She subconsciously directed her attention to Gu Yu Sheng but at this moment, the man seemed to have completely changed into another person. The iciness that clouded his expression was replaced with gentleness, and the look of disgust and detest in his eyes had long since disappeared, assuming a calm and peaceful demeanor. He continued in an elegant and peaceful voice, “Don’t you know to address grandfather when you see him?”

Hearing the term ‘grandfather’ suddenly cleared up all of Qin Zhi Ai’s doubts.

The reason for this extreme change in persona is that he’s acting.

The real him is the one who expressed a face of disgust while holding her hand. The him now is merely a facade to deceive grandfather.

And just now she even stupidly fell into a daze and felt helpless because of his sudden close proximity……

Qin Zhi Ai forcefully buried the self-mockery within and squeeze out a quiet smile for grandfather, who had arrived before them when she was in her reverie, and obediently called, “Grandfather.”

Old Master Gu had observed the interaction between the couple after they entered the mansion before he officially saw Gu Yu Sheng and Qin Zhi Ai. He was filled with happiness seeing how close and sweet they are, offering them a seat while requesting tea from Zhang Ma.

It was only a few minutes after their arrival when Zhang Ma announced that dinner was ready.

After dinner, the couple engaged Old Master Gu in a conversation for awhile before leaving the mansion.
As the car steered out of the gates of the Gu Main Mansion, the gentle expression of Gu Yu Sheng when he bid goodbye to Old Master Gu immediately collapsed, stripping off any emotions before the iciness that he deliberately suppressed prior to entering the Gu Main Mansion exploded out.

With a frozen expression, he drove recklessly and forcefully stepped on the brakes when they were nearing the small alley where Qin Zhi Ai boarded earlier. Accompanying the screeching sounds from the rubber tyres rubbing against the floor, Gu Yu Sheng flicked his hand at Qin Zhi Ai without even glancing at her, signalling her to get out.

His series of actions were so fast such that Qin Zhi Ai could not catch up, unable to comprehend the meaning of his hand gesture. She stared at him with her widened big, black eyes, completing it with a puzzled expression.

“What? Don’t tell me you didn’t know that I was merely acting in front of grandfather? Did you really expect me to send you home?”, Gu Yu Sheng loaded the last sentence with mockery and sarcasm.

Qin Zhi Ai suddenly understood, the hand gesture he made just now was to kick her out of the car……

This thought had not even fully settled in her mind when Gu Yu Sheng added in a harsh tone, “Truthfully telling you, don’t even think about it! Merely because you had stayed at that house before, not to say sending you home, just being reminded of that place makes me feel repulsed!”

Repulsed…… Is he finding the house she had stayed in disgusting?

Qin Zhi Ai’s eyelashes lightly trembled, her hands subconsciously grabbing her bag tightly.

She didn’t dare to move, for fear that any movement will cause her tears to fall uncontrollably. Therefore, she could only stretch out the hand nearer to the window and blindly feel the car door. However, she could not find the door handle even after feeling around for some time.

Seeing that she’s still hesitating to get off, Gu Yu Sheng felt the last of his patience draining away. Lazy to say another word to her, he got off the car straight, walked to the co-driver side and pulled open the door. He dragged Qin Zhi Ai out from the car and threw her to the ground before forcefully slamming the car door shut. He then took big steps towards the driver side and sat back in. Without any hesitation or pause, he stepped on the gas and sped away.

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