[TAND] Adonis CH59: Scram out of my sight! (9)

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Chapter 59: Scram out of my sight! (9)

On the sofa at the deepest end of the room, there he sat with a cigarette between his fingers, its end glowing softly.

Even though he was surrounded by an entire room of merry-making people, he was calm and composed, as though nothing there could affect him.

Qin Zhi Ai only allowed her gaze to linger for a second before hurriedly retracting her gaze. She lowered her head and stabbed the steak with her fork. The memories of the day she waited for him under the hot sun for ten full hours flooded her mind, bringing tears to her eyes.

Nevertheless, Gu Yu Sheng was probably in a terrible mood that day. He remained self-absorbed in smoking his cigarettes and refused to speak a single word, not even throwing a single gaze at the people in the room. As such, he was uninformed of the arrival of Qin Zhi Ai.

As they were finishing up on the steak, Xu Wen Nuan, who was sitting beside Qin Zhi Ai, pointed at Gu Yu Sheng curiously and whispered in Wu Yu’s ear, “Is he in a bad mood again?”

Wu Yu, who had drunk a few cups of alcohol, was feeling slightly intoxicated, and thus, was unable to stop himself before words flowed out of his mouth, “Sheng Ge (Brother Sheng) probably received a beating from his father again.”

“Ah? Why?” Following Xu Wen Nuan’s shocked reply, Qin Zhi Ai was brought to attention.

“His father had been like this these past few years, always beating his mother and him whenever he is home. Moreover, his father is vicious in his beatings, there was even once when he bashed Sheng Ge’s head with a steel lock. The amount of blood that flowed out of his head then was really a sight to behold…” Mid-sentence, Wu Yu stopped, and continued in a hushed voice, “… Sheng Ge does not like people talking about his family matters. Just pretend you do not know what happened. If he hears about this, he’ll surely flare up…”

After which, the conversation was steered in another direction. Qin Zhi Ai helplessly threw a glance at Gu Yu Sheng, subconsciously tightening the grip around her fork.

She had never once imagined that the boy she loved, the boy who looked as pure as a prince on a white horse, the boy who is born into a family that garners envy from others, had such a dark history.

That was the first time Qin Zhi Ai experienced the feeling of heartache since she met Gu Yu Sheng.

As the gathering reached its last leg, an episode happened.

That episode was sparked off by Jiang Qian Qian and Xu Wen Nuan.

That’s right, Liang Dou Kou’s cousin, Jiang Qian Qian, was Wu Yu’s high school classmate. She had been chasing after Wu Yu for three years but her efforts were rendered ineffective. Therefore, when Xu Yu Nuan became Wu Yu’s girlfriend, Jiang Qian Qian developed a deep hatred for her.

Jiang Qian Qian had attended the gathering with her brother, the leader of the high school division. With her brother as support, Jiang Qian Qian was exceptionally willful that night which was worsened under the influence of alcohol. As the conclusion of the gathering neared, her words towards Xu Wen Nuan became less and less civil. There was one particular statement that was exceptionally hard on the ears, “How I wish to tear that Bitch’s X to pieces.”

Despite Qin Zhi Ai being the typical well-mannered girl who had never spoken a single vulgarity in her life, she could not stand the attack on her best friend. Therefore, without any hesitation, she hurled back, “Better than somebody whose X is grown on their mouth.”

This statement of Qin Zhi Ai triggered Jiang Qian Qian.

Without a second word, Jiang Qian Qian pounced on Qin Zhi Ai.

Lucky for Xu Wen Nuan’s fast reaction, she managed to stop Jiang Qian Qian. Nonetheless, a fight between them was unavoidable.

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