[TAND] Adonis CH58: Scram out of my sight! (8)

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Chapter 58: Scram out of my sight! (8)

As time passed, her high expectations and fondness gradually turned into uneasiness and worry, and finally a huge disappointment.

3 P.M., he had not arrived. She rationalised, it is common to be late.

3.30 P.M., he had not arrived. She thinks, maybe he was caught up by something.

4 P.M., he had not arrived. She comforted herself, maybe something important came up last minute.

5 P.M., 6 P.M., 7 P.M…. Her tears fell uncontrollably as she persevered in waiting. However, even till 11 P.M. and the Cinema had closed for the day, Gu Yu Sheng still did not appear.

If that was the ending to their story, their fate together would have been severed cleanly.

At that moment, Qin Zhi Ai had imagined what it would be like many years later. She would probably forget she had a crush on a boy named Gu Yu Sheng; or be reminded of a teenage crush she had on a sunny afternoon who possessed the most exquisite side profile and the purest disposition; or she would be stunned by a similar figure she sees on the street and be overwhelmed by emotions and regret; or she would meet her new love and start a new life by treating this as a mere side story while growing up and bury him deep in her heart.

However, it is not until many years later before Qin Zhi Ai found out that that moment is not the ending to the story, but the true beginning of the story.

Gu Yu Sheng standing her up had affected her so much such that she flouted her Freshman year final exams.

To her, that period was earth-shattering dark.

In the period before Wu Yu admitted into University, he had dedicated most of his time in the Summer break to fool around with Xu Wen Nuan. And whenever they go out to play, Xu Wen Nuan would always invite Qin Zhi Ai along. Nonetheless, Qin Zhi Ai would always find all sorts of excuses to reject the invitation in fear of bumping into Gu Yu Sheng.

Probably due to their impending separation, conflicts often occurred between Xu Wen Nuan and Wu Yu. That day, Xu Wen Nuan had arrived at Qin Zhi Ai house crying. As night approached and the crying finally made its impact on Xu Wen Nuan’s stomach, she decided to turn her grief into hunger by treating Qin Zhi Ai to a big meal, dragging Qin Zhi Ai out of the house to a Western restaurant.

As Xu Wen Nuan and Qin Zhi Ai entered the restaurant and was about to find seats, they coincidentally bumped into Wu Yu’s neighbour. Without giving Xu Wen Nuan and Qin Zhi Ai a chance to speak, he hollered in the direction of a private room, “Wu Ge (Brother Wu), your wife is here!”

At that moment, Xu Wen Nuan had wanted to turn on her heels and leave but was stopped by Wu Yu who ran out to meet her. The couple wrestled with one another for quite some time before finally making up. After which, Qin Zhi was pulled into Wu Yu’s private room by Xu Wen Nuan.

The private room was very spacious, even with twenty to thirty people residing within. Due to the dim lighting, Qin Zhi Ai was unable to accurately each person’s identity in a single glance.

Therefore, it was not until she was halfway through the imported steak Wu Yu ordered for her and Xu Wen Nuan before she finally noticed Gu Yu Sheng’s presence.

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