[TAND] Adonis CH56: Scram out of my sight! (6)

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Chapter 56: Scram out of my sight! (6)

The blood drains from Qin Zhi Ai’s face and her hands curls into fists. To make matter worse, her agitation had torn open the wounds on her body, amplifying the pain, and causing her body to shiver uncontrollably.

“I have no qualms if you want to be a saint but let me tell you, I do not need you to save me…”

As the level of agitation rises within Qin Zhi Ai, her body starts to sways back and forth, as though she is about to faint.

Catching her reaction in his peripheral vision, the harsh words spilling out of Gu Yu Sheng’s mouth abruptly stopped.

Nonetheless, it is not until two seconds later before he finally realises his unusual reaction.

He has always had a short temper. He knows that when he is angry, his words will be exceptionally harsh irregardless of who the opposing party is.

However, he had stopped himself just now, because of her… Counting the time in the car, this is the second time he has acted out of his character… Is there something wrong with him?

Frustration rises up within Gu Yu Sheng and the urge to smoke overwhelms him. He subconsciously raises his hand to feel around his chest area. After two pats, the memory of him throwing his pack of cigarettes into the rubbish bin floods his mind.

He must be cursed. Nothing is going right for him tonight… Gu Yu Sheng irritably circles his arms around his waist and surveys the area. Coincidentally, his gaze lands on Zhou Jing who is stepping out of the elevator, prompting him to leave without even a glance behind.

Luckily the Ford’s owner had applied Emergency brakes the moment he saw someone in front of him, limiting Qin Zhi Ai’s injuries to external injuries. However, there are still certain areas that sustained severe damages, especially her left calf which Gu Yu Sheng applied first aid on. She had gotten seven stitches for that wound.

By the time Qin Zhi Ai and Zhou Jing exit the hospital, it is already 11 P.M.

Zhou Jing had offered to drive Qin Zhi Ai back to Gu Yu Sheng’s villa.

As the car eases into the parking lot, Qin Zhi Ai bids Zhou Jing ‘Good Bye’ and proceeds to open the door. However, Zhou Jing suddenly shouts out her name, “Miss. Qin.”

Ever since Qin Zhi Ai assumed Liang Dou Kou’s identity, Zhou Jing had instructed all co-workers to address Qin Zhi Ai as ‘Miss Liang’ or ‘Xiao Kou’, even behind the scenes, for fear of raising any suspicion.

However, right now, she had suddenly addressed her by her real name, startling Qin Zhi Ai. She takes a moment to collect her senses before turning around to face Zhou Jing.

Zhou Jing flashes a faint smile, “It seems Miss. Qin still knows she is Miss. Qin.”

Qin Zhi Ai can sense the meaning loaded inside this sentence. She purses her lips and remains silent.

“Miss. Qin, although you are impersonating Liang Dou Kou at the moment, you are after all, not the real Liang Dou Kou. When Xiao Kou comes back, whatever you own right now under this identity will need to be returned to her. Therefore, I hope you remember your own place and not go after things that does not belong to you.” As though fearful Qin Zhi Ai did not get what she just said, Zhou Jing adds after a short pause, “From what I remember, no matter how Xiao Kou pesters Gu Yu Sheng, Gu Yu Sheng had never once let her board his car, needless to say, send her to the hospital.”

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5 thoughts on “[TAND] Adonis CH56: Scram out of my sight! (6)

  1. I just hope that he was outside waiting for her~
    To discover that he did all that stuff to an innocent stunt double~
    Though that of the car thing, he only let if they have to arrive together in front of his gramps and she also saved him.


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