[TAND] Adonis CH54: Scram out of my sight! (4)

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Chapter 54: Scram out of my sight! (4)

The standing up motion of Qin Zhi Ai startled the statue-like Gu Yu Sheng.

As he breaks of out his trance, his gaze slowly deviates from the suit jacket onto her, taking in her current appearance.

Her originally torn clothes are even more ragged after the accident. Patches of blood greets him at every inch of her exposed fair skin, leaving no spot uncovered.

To make things worse, a few lines of fresh blood is still dribbling down her left leg as she limps forward at a snail’s pace, despite the support of the car owner.

Gu Yu Sheng’s hands uncontrollably curls into a fist.

As though under a spell, the sound of her calling out his name replays in his mind like a broken recorder as he stares at her back view.

Was she launching herself at him when she called out his name? Did she even think of the danger she is putting herself through when she pushed him out of the way?

As these thoughts claws at him, his heart constricts as though it is being hit by a massive force. He straightens his body and runs towards Qin Zhi Ai, forcefully grabbing her arm and pulling her back.

However, the reduced distance sent another surge of emotions through Gu Yu Sheng as Qin Zhi Ai’s exceptionally pale complexion, shivering lips and the beads of perspiration congregated on her forehead comes into focus.

He presses his lips together.

Without offering any explanation, he quickly squats down and pulls up the hem of her dress.

The warmth of his hands spreads through her calf as he grabs it, sending a wave of shock through Qin Zhi Ai. She subconsciously attempts to retracts her leg.

Sensing her resistance, he increases the force in his hand to hold her still.

After which, he inclines his head to examine the wound on her calf. Probably scratched by a sharp rock, blood profusely oozes out from the laceration on her calf.

Gu Yu Sheng’s brows creases.

He reaches and tears a rectangular strip of cloth off the corner of his shirt and roughly bandaged the wound before sweeping Qin Zhi Ai off the ground. Without a word, he makes a beeline towards his car and pushes Qin Zhi Ai in.

A heavy silence shrouds the constricted space in the car as Gu Yu Sheng speeds Qin Zhi Ai to a nearby hospital.

Later, when Qin Zhi Ai finally settles down to wait for the CT scan results, she decides to send a message to Zhou Jing to inform her of the accident and her current status after a brief period of contemplation.

When the ‘Delivered’ message appears, Qin Zhi Ai purses her lips and raises her head to address the Gu Yu Sheng who is staring out the window nearby, “I’ve just contacted Zhou Jing. She’ll be arriving soon. You…. If you have something on, feel free to leave.”

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