[TAND] Adonis CH53: Scram as far as you can! (3)

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Chapter 53: Scram can far as you can! (3)

An ominous feeling creeps up from within Gu Yu Sheng. His entire body stiffens up for a moment before he throws his gaze back. At the exact spot where he was pushed from, there is a blue Ford.

About two meters in front of the Ford, there lies a human figure.

Moreover, not far away from that person’s left hand is a scattered piece of clothing.

That is a piece of clothing he is very familiar with. It is the exact same piece he just removed from himself and thrown to Liang Dou Kou.

So, the person laying there is… Liang Dou Kou?

And… the reason she called out to him after he had thrown his jacket to her and left is because there is an approaching car?

As he chews over the facts, that anxious voice of hers calling out, “Gu Yu Sheng!”, echoed beside his ear.

Strength seeps out from Gu Yu Sheng as he stumbles and leans on the lamp post behind him. The dim light illuminating from above him adds a touch of mysteriousness and blurs his handsome features.

His expression is very peaceful, perfectly hiding the surge of emotions within him. His eyes stares fixedly on that suit jacket, his entire being still like a scene from a drawing.


The Ford’s owner seems to have been shocked by the sudden collision. He sat in the car dazedly for quite a while before pushing open the door and rushing down.

Qin Zhi Ai lays on the ground motionlessly.

Unsure if she is still alive, a creeping fear swallows the car owner. He forces his stiffened feet to inch towards Qin Zhi Ai and, with his stomach in his chest, slowly bends down to check for her breathing.

Nonetheless, before the car owner can even confirm the existence of her breathing, Qin Zhi Ai’s eyes fluttered open.

The car owner heaved a sigh of relief, “Miss, are you ok?”

Qin Zhi Ai, confused by her surroundings, takes a moment to reorganise her thoughts. She intuitively searches around her. As her eyes falls on the Gu Yu Sheng leaning on the nearby lamp post, the tension in her eyes eased. She turns her attention back to the car owner, replying, “I’m… fine.”

“That’s good, that’s good, thank god, thank god…” Nevertheless, fear torments the car owner the more he thinks about it, repeating ‘thank god’ a few more times. After which, as if he suddenly thought of something, he scrambles through his pocket, “…I’ll call for the ambulance immediately, and make a police report…”

“There’s, there’s no need…” Qin Zhi Ai gently shifts her body to check for any fractures. After ensuring everything is fine, she continues, “Can you send me to the hospital instead?”

“Oh, sure.” The car owner replies distractedly, only coming to his senses after a long pause and rushing to help Qin Zhi Ai off the ground.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter , I would have loved to see him wounded/ injured / broken WHATEVER! Never mind. Let’s see how he will pamper her now.


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