[TAND] Adonis CH52: Scram as far as you can! (2)

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Chapter 52: Scram as far as you can! (2)

Having been immersed in grievance and fear for too long, Qin Zhi Ai woke up confused. She perplexedly looks at Gu Yu Sheng, uncertain of the current situation.

Despite her makeup being waterproof, the extended period of crying had left smudges. Nonetheless, the heavy make up around her big and round eyes are not affected. Instead, the tears not only adds a touch of clarity and shine to her eyes, making them exceptionally bright and black, the droplets hanging from the corners of her eyes also makes her look pitiable, and even a little innocent.

However, the innocent look, on the contrary, makes the unknown source of fire in his chest burn even more vigorously. He flicks the cigarette in his hand at the windshield in front, annoyed, “Didn’t I ask you to leave? You can’t even understand human language?”

Following his harsh words, Qin Zhi Ai belatedly grasps the situation.

Since when did he had cease contact and let her go?

“Why are you still sitting here in a daze? Waiting for me to fuck you?” Hearing his words, a shiver ran down her spine. As though afraid Gu Yu Sheng will change his mind and trap herself under him again, she stretches out her hand at the speed of lightning to push the door open and jumps out of the car hastily.”

Witnessing her enthusiasm to leave his side, Gu Yu Sheng seethes and adds in a cold voice, “Remember what you just said. When you see me in the future, scram as far as you can. In addition, don’t  provoke me if you can’t handle it.”

Qin Zhi Ai’s back stiffens. Without replying Gu Yu Sheng, she purses her lips and quickly shuts the door, stepping away from the car as fast as she can.

Nevertheless, before she can take another step forward, Gu Yu Sheng’s car zoomed forward.

Through the rearview mirror, Gu Yu Sheng stares at the girl he left behind standing in the middle of the road dazedly, wondering what is going through her mind.。

There are several tears in her clothes, exposing large portions of her shoulder, chest and back.

Gu Yu Sheng’s brows furrows together and he slams his foot down on the brakes.

He reaches for a cigarette and holds it between his lips to look for the lighter. But just when he is about to light it, he suddenly spits the cigarette out and got out of the car.

Offhandedly flinging the door close, he walks towards her from a distance away.

As he walks, he unbuttons his suit jacket.

When he is approximately two metres away from her, he stops and flings the suit jacket at her. After which, without a single word, he turns and returns back to the car.

Gu Yu Sheng has not even taken two steps when the sound of her voice fills the air behind him, a tinge of anxiousness clouding her voice, “Gu Yu Sheng!”

His footsteps halts slightly but he did not turn back. However, when he is about to resume his steps back to the car, a sudden force pushed him from behind. The force is large, pushing the unprepared him a few metres forward.

Gu Yu Sheng stumbles forward a few steps before finally regaining his equilibrium. Thereafter, a loud ‘BANG!’ resounded behind him.

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  1. Lol
    The male lead really deserves all the love he is getting now
    What a dickhead he is
    I hope she stops being a martyr

    Thanks for translating


  2. ysha says:

    Thanks for the quick update!
    I really hope karma is a bitch as they say and that even if he is injured or whatever she won’t stay by his side… Let’s wait and see.

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  3. Scram as far as you can = Oho, then death is the answer!!
    We have been by your side for this 61 chapter, dear stup,..saintly MC, and we all hope that you will be accepted by the Lord side, cuz, oh lord! The hardship that you’ve undergone all this 60 chapter is the prove of your maso..–martyr nature of life and you ve managed to hold on till this far and finally broke down because of your own idi–..ingenious move

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  4. Rnfunkys says:


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  5. Meme says:

    Most likely she is the one who got hit. Ok. I m one with this one. This female lead is too much of a masochist and too stupid for me.
    Thanks for all your work.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. bloody0thorn says:

    My heart… my heart jumped… now it hanging on a thread… over a cliffy… TTATT


  7. Vicki says:

    It’d be nice if he died but I’m not gunna hold my breath

    Liked by 1 person

  8. reemyali says:

    Thank you . waiting for the next chapter


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