[TAND] Adonis CH51: Scram as far as you can! (1)

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Chapter 51: Scram as far as you can! (1)

The scene disturbed Gu Yu Sheng. He tilts his head and diverts his gaze towards the environment outside the car.

The interior of the car is silent except for the soft intermittent sobs of Qin Zhi Ai that felt like needles poking at Gu Yu Sheng’s heart, causing the fingers that are grabbing her waist to tremble. He turns back to face her and after a two second brief study of her tear-streaked face, he pushes himself off her and settles back onto the driver’s seat.

Nonetheless, the sobbing did not stop.

Bothered by the depressing atmosphere, he stretches out his hand to roll down the car window.

A surge of warm Summer air infiltrates the car, adding fuel to his frustration. Moreover, the view of her messed up clothes through the side mirror annoyed him to no end. He petulantly punches the close button to roll up the car window.

Subsequently, he extracts a cigarette from its box and lit it, letting it rest on his lip. He takes a deep puff of the smoke.

Through the veil of smoke, his peripheral vision is fixated on her still-flowing tears.

Probably due to the extended crying, her shoulders heaved up and down. Her mouth continues to spill inaudible sounds that Gu Yu Sheng can make no sense of, especially when he did not pay particular attention of them.

Gu Yu Sheng bites down on the cigarette and stares at a nearby streetlamp before curiosity got the better of him. He tilts his head towards Qin Zhi Ai.

” Let me go… I beg you…”

“… Don’t be like this… I’ll… stay far away from you…”

“… won’t pester you… anywhere else is fine, but not on the streets, I beg you…”

Gu Yu Sheng had to channel all his attention to her ramblings for quite awhile before he managed to catch some snippets of her words.

So her mumbles are targeted at him?

Unlike his poker face, the faint appearance of an unknown emotion in his eyes betrayed his thinking.

He has finally succeeded in scaring her away, right? So from now on, she will not find ways to pester him, right?

This is good, he is finally getting getting his wish, his goal is achieved… Gu Yu Sheng extinguishes the burnt out cigarette and sends another to his lips. However, while he is trying to light up the cigarette, he hears the girl beside him mumble, “I swear I will not pester you, I’ll make sure to stay as far away as possible from you…”

Gu Yu Sheng’s hand twitched, making him lose aim and burn his fingertips.

The searing pain brought about realisation of his strange behaviour and his rage once against rears its ugly head, “Then hurry and scram! Scram as far as you can!”

His high-pitch exclamation, soaked full of irritation, abruptly jolts Qin Zhi Ai out of her obliviousness.

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2 Responses to [TAND] Adonis CH51: Scram as far as you can! (1)

  1. ysha says:

    Finallyyyy , she can go away!!! SO RUN STUPID GIRL RUUUUUN AWAAYYY and lead a great life being you and no some copy


  2. cratea says:

    heartless… TT


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