[TAND] Adonis CH50: A flaw in the strategy (10)

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Chapter 50: A flaw in the strategy (10)

As though he did not hear her pleas, the weight on her increased.

His characteristic smell fills her nose. It is usually a pleasant smell, a fresh fragrance with a faint blend of tobacco that is soothing on the senses. It is a smell she used to crave.

However, this exact scent now tingles her nose, inducing infinite amounts of fear within her.

To make things worse, she had already expended all her energy during her previous desperate struggles such that she currently lacks the energy to counter the additional weight and even breathe with ease.

She can feel his lips on her neck slowly travelling downwards towards her collarbone, nibbling on it. The nightmare of the previous turmoils flood her mind, making her body shiver uncontrollably. With a shaky voice, she continues to beg, “… I beg you… Don’t be like this… I didn’t feign illness to pester you…”

Just like before, her pleas fell on deaf ears. Moreover, in place of the mercy she expected, he maliciously increases the force in those ‘demonic claws’ and tears her skirt into two, a ear-piercing ‘ZZZT!’ filling the constricted space.

Qin Zhi Ai trembles from shock and intuitively tries to dodge his advances. However, like the tragic fate of a fish trapped in a net, there is no where to escape to. She can only watch as he brutally ravages her in the car, heartlessly torturing her body without any chance to escape.

An extreme sense of despair and shame washes over her, swallowing her in an instant.

Probably due to the grievance or humiliation, a lump starts to form in her throat. Without any warning, a teardrop rolls down her cheek, “Don’t be like this. I beg of you… I swear, I will never pester you ever again…”

As though supplementing her words, her tears falls uncontrollably like a broken string of pearls, falling one after another with no sign of stopping.

However, being overwhelmed by rage, Gu Yu Sheng did not notice the peculiarity in her reaction at all. He forces open her legs and roughly slots himself in before bending over her, wanting to chomp on her lip while ferociously claiming her.

But the moment his lips brushed against hers, the raging Gu Yu Sheng miraculously calmed down.

She seems to be mumbling something under her breath through heaves and sobs. Coupled with his lips pressing on her lips, muffling the words, he fails to discern the words.

Despite that, he clearly feels a salty fluid infiltrating his mouth.

It took him about half a minute before successfully figuring out the identity of the fluid. After which, he distances his face from her and stares at the woman below him.

Her face is frighteningly pale and soaked in tears, and her damp eyelashes trembled with numbing ferocity.

She appears to be in shock and stuck in her own world, failing to notice the halt in his actions. Her shivering lips continues rambling on.

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5 Responses to [TAND] Adonis CH50: A flaw in the strategy (10)

  1. Thanks for the chapter
    I wish she can give him a slap, emotionally more than physically so he can’t breathe for a couple of seconds
    I don’t care what the woman did, this one or the one she is replacing, this ass$&)@ has no rights to treat any person like that


  2. Rebecca says:

    GAH – He is literally THE WORST! And it really takes this much of a reaction from her to pause in his raping and think… maybe I’m not doing something good here. (but thanks for the chapter! My hatred of the male lead makes me want to read more so we can get to his suffering)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lia says:

    Eat that you sadistic rapist!! thank you for the updateeee!! I can not wait for the next chapter already…


  4. ridlonuur says:

    Thanks for the chapter 😀


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