[TAND] Adonis CH49: A flaw in the strategy (9)

Chapter 49: A flaw in the strategy (9)

Maybe she is just too sensitive and is overthinking?

Qin Zhi Ai’s brows bunches up as she prepares to banish all the wandering thoughts in her mind. However, her body suddenly surged forward, followed by the loud screeching of the car wheels being dragged along the road, seeming especially ear-piercing on the dark and empty road.

The shock effectively threw Qin Zhi Ai’s mind into a state of blankness. She sat there motionlessly for a moment before finally being able to make out some sense of the situation. Gu Yu Sheng had applied emergency break without warning, stopping the car right in the middle of the road.

Why did Gu Yu Sheng suddenly stop the car?

Qin Zhi Ai tries to calm her frenzy heartbeat and turns to look at the instigator. Nonetheless, before she can even turn her head, her shoulders are suddenly gripped by a large force, pulling her forward-inclined body back onto the car seat. Her body stiffens. Within the next second, the click of the seat belt buckle being released can be heard in the silent space inside the car.

This sound sparked an ominous feeling in Qin Zhi Ai’s heart, her blank mind suddenly exploding with understanding.

So this is why there was no outrage at the Gu Main Mansion. It is not because he did not notice her feigning illness but had actually ‘seen through her strategy’ and just did not express it.

He was just afraid that he might alert grandfather if he went on a rampage at the main mansion. That’s why he hid his anger and dragged her out on the excuse of sending her to the hospital.

Now that they are a distance away from the main mansion, he has no more qualms and is finally letting his bottled up displeasure explode.

It is no wonder the warning bells kept ringing in her mind…

Immediately after grasping the situation, Qin Zhi Ai stretches out her hand to push the car door, attempting to escape from Gu Yu Sheng while she still can.

Unfortunately, the man’s reaction is, to a great extent, faster than hers. Her fingertips had not even reached the door handle when she was pulled back and pressed into the car seat by Gu Yu Sheng.

They are in the car… Qin Zhi Ai’s fingers trembles fiercely.

As though she had gone mad, she starts to struggle as if her life depended on it.

However, in the constricted space of the car, despite her expending every single ounce of her strength, needless to say push him away, she did not even budge from her position much.

She does not like to beg others. Even during the past few times when she was bullied by him, she merely remained silent and tried her best to resist. Despite not being able to escape in the end, she still bit down hard on her lip to prevent herself from begging him.

That is because she knows he is taking revenge on her by humiliating her. She knows that even if she begs him, he will not let her go.

Therefore, instead of begging for nothing, she might as well try her best to retain any remaining scraps of dignity.

But right now… He wants to, in the car parked in the middle of the road, subject her to this…

Qin Zhi Ai totally lost her cool. With a shaky voice, she begs him, “I beg you to let me go, let me go… I promise to stay far away from you in the future… I’m begging you…”

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3 Responses to [TAND] Adonis CH49: A flaw in the strategy (9)

  1. ysha says:

    Thanks for the two chapters

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  2. Lia says:

    If GYS is the main male lead whom QZA will end up with, I think I will have difficulties liking him in the later chapters. He’s too cold and harsh. Raping her over and over again? That’s not revenge or punishment, that’s 100% criminal act….
    Thank you for your updates!!

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  3. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for the double update! I dislike GYS so much at the moment, but I still want him to suffer x3 times as much as QZA when he feels some regret for his terrible actions.

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