[TAND] Adonis CH48: A flaw in the strategy (8)

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Chapter 48: A flaw in the strategy (8)

As to why he’s here with a cup of ginger tea, it should be due to Zhang Ma informing grandfather of her discomfort and grandfather, in turn, got him to come? If he finds out she is just feigning illness, he will surely assume it is just some tactic of hers to be alone with him… Logically speaking, he should be hopping mad, but why is he so calm right now?

Qin Zhi Ai’s brows wavered. Since her head is lowered, she cannot check out Gu Yu Sheng’s expression. Hence, she cannot accurately predict his thoughts. Stuck in a dilemma, she hesitates for a moment before finally gathering courage to steal a glance at him.

Except for a chilling look on the man’s face, there is none of the characteristic rage present whenever they are alone together.

Did he merely rush at her when he entered the room just now and failed to notice her reaction? So… He still has not found out she is just feigning illness? This could be it… She must be too nervous just now and is just overthinking. Gu Yu Sheng hates her so much, even hoping that she never appears in front of him, so why would he stare at her?

Qin Zhi Ai heaves a sigh of relief, her uneasy heart calming down.

After Gu Yu Sheng put down the cup of ginger tea, he did not speak nor leave.

Based on Qin Zhi Ai’s understanding, even if she is really feeling unwell, the most Gu Yu Sheng will do is to visit her symbolically to appease grandfather. However, today, he has already sent the cup of ginger tea… so why is he still not leaving?

As a result of Gu Yu Sheng’s unusual behaviour, Qin Zhi Ai’s heart is thrown onto one roller coaster ride after another.

He did not flare up nor leave… Could it be because grandfather asked him to accompany her?

After much deliberation, Qin Zhi Ai settles on this explanation. She quietly sucks in a deep breath of air to quell her rampaging heart. After which, she lifts her head and addresses Gu Yu Sheng with unwavering eyes, “It’s grandfather’s birthday today, go accompany him. I’m alright by myself…”

Qin Zhi Ai had not even finished her sentence when Gu Yu Sheng suddenly bent down. He forcefully flipped open the covers and carries her off the bed.

“Yu…” Qin Zhi Ai blurts out, wanting to call his name. However, she had only blurted out one syllabus when she is reminded of the last time she called her name and nearly got strangled to death. She quickly corrects herself, “… Gu, Mr. Gu!”

Gu Yu Sheng totally ignored Qin Zhi Ai’s calls and struggles, emotionlessly carrying her downstairs.

Downstairs, Gu Yu Sheng scans the crowd for Old Master Gu but fails. As an alternative, he approaches Zhang Ma, informing her of his decision to bring Madam to the hospital. After which, he carried Qin Zhi Ai out of the house without waiting for Zhang Ma’s reply.

When they got to the car, Gu Yu Sheng pushed Qin Zhi Ai into the car and forcefully slammed the car door close before settling himself into the driver’s seat.

Without putting on the seat belt, he steps on the accelerator and turns the steering wheel, pulling out from the Gu Old Mansion at the speed of light.


In the car, Qin Zhi Ai stares at the neon light flying past, a fear rising within her.

She does not know whether she is overly sensitive but she cannot help thinking that the Gu Yu Sheng at the moment is unusual. Nonetheless, no matter how much she thinks about it, she cannot put her finger on how, exactly, he is weird.

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