[TAND] Adonis CH47: A flaw in the strategy (7)

Chapter 47: A flaw in the strategy (7)

As though her vital points had been blocked, she froze up.

After half a minute without her reply, he slowly turned to face her, “Is 3 P.M. alright?”

To be honest, the her then had not fully registered what he had said. She just mechanically¬†nodded when she heard, “… alright?”

Seeing her nod, he did not continue to say anything. Instead, he stepped on the pedal and left, leaving behind a statue-like Qin Zhi Ai.

She stood at the same spot in a daze before finally regaining her senses.

“What time?”

“Is 3 P.M. alright?”


She repeated his words a few times like a broken record. After which, a uncontrollable fit of laughter broke out from within.

He had accepted her invitation… Does that mean, he actually did have some interest in her? If not, how did he send her back home without asking her for her house address?

The her at that moment felt as though she owned the world and skipped home happily. There were still two days and two night till their date but she excitedly opened her cupboard and started choosing what she would wear on that day.

After all these years, Qin Zhi Ai still deeply remembers the euphoria she felt then.

Even now, when she recalls the dream she had that night and the teenage her giggling while hugging her blanket, she cannot help laughing along.

Without her realising, her hand slowly gravitated towards Gu Yu Sheng’s graduation photo.

However, before her fingertips even reached the side of the bedside cabinet, her wrist is roughly grabbed by someone.

Qin Zhi Ai stiffens, her line of sight automatically shifting from the graduation photo to the hand grabbing her wrist. Her brows faintly furrows. Tracing upwards, she is shocked by the cold eyes of Gu Yu Sheng.

Qin Zhi Ai stares at him blankly. A fraction of a second later, she finally notices the cup of brown sugar ginger tea in his hand and is promptly enlightened.

Gu… Gu Yu Sheng… Is he here to see her? When did he come in? Why isn’t there any warning sounds?

Following these thoughts flashing in her mind, she finally remembers the headphones she has on.

She did not expect herself to be distracted. That’s why she put on the headphones… But, did he see her reactions just now? If he saw, does that mean he knows that she is just feigning illness?

Partly guilty, partly nervous, Qin Zhi Ai plucks the headphones off. Since she does not know when Gu Yu Sheng entered the bedroom, Qin Zhi Ai does not dare to say anything to him. Despite her trying her best to make herself look carefree, she cannot help the trembles in her fingers that tightly grabbed onto the bed sheet, exposing her nervousness.

The silence dragged on for approximately half a minute before a faint clink broke it. Qin Zhi Ai lifts her eyelids to peek at the source of the sound. Gu Yu Sheng had placed the cup of ginger tea on the bedside table.

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