[TAND] Adonis CH46: A flaw in the strategy (6)

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Chapter 46: A flaw in the strategy (6)

Zhang Ma paused for awhile before recovering her equilibrium. She re-calibrates her route and walks towards Gu Yu Sheng with the cup of brown sugar ginger tea.

After listening to Zhang Ma’s explanation, Gu Yu Sheng glances in the direction of Old Master Gu. Although the old man leaning on his walking stick is blithely chatting with a guest, his peripheral vision is constantly fixed on Gu Yu Sheng, even throwing checking glances from time to time. It is obvious Old Master Gu is keeping tabs on the exchange between Gu Yu Sheng and Zhang Ma.

Noting Old Master Gu’s watchful eye, Gu Yu Sheng maintains a poker face and returned his attention back to the housekeeper (Zhang Ma). He stares at the cup of steaming ginger tea for a few seconds, straightens himself and rushes up the steps with the tea, not bothering to replying Zhang Ma.

Ever since Qin Zhi Ai started impersonating Liang Dou Kou, she had never once stayed over in the main mansion. Hence, this is the first time she stepping into this room reserved for her and Gu Yu Sheng.

Being alone in the room, she cannot help the increasing boredom. Qin Zhi Ai leans on the headboard with her headphones on and checks the room out.

This should be the room Gu Yu Sheng lived in during his schooling days. The room is decorated with many certificates and trophies, all the way from kindergarten to high school, not missing a single grade.

However, there is practically no photos in his room. Qin Zhi Ai looks around carefully and finally finds a group photo laying on the bedside cabinet.

It is Gu Yu Sheng’s high school graduation photo.

At one glance, Qin Zhi Ai spots Gu Yu Sheng standing at the center of the last row, among forty over similarly dressed uniformed kids.

He originally has fair skin, coupled with the glaring sunlight in the field, his skin looks as though it is glowing.

Moreover, all the students in the photo are looking into the camera and smiling, except for him who has his head inclined, looking at something left of the camera. As though he was thinking of something, his face registered a distracted expression.

Such a familiar expression… Qin Zhi Ai is suddenly reminded of his reaction that night after he sent her home and she nervously asked, “You… Do you have time the day after tomorrow? I… I… I’m thinking… of asking you out for a movie…”

The him then most probably did not expect her to ask such a question, freezing up.

As for her, after blurting out the question, she started doubting herself on what she had done in the heat of the moment. Blushing, she stared at him stupidly, forgetting to avert her gaze.

She clearly remembers the him at time was just like the him in the graduation photo, his head inclined, staring at a single direction distractedly.

Silence shrouded them. After who knows how long, she broke out of her reverie then shyly and helplessly lowered her head.

She nervously grabbed the corner of her shirt and continued to wait for his reply. Nonetheless, even after extended waiting, there was still no reply from him. Her heart sunk.

Is he rejecting her?

An unspeakable sorrow overwhelmed her. Her eyes turned red. Just as she was about to run into the building, the him, who had not moved a single muscle after she asked the question, suddenly blinked his eyes and asked, “What time?”

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  1. Thanks
    Hopefully he treats her like a human being this time


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