[TAND] Adonis CH45: A flaw in the strategy (5)

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Chapter 45: A flaw in the strategy (5)

With Qin Zhi Ai in such ‘unbearable pain’, even if Jiang Qian Qian is unwilling, she cannot continue to keep her here. Instead, she switches tactic, “Kou Jie Jie, will you be fine alone? How about I accompany you upstairs?”

Jiang Qian Qian and Gu Yu Sheng are mere acquaintances. Even if they had exchanged words before in the past, it was also under the influence of Liang Dou Kou. Therefore, without Liang Dou Kou as the catalyst, Jiang Qian Qian will lose the excuse to initiating a conversation with Gu Yu Sheng.

However, how can Qin Zhi Ai not notice the unquelled flame in Jiang Qian Qian’s heart? She knows Jiang Qian Qian simply wants to make use the time while sending her upstairs to look for Gu Yu Sheng.

If she agrees, wouldn’t the strategy she painstakingly thought up be all for naught?

“There’s no need to”, Qin Zhi Ai contemplates suitable ways to refuse Jiang Qian Qian. At the eleventh hour, she saw Zhang Ma walking by with a serving tray. Without hesitation, she calls out to Zhang Ma and flashes a gentle smile at Jiang Qian Qian, ” Qian Qian, it will be sufficient for Zhang Ma to take care of me, there is no need to trouble you any further.”

After which, Qin Zhi Ai turns to face Zhang Ma, explaining, “Zhang Ma, I am feeling a little unwell. Help me upstairs for a rest.”

While speaking, Qin Zhi Ai observed Jiang Qian Qian through her peripheral vision. She can clearly sense the previous smug gaze Jiang Qian Qian threw at her morphing into rage.

Nonetheless, Qin Zhi Ai paid no heed to her. Under the support of Zhang Ma, she hugs her stomach and turns to make her way upstairs.

Qin Zhi Ai has feigned the illness just to avoid the potential trouble Jiang Qian Qian was setting her up for. Moreover, today is grandfather’s birthday and the entire household is busy trying to entertain the guests. Thus, the moment they entered the bedroom reserved for her and Gu Yu Sheng, Qin Zhi Ai excused Zhang Ma, unwilling to take up too much of Zhang Ma’s time.

Worried about her, Zhang Ma asked her a few questions to make sure she is only experiencing menstrual pain before considerately closing the door and making her way downstairs.

What’s done is done, she has already feigned the illness and wouldn’t her lie be obvious if she miraculously heals the moment she is upstairs? As such, Qin Zhi Ai kicks off her shoes and climbs onto the bed.

The sheets are soft and silky, bringing comfort to the exhausted Qin Zhi Ai who had waited hours for Gu Yu Sheng at the small alley.

Nevertheless, the noise from the party below continues to attack the person in the bedroom, making the experience less than perfect. Qin Zhi Ai closed her eyes and tries her best to relax. Unfortunately, the noise is too distracting, which quickly made her sit up from exasperation.

She flips through her bag for her headphones and plugs it in to her ear. Grabbing her hand phone, she randomly picks a song and let the music do its magic of blocking off the surrounding noise.

The entire world instantly quietened down. Other than the soothing music, no other sound taints Qin Zhi Ai’s ears.

This feels so good. The her right now does not need to act as Liang Dou Kou. She does not have to socialise downstairs and does not have to listen to others boasting about how much their partners love them. Most importantly, she does not have to be on constant tender hooks, thinking about how to survive every time trouble comes knocking on the door.

Even if she knows that this comfort is only temporary, Qin Zhi Ai still cannot help the corners of her lips from curving upwards.

After leaving the room, Zhang Ma still cannot help being worried about Qin Zhi Ai. Therefore, after getting downstairs, she contemplates for a moment before ordering the domestic helper in the house to make a cup of brown sugar ginger tea for Qin Zhi Ai.

As Zhang Ma, holding onto the cup, prepares to send it upstairs, she coincidentally bumps into Old Master Gu, “Xiao Zhang, who is upstairs?”

“It’s Madam. She is feeling a little unwell.”

“Xiao Kou?” Old Master Gu’s brows creased. He scans the crowd twice before finally spotting Gu Yu Sheng chatting with another person nearby, pointing, ” Go, give the cup of ginger tea to him and let him attend to Xiao Kou.”

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