[TAND] Adonis CH44: A flaw in the strategy (4)

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Chapter 44: A flaw in the strategy (4)

“Mrs. Gu, what happened to you?” The tall lady beside Qin Zhi Ai stepped forward to support her.

“My… My stomach hurts…”, her voice wavered, as though she is really in great pain. However, nobody noticed the coldness in her lowered gaze.

If not for Jiang Qian Qian tightly hooking onto her arm, Qin Zhi Ai will have already left the scene.

To others, Jiang Qian Qian holding onto her arm shows their closeness. However, she herself knows that the real reason is because she is afraid she will escape and spoil her plans.

However, when the idea of faking a stomachache hits Qin Zhi Ai, a tinge of gratefulness towards Jiang Qian Qian for hooking onto her arm rose within her. As such, she was able to drag Jiang Qian Qian down with her, effectively hiding her from Gu Yu Sheng’s line of sight and also stopping her from calling for Gu Yu Sheng.

The currents between Qin Zhi Ai and Jiang Qian Qian is undetectable from the outside. Everyone merely assumed Jiang Qian Qian had lost her balance when Qin Zhi Ai bent over. The group continues to hover around Qin Zhi Ai worriedly.

“Why did your stomach suddenly hurt?”

“Mrs. Gu, which part of your stomach is in pain?”

Even if Jiang Qian Qian clearly knows that she had been played, she can only swallow it in silence, especially with all the concern from the group. Although she is furious from her plans being ruined, she has to force a look of worry on her face, letting anxiety taint her voice, “Kou Jie Jie, where are you feeling uncomfortable? Why are you shivering so badly? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“Oh yes, oh yes, look at all of us panicking and forgetting the most important thing. Quickly call for the ambulance…” Hearing the words of Jiang Qian Qian, someone finally broke out of their reverie and took out her hand phone.

Qin Zhi Ai, acting as though the pain is unbearable, tries to stop the person from making the call with a raspy voice, “No… There’s no need…”

“You’re in so much pain, how can you not visit the hospital?”

“Even if you do not go to the hospital, you should still call for a doctor to examine you…”

“I’m, I’m fine…” Qin Zhi Ai acted as though another spasm of pain just hit her, even realistically sucking in a breath of air, “…It’s…” Qin Zhi Ai paused, quickly thinking up a reason that even the doctors cannot help with, “… Menstrual cramps…”

The group is consists of ladies. Therefore, after hearing it’s menstrual pain, all of them heave a sigh of relief and appears less panicked than before.

As time passes, Qin Zhi Ai fears that more and more people will notice the commotion and eventually attract the attention of Gu Yu Sheng and grandfather, so she immediately adds, “I’m really sorry, it suddenly just started to hurt…”

Qin Zhi Ai makes her smile look forced and excuses herself, “… I’ll make a move upstairs to rest. Do feel free to continue enjoying the party…”

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