[TAND] Adonis CH43: A flaw in the strategy (3)

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Chapter 43: A flaw in the strategy (3)

“Mrs. Gu is so beautiful, Mr. Gu must be very doting and gifted you lots of marvelous stuff, right?”

“That must be it. Mr. Gu’s business has been doing so well lately so how can his presents to Mrs. Gu be bad?”

“Mrs. Gu, the watch on your wrist seems to be customised. Is it a present from Mr. Gu?”

“No…” When they were talking about their husbands just now, Qin Zhi Ai had not known what to say. Now, when they are directly asking her, other than politely smiling and shaking her head, she does not know how to reply them.

“Then it must be this bag?”

Qin Zhi Ai continues to shake her head.

“Let me guess, it must be this necklace?”

“From what I see, it should be this pair of ear studs?”

“The bracelet?”

Unknown to the truth, the thought of Gu Yu Sheng not gifting Qin Zhi Ai a single thing did not even occur to the group of rich madams. Therefore, as though they are playing a game to see who can correctly guess the right answer, they pointed out every single thing Qin Zhi Ai donned on.

But the higher the expectations, the more Qin Zhi Ai felt awkward. She wants to force a smile and deny all the guesses. However, the on-looking Jiang Qian Qian suddenly sees Gu Yu Sheng greeting someone nearby. Her eyes brightens up. She inclines her head, flashes a sweet smile at Qin Zhi Ai, and speaks loudly, “Sheng Ge must have gifted Kou Jie Jie lots of stuff. Kou Jie Jie is just shy to admit…”

Jiang Qian Qian leaned towards Qin Zhi Ai’s ear, lowering her volume such that only the both of them can hear, “Kou Jie Jie, I just saw Sheng Ge. He’s nearby. Should I call him over? Sheng Ge detests you so much, how do you think he will react if I tell him about how you boasted in front of these people that the stuff you have on you are all from him…”

Jiang Qian Qian pauses and blinks her eyes at Qin Zhi Ai. With a bright smile, she looks in the direction of Gu Yu Sheng.

Qin Zhi Ai finally knows the real motive of Jiang Qian Qian.

After so much commotion, what she really wants is to use Gu Yu Sheng to deal with her… Even if Gu Yu Sheng does not believe Jiang Qian Qian words, to Gu Yu Sheng who detests Liang Dou Kou to the core and will only mask his detest in front of grandfather and grandfather is currently not around, if Jiang Qian Qian really calls him over… He does not even have to say a single word. Simply flashing a look of detest is sufficient to enlighten this group of people.

Despite her assuming Liang Dou Kou’s identity, she still does not like being made fun of. Moreover, if Gu Yu Sheng really believes Jiang Qian Qian’s words and the rich madams refuse to explain the situation for her, Gu Yu Sheng will surely make her life hell again…

Jiang Qian Qian opens her mouth, the ‘Sheng’ from ‘Sheng Ge’ not fully escaping her lips when the Qin Zhi Ai beside her suddenly moaned, her body swaying. Qin Zhi Ai covers her stomach with her hands and bends over.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    That evil fox! *shakes fist* I hope that Qin Zhi Ai has an opportunity for revenge later. Thank you for the chapter too! (I’m addicted)

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