[TAND] Adonis CH42: A flaw in the strategy (2)

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Chapter 42: A flaw in the strategy (2)

To men, young and beautiful women makes them proud.

Similarly, to women, a doting husband draws envy from others.

From the eyes of outsiders, the few women gathered together are harmoniously airing their grievances, but in reality, they are just using different methods to boast and compare with one another.

In comparison, Jiang Qian Qian is unmarried and single, constantly expressing a look of yearning and adding a sentence or two from time to time. Nonetheless, her words seems to be dipped in honey, bringing happiness to whoever hears it, “Sun Jie (Sister Sun), your husband treats you so well!”, “Yang Jie (Sister Yang), this pair of shoes you’re wearing is really beautiful!”, “Xia Yi (Aunt Xia), this top makes you look so young!”

Qin Zhi Ai is the only one who maintained a faint smile throughout, not uttering a single word.

As Qin Zhi Ai, the man she loved for so many years has not only married another woman but also forgot who she is. There is not a thing she can boast about.

As Liang Dou Kou, the man she had forced herself on hates her to the core and has never treated her as his wife. Needless to say presents, he practically wishes she never existed.

Initially, it was still alright. But as time passes, Qin Zhi Ai, who could not contribute to the conversation, starts to feel awkward. She glances around, thinking up an excuse to excuse herself. However, before her lips even moved, Jiang Qian Qian which is hooking onto her arm suddenly leaned towards her and whispers in her ear, “Kou Jie Jie, I saw you just now when I was on my way to Grandfather Gu’s house.”

Qin Zhi Ai’s body stiffened, an unpleasant premonition filling her heart.

“I had set out from my house since 3 P.M. and I sat in my car, observing you for a long time…” Jiang Qian Qian chuckled smugly in her ear, “Kou Jie Jie, the weather is so hot, how could Sheng Ge (Brother Sheng) bear to let you wait for him for so long in that run-down alley?”

Just like how she predicted, her sorry state while waiting for Gu Yu Sheng had been seen by Jiang Qian Qian… So that’s it, the thing Jiang Qian Qian has on Liang Dou Kou this time is actually the scene of her being despised by Gu Yu Sheng…

Qin Zhi Ai’s fingertips trembled but her facial expression registered no change, maintaining its most carefree state.

“Kou Jie Jie, I also witnessed Sheng Ge ignoring you after you boarded his car. Moreover, when you guys arrived at the Main Mansion, Sheng Ge did not wait for you to alight from the car…”

Jiang Qian Qian was halfway through her words when the corpulent lady who boasted about her limited edition bag quipped, “Qian Qian, what secrets are you guys sharing?”

“Nothing, what kind of secrets can we share?” Jiang Qian Qian immediately turns to face the group of ladies they are conversing with, smiling widely, “Since we are on the topic of presents, I was just curious what presents Sheng Ge gave her and so  I secretly asked her.”

Since this group of people are here with the intention to strengthen relations with the Gu family, Jiang Qian Qian’s seemingly thoughtless words sudden shifted the spotlight onto Qin Zhi Ai.

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