[TAND] Adonis CH40: Their former days (10)

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Chapter 40: Their former days (10)

 Due to the influx of guests in the house, Gu Yu Sheng knows Old Master Gu will be occupied and thus be unable to pay excessive attention to them.

Therefore, after parking the car, Gu Yu Sheng did not wait for Qin Zhi Ai, grabbing the present he prepared and brisk-walked into the yard.

By the time Qin Zhi Ai, carrying her present, followed Gu Yu Sheng into the house, he was already conversing with Old Master Gu.

Although they are separated by a distance and a rowdy crowd, Qin Zhi Ai can still clearly hear the words exchanged between Gu Yu Sheng and Old Master Gu.

“Where is Xiao Kou?”

“She is right behind. She met someone familiar.”

Qin Zhi Ai halts her steps towards Old Master Gu and scans the crowd. Spotting one of Liang Dou Kou’s friends nearby, she proceeds to engage her in small talk.

Qin Zhi Ai waited until Gu Yu Sheng and Old Master Gu separated before approaching Old Master Gu.

“Happy Birthday!”, she presented her gift.

Having not met each other for a long period of time, a smile bloomed on Old Master Gu’s face when he saw Qin Zhi Ai. He held onto her, asking her about her recent well-being, until his friends came over to greet him.

In the initial period of impersonating Liang Dou Kou, Qin Zhi Ai had been exceptionally alert when thrown into such occasions, fearful of exposing any loopholes.

Thankful to her good memory and quick reaction, she is clear on who is on friendly terms and who is on bad terms with Liang Dou Kou. In addition, she had gone through extensive training to act and talk like Liang Dou Kou during her time as Liang Dou Kou’s stunt double. Therefore, when facing such situations, Qin Zhi Ai is able to handle it with ease, knowing who to engage in a friendly hug with and who to smirk at.

After making small talk with one of Liang Dou Kou’s aunt, she spotted Liang Dou Kou’s mother talking to a few  rich madams.

As her ‘daughter’, she automatically gravitated towards her. However, she has only taken two steps when she saw Liang Dou Kou’s cousin, Jiang Qian Qian.

Qin Zhi Ai had heard from Zhou Jing that although Liang Dou Kou and Jiang Xian Xian shares the same bloodline, Jiang Qian Qian is the last person Liang Dou Kou wants to see.

As to how the feud ensued, Zhou Jing did not go into details. However, Qin Zhi Ai could infer from Zhou Jing’s words that Liang Dou Kou was the initiator. Nonetheless, Jiang Qian Qian’s counterattack was so ruthless that left Liang Dou Kou unwilling to concede defeat. After which, Liang Dou Kou constantly found trouble with Jiang Qian Qian and was also constantly humiliated by her. As time passes, this had become one of Liang Dou Kou’s habit. Every time she spots Jiang Qian Qian, even though she knows she will eventually be defeated and humiliated by Jiang Qian Qian, Liang Dou Kou could not help trying to find faults with her. This culminated in Qin Zhi Ai, as Liang Dou Kou, having to squabble with Jiang Qian Qian every single time, for the sake of perfecting the act.

Nevertheless, to be honest, Qin Zhi Ai is not used to finding trouble. Therefore, the moment she saw Jiang Qian Qian, she intuitively changed her route, acting as if she did not see her, and tried to leave.

To her dismay, at the eleventh hour, someone called out her name.

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