[TAND] Chapter 4: The Adonis Next Door (4)

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Chapter 4: The Adonis Next Door (4)

After a few minutes, Qin Zhi Ai realised the message she sent had still not been delivered so she decided to phone Gu Yu Sheng again, only to be welcomed by the ‘busy-line’ dial tone.

A realisation suddenly struck Qin Zhi Ai.

Switching to the landline telephone beside her, she tried to dialed Gu Yu Sheng’s number again.

The call connected easily.

Just as she suspected, he had blocked her number right after he rejecting her call the first time.

Qin Zhi Ai’s eyes darkened.

Right when she was about to end the call and get the housekeeper to contact Gu Yu Sheng tomorrow, the line connected. He seemed to have guessed the identity of the caller, bursting out impatiently, “Is there no end to your antics? Didn’t I warn you not to bother me at any cost?”

“Grandfather called today…” Afraid that Gu Yu Sheng would hang up, she quickly added in a concise manner, “… Grandfather said that he’ll reach Beijing tomorrow morning and invited us for dinner at his place.”

The other end of the line became silent.

Qin Zhi Ai paused briefly, absorbing the lack of reaction from Gu Yu Sheng before continuing, “Like before, shall I wait for you at that place?”

‘Before’ was in reference to the first day she moved into his house and grandfather had ordered him to take her home for a meal. At that time, he was unwilling to go fetch her, and so instructed her to go alone and wait for him at the small alley beside the district grandfather is living in.

She had assumed that he wouldn’t be willing to come fetch her this time round too.

Qin Zhi Ai suppressed the disappointment in her heart, and struggled to maintain a casual tone while adding, “What time should I meet you?”

In face of her inquiry, Gu Yu Sheng remained silent.

“Alternatively, in the afternoon……” Qin Zhi only managed to squeeze out these four words before the cold voice of Gu Yu Sheng abruptly interrupted, “Don’t you find it disgusting to constantly pester me with grandfather as an excuse?”

Qin Zhi Ai tighened her grip around the receiver. She felt as if someone was strangling her neck, causing the words ‘6 o’clock?’ to be caught in her throat, making it unbearable.

A frightening silence engulfed both ends of the line.

And within 2 seconds, the call was ended by Gu Yu Sheng.

Qin Zhi Ai froze in place. It was awhile later before she slowly recovered her equilibrium. She unhurriedly returned the receiver back to the telephone, lay down on the bed, pulled up the covers, closed her eyes and assumed a look of someone peacefully asleep. However, a glitter of moisture tainted the corner of her eyes while the hands grabbing the covers trembled fiercely.

During the phone call last night, Qin Zhi Ai had not managed to confirm the meeting time with Gu Yu Sheng. However, Gu Yu Sheng had sprouted such cruel words before hanging up, deterring Qin Zhi Ai from further disgracing herself by calling him again to confirm.

Although Qin Zhi Ai did not know the exact time Gu Yu Sheng will head here, she knew that he knocks off work at 5.30pm.

Therefore, even before 5.30pm, she had stationed herself at the aforementioned small alley.

It was not until 6.30pm when a screeching sound resonated from the road nearby. Qin Zhi Ai turned her head and noticed Gu Yu Sheng’s car slowing to a stop at the roadside, with the double-flashing headlights on.

Closing in on the car, it was then that Qin Zhi Ai noticed that the one driving today is Gu Yu Sheng and not his driver.

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